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Situated at the foot of Belleville’s valley, at 1450 m of altitude, the little village called Le Village des 3 Vallées is a very charming place. Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort is an alternative to skiers lovers who want an authentic holiday resort away from the crowd. No noisy nightclub but the Christmas village’s warm atmosphere of our childhood, if you want Tips for dressing your baby in the best clothes for the snow, you can also read this article.

Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort

The joy of authenticity combined with the pleasure of intense skiing. Saint Martin de Belleville is an alternative for ski enthusiasts who are looking for an authentic holiday resort, away from the crowds.

There are no noisy discotheques here, but the softness of the Christmas villages of our childhood. You are somewhere else, but you have all the choices and all the facilities.

In the Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort you will find 86 ski slopes featuring varying levels of difficulty throughout 160 km of groomed pistes.

Saint Martin de belleville ski resort
Saint Martin de belleville ski resort – Source: https://www.facebook.com/saint.martin.de.belleville

Sustainable development of the Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort

The Saint Martin ski resort is

committed to using cleaner energy and reducing the carbon footprint by using renewable energy for their infrastructure.

The ski lifts are powered by hydroelectricity and the Bruyères gondola’s intermediate station is equipped with photovoltaic panels.

With regard to biodiversity, they are setting up ecological corridors in the ski area to allow the movement of species. In addition to that, the resort participates in the preservation of emblematic Alpine birds such as the black grouse, the rock ptarmigan and the golden eagle.

The establishment of a conservatory for the Black Bee in the Encombres allows the preservation of this endangered species. Moreover, the Museum of the Black Bee and Nature was created in 2019 to raise public awareness.

Saint Martin de belleville ski resort
Saint Martin de Belleville valley – Source: https://www.facebook.com/saint.martin.de.belleville

Unforgettable experiences in Saint Martin de Belleville

Friendly Natural Park for the younger skiers

Located in the La Masse sector, the Friendly Natural Park allows young and old alike to get to know the fauna of the Vanoise Park while having fun.

It is composed of a parallel slalom, skiable games, a picnic area and interpretations that will delight the whole family, especially the little ones.

Saint Martin de belleville ski resort
Friendly Natural Park at the Saint Martin de belleville ski resort – Source: https://st-martin-belleville.com/

Off-piste skiing in Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort

The freedom to make your own tracks, not to follow a predefined path, and to glide over the immaculate snow.

An exhilarating feeling, but one that must be experienced with an awareness of the risks and dangers to be avoided.

Three Liberty Ride zones have been introduced in the ski area to allow you to discover the sensation of off-piste skiing in a safe area.

These are ungroomed runs, ideal for you to create your own trail.

Saint Martin de belleville ski resort
Off piste skiing at the Saint Martin de belleville ski resort – Source: https://www.facebook.com/saint.martin.de.belleville

Saint Martin de Belleville mountain resort in summer

Befriend the goats and make cheese with their milk

During the summer, taste cheese, watch goats being milked, learn about the job and discover the animals. Farmers will open their doors to you and offer you a visit of their farm.

The Villarenger goat farm organises a workshop “from the leaf to the table” on Fridays and a workshop “from milk to cheese” on Wednesdays, allowing you to make your own cheese dishes or to discover edible plants while still enjoying yourself.

Goats at Saint Martin de Belleville – Source: https://st-martin-belleville.com/

Pop your paragliding cherry overflying Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort  in summer

Discover the valley from a different angle and get a bird’s eye view of the vastness of the Alps.

Let yourself be tempted by a paragliding experience and create your most unforgettable memories as you fly over such a rich enclave guided by a professional who will ensure your safety and your enjoyment.

Paragliding over Saint Martin de Belleville – Source: https://st-martin-belleville.com/

Hotels in Saint Martin de Belleville

Hotel Saint Martin ****

The Saint-Martin Hotel offers several formulas according to the desires and needs of each person.

20 rooms and 7 suites between traditional simplicity and refinement, without forgetting the comfort of the present time: all beds are equipped with MyBed feather mattress toppers as well as ergonomic pillows (on request) so that the nights are even more pleasant than the days!

Soft and warm tones, always new features make the Saint-Martin a cosy and comfortable place to curl up after a day in the open air. Sauna, hammam and fitness room are freely available.

Located at the footslopes of the Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort.

Hotel Saint Martin – Source: https://fr.locationsaintmartin.com/

Lodji Hotel ****

Located on the hillside of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, a traditional Savoyard village, the LODJI hotel is perfectly positioned in the 3 Valleys ski area and offers you a real ski in/ski out opportunity.

Fully renovated in 2020, it offers 47 rooms and 3 luxury flats, all featuring terraces with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Many areas have been designed for your utmost comfort, in a cosy and warm style, bar, restaurant with a terrace with scenic views, areas dedicated to relaxation ( indoor heated swimming pool, hammam, sauna, SPA…).

A real haven of relaxation and well-being in the heart of the Alps!

Lodji Hotel – Source:https://fr.locationsaintmartin.com/

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville Chalets

Not to be missed: this new development of 2 upmarket chalets located in the heart of the old Saint-Martin de Belleville town.

Built from local stone and old wood, these two cottages, with their strikingly large windows, will plunge you into the heart of the Belleville Valley.

Views and a cathedral-like living room are the real assets. Just 200 metres from the slopes. This superb 360 m2 chalet features 6 en-suite bedrooms and a swimming pool option. It will be possible to personalise it with quality finishes.

A stylish and uncluttered design for the pickier visitors.

Saint Martin the Belleville Chalet – source: https://cimalpes.com/en/property-st-martin-de-belleville/chalet-6-bedrooms/ref-2319/

Skiing in Saint Martin de Belleville : the resort’s main strengths

✅ Located just a 35-minute drive away from Geneva and under 2h drive from Lyon.

✅ Paragliding is available during summer.

✅ It is calm as there are no noisy nightclubs.

✅ It is home to 86 ski slopes divided through a ski domain of over 160km.