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After skiing at Saas-Fee ski resort, you will remember impressive glaciers and peaks of more than 4000 metres of altitude. Considering that importance altitude of the ski resort, it offers an exceptionnal quality of snow throughout the season.

Therefore it’s a ski resort of Switzerland which offers the best guarantee of snow with a stretched season.

The Saas-Fee ski resort

Saas Fee, also known as the Pearl of the Alps, is a small fairytale village in southwestern Switzerland, in the canton of Valais. The Saas Valley, with its spectacular glaciers and peaks of over 4,000 metres, is home to three other Swedish ski resorts that together with Saas Fee make up the ski area: Saas Grung, Saas Balen and Saas Almagell.

Around the spectacular Fee glacier, skiable in both winter and summer, are no less than 18 peaks above 4,000m. These include the Dom, Switzerland’s highest peak at 4,545m, the Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn, the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau, which surround Saas Fee like a shell. You can also see these amazing views from the Mittelallain restaurant (3,500 m), which is accessible by the Metro Alpin, the highest underground train in the world.

The ski resort of Saas Fee is considerably cheaper than neighbouring Zermatt, and is a traditional, family-friendly place. In fact, its old wooden houses give it a magical feel, creating a very special and cosy effect.

Estación de esquí Saas Fee
Ski resort Saas Fee (Source: https://www.saas-fee.ch/en/)

Skiing to the top

In the Swedish ski resort of Saas Fee you will find 100 km of slopes of all levels of difficulty. Most of the slopes are located above the tree line and are very wide. The slopes on the Fee glacier are very steep at the top, but gradually become flatter. In addition, during the summer it is possible to ski on about 20 km of these glacier slopes. There are also wider and easier slopes for beginners in the lower part of the valley.

Mainly, the slopes are excellent for beginners and intermediate skiers, as most of the slopes are green or blue. However, expert skiers can also enjoy the black runs. The most difficult slope is the Weisse Perle (Black Pearl), which is 30 km long and has a vertical drop of 350 metres. It is also worth noting that off-piste skiing is not recommended, as most of the slopes are on the glacier and you are likely to encounter crevasses.

In addition, good skiers will find plenty to do at Längfluh, including the famous Glacier run, a carving enthusiast’s dream. Other highlights include the Spielboden at 2440m and the Plattjen at 2570m, with medium-difficulty slopes, but also a FIS-approved course. Big names in skiing such as Zurbriggen, Tomba and Stenmark have passed through here.

And if you’re looking for a family paradise, Saas welcomes skiers to the Kreuzboden slopes. A little further up is the Hochsaas ski area, which at an altitude of 3,000 metres offers excellent snow conditions and a wonderful panorama.

Finally, in Saas there is also good skiing in the Furggstalden area at 1,900 m and in Heldbodme at 2,400 m for skiing with family or friends on a variety of slopes of medium to high difficulty. There really is something for everyone.

What’s more, the maximum altitude of the resort is 3,500 metres, while the minimum is 1,800 metres, so you can enjoy the wonderful views of the valley at high altitude. To access the slopes there are a total of 21 very modern lifts: 13 conveyor belts, 2 chairlifts and 6 cable cars.

saas fee ski resort
Saas Fee ski resort © Skiinfo

Activities in Saas Fee

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there are plenty of other activities to do in the valley. Firstly, one way to explore the Fee glacier is on snowshoes. From Längfluh, it is possible to go on a 4-5 hour hike that will leave you in awe of the views. On these excursions you’ll be equipped with snowshoes, ski poles and a climbing harness to negotiate the glacier’s giant icicles and crevasses, all the while being tethered to a mountain guide for safety.

Another activity designed for the more adventurous is the spectacular Gorge Alpine tour. Here, a mountain guide will take you through the Fee Gorge from Saas Fee to Saas Grund. On this spectacular tour you will cross icy waterfalls, suspension bridges, ladders and steel ropes. In addition, you will also slide down a high-speed zip line. And if that still doesn’t convince you, we have to tell you that this adventure for adrenaline junkies is also available at night!

Another activity that is also available during the day and at night is slidding. In Saas Fee, you’ll find a 6-kilometre-long slidding run for young and old alike. In Saas Grund, there are another 11 kilometres of slidding and a spectacular view.

Actividad en el Cañón de los Alpes en la estación de esquí Saas Fee
Alpine Canyon Tour (Source: https://www.saas-fee.ch/en/)

And for ice sports enthusiasts, between the four villages in the Saas region there are also four slopes where you can enjoy your favourite activities. You can choose between ice skating, curling or its variant, Bavarian curling. Bavarian curling is practised with a round ice bucket and a daube, a rubber disc. The aim of the game is to get the ice balls as close as possible to the puck – don’t miss it!

