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The Villard de Lans ski resort as well as Corrençon, existed long before the development of the tourist centers. Even today, life goes on with the seasons. Because the two towns have known how to preserve their quality of life: richness of local life, local products, buildings that respect the heritage and identity of the territory.

Villard de Lans or Corrençon? For each his own … When the pedestrian and lively streets of the town of Villard invite you to be distracted, Corrençon claims the charm of a small mountain town, authentic and quiet. Rivalry? Quite the opposite!

If the attachment to their land is deeply ingrained in mentalities, the two municipalities have made their complementarity a real asset. Goggles and sunscreen, gloves and a hat … the pleasures of snow and winter in Villard de Lans Corrençon en Vercors are yours!

Skis or snowshoes on your feet, head sleds, bucolic rides in a horse-drawn carriage or something more sporty with sled dogs, snowmen with the little ones or a pitched battle of snowballs, simply let yourself go. Find mountain restaurants to enjoy a lounger under the zenith and havens for authentic getaways enjoying local flavors.

Welcome to a 100% snow holiday in the Villard / Corrençon ski resort

With its 125 km of slopes, the Villard / Corrençon ski resort offers the largest ski area in Vercors. The Villard / Corrençon area offers wide slopes, gently sloping or with hills, forest passages, powder fields with panoramic views in a unique natural environment between canyons and fir trees, mineral or undergrowth environments. So many itineraries to delight a very eclectic clientele in search of sensations, emotions and fulfillment.

The Villard / Corrençon ski resort is equipped with modern, competitive and efficient equipment to guarantee optimal wearing comfort and optimal snow coverage, as well as quality services.