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L’Alpe du Grand Serre is a medium-sized ski and winter sports resort located in the Northern Alps, within the La Morte commune , at 1368 m above sea level. The resort is located at the top of a pass at the gates of Oisans between the Romanche valley and the Roizonne valley.

Surrounded by the Taillefer massif (2857 m) and the Grand Serre mountain (2141 m), Grenoble-Isère airport is the point through which most of its foreign clients pass.

Historie of the Alpe du Grand Serre ski resort

The ski resort was created in 1938 under the name “La Morte”. It changed its name in the 1960.s. The SAGASA ski lift company, created by fans from the cities of Grenoble and Saint-Étienne, with the support of the municipality, begins the construction of the Petit Mollard ski lift.

The Grand Mollard, which initially was operated with sleds, was soon expanded. It was later replaced by perch lifts and chair lifts. To accommodate skiers, a multipurpose room with restaurant and bar is installed. Located near what is now the Le Nivose chalet, a bar-hotel is also being built, the Hotel du Grand Serre.

The domain reaches maturity and its quality gradually increases. But a few years later, financial issues were discovered. In December 1996, the SIAG (Inter-communal Union for the Development and Management of the Grand Serre domain) resorted to  a new company to operate its ski area, Nivis. Since 2001, SATA, the Alpe d’Huez and Grandes Rousses and Grand Serre tourism development company, has operated the Alpe du Grand Serre ski resort. SIAG and SATA signed in 2004 a Public Service Delegation (DSP) for the management of the Alpe du Grand Serre ski area. The agreement allowed management for a period of 18 years.

Nowadays, Alpe du Grand Serre occupies around 220 ha with 14 lifts. Historically administered by the village of La Morte, the Alpe du Grand Serre ski area was, between 2001 and 2014, operated by the Alpe d’Huez and Grandes Rousses Tourism Development Society (Société d’Aménagement du Turime de l’Alpe d’Huez et des Grandes Rousses, SATA). From 2015, things change, so the resort regains greater independence.

Slopes and trails layout

The Alpe du Grand Serre ski resort is made up of several sectors: La Blache, Les Bergeries and Le Désert. There are 3 gondolas and 9 chair lifts.

There is no proper town. But there are a couple of apartment buildings and chalets scattered across the mountain; It is a quiet and beautiful place. Truly is a paradise, with may routes, paths and untreated snow slopes waiting for the first skier to come.

It is a resort very interesting for every skier, not minding their experience. By visiting, you woud have fun, guaranteed. Trails for every level, natural paths, trees on the lower part… The Marmotes trails stands out, as is goes through a river (with water only during summer).

Ski resort Alpe du Grand Serre: freeride paradise

The resort has thre main sectors. The lower part, between 1367 and 1748 meters is covered mostly with trees and trails that ”zip-zap” following the shape of the slope. In this area we can also find two excellent areas for beginners. It has 3 skilifts on a fully secured and limited area.

The smallest area in the resort, yet not the less interesting, is an area that goes down to Le Desert village. In this area we can find the Nordic slope. This sector has two lifts, with wide and long trails.

Les Bergeries, placed among 1748-2184 meters, is connected with all kinds of lifters but the chairlift. This allows us to easly get to the base of the resort.

Bergeries is wonderful, the trails are long and very fun. The peculiarity of this sector is that it is surrounded by hectares of snow without stepping, for lovers of off-piste.

Invisible from the top of the station, the Alpe du Grand Serre ski area runs around the Pérollier Massif, which rises 2184 meters above sea level. With a vertical drop of 817 meters, the walk to the resort (set at 1367 meters) can become a tedious task. But it is above all the configuration of the area that makes it rich. The slopes around the summit of Pérollier offer skiing on every side of the mountain. This feature allows skiers to choose their routes based on sunlight during the day and the quality of the snow.