If you still can’t get enough and want more of the fun available in the Saas Valley, you can also go climbing with the via ferrata! This activity takes place in Saas-Grund, and is not suitable for those who are afraid of heights. You need a bit of fitness to do it, otherwise you won’t be able to climb the 150-metre drop. The route ends with a spectacular abseil of about 40 metres and lasts about two hours.

Finally, don’t miss the 220-metre zip line in the adventure forest. During this activity you will be given a briefing, after which you can take the training course through the trees. Once you’re ready, you’ll slide down the zip lines over the slide!

Zip line in the ski resort Saas Fee
Zip line in the ski resort Saas Fee (Source: https://www.saas-fee.ch/en/)

Services of the ski resort Saas Fee

Ski schools

If you want to learn to ski, you can do so at the Saas Fee ski resort with 5 ski schools. First of all, there is the Swiss Ski School Saas Fee. With its professionals, children can learn to ski in this wonderful environment and adults can learn to do the best tricks (jumps and turns in the air) in group or private lessons. You can also try snowboarding for the first time.

Another school is Eskimos, where you can find ski and snowboard lessons for both children and adults. This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t know what their level is, as they have specific lessons to find out before you join a group that suits your needs. You can also book lessons for the whole family.

If you are an expert skier, your best option is Skizenit. This school offers private and group lessons for all abilities and ages, as well as specialised lessons to improve the technique of more advanced skiers. You can also learn about snowboarding and backcountry.

And if you’re looking for a school with a long history of teaching, the Saas Grund Snowsports School has been in operation since 1964. With them, you can learn and perfect your technique in various forms of skiing, snowboarding and skimo. In addition, there are classes for children and adults.

Finally, the Saas-Almagell Ski and Snowboard School divides its group classes according to the difficulty of the slopes. So you’ll find classes for the green league, blue league, red league and black league. If the group classes don’t suit you, another option is to sign up for private lessons, which can last from 1 to 3 hours depending on your needs.

Ski school Saas Fee
Ski school Saas Fee (Source: https://www.skischule-saas-fee.ch/en.html)

Equipment hire

You can also rent the necessary equipment for skiing or snowboarding in Saas Fee. On their website, you can see the different shops that offer this service and all their contact details. In many of them you can also book your equipment online so you can get it in advance. In total, there are 15 shops available in the valley: Cesar Sport Alpin, Cesar Sport Express, Cesar Sport Palace, Egginer Sport, Felix-Sport, Olympia-Sport, Popcorn Shop, Intersport Derby Sport, Intersport Glacier, Intersport Sportart, Intersport Zurbriggen, Fun Sport, Sport Center, Derby-Sport and Eldorado Sport.

Where to eat in Saas Fee

There are plenty of restaurants in the valley where you can enjoy the best Swiss cuisine. Among the most outstanding is La Ferme, a restaurant decorated in the traditional style, typical of the region, where you will find a warm and cosy atmosphere in which every detail has been thought of. Among its specialities is the delicious Fondue Chinoise with homemade sauces, as well as any meat dish. And thanks to its cosy atmosphere, it is also the perfect place to enjoy a warm coffee, an aperitif or an elegant dinner. And of course, they also have a children’s menu to please the little ones.

And if you are looking for a café where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, you have to go to CofFee. There you can enjoy delicious croissants, sandwiches, cakes and delicious snacks. It also turns into a bar at certain times of the day. There, you can taste their specialities of wine and beer while enjoying the best music.

Finally, we would like to highlight Waldhüs Bodmen, a perfect place to enjoy the best Swiss and French food. Here you can enjoy the best seasonal dishes, including soups, perfect for warming up! After lunch, they also offer homemade snacks for those with a sweet and savoury tooth: don’t miss their cakes and homemade goat cheese!

CofFee (Source: https://www.saas-fee.ch/en/)

The ski resort of Saas-Fee is committed to sustainable development

The Saas Fee ski resort is characterised by numerous sustainable development measures and a strong commitment to responsible tourism, which has made it one of the most eco-sustainable ski resorts in the world. In fact, they have a voluntary initiative called myclimate “Cause We Care” which is entirely dedicated to climate protection and sustainability in Swiss tourism.

In addition, they are also involved in the myblueplanet project, which is an independent, non-profit Swiss climate protection movement. In particular, it focuses on reducing consumption, increasing efficiency and promoting renewable energies. Since 2015, they have been promoting the I AM PRO SNOW campaign in Switzerland, which motivates snow sports enthusiasts to protect the climate with the help of professional winter sportsmen and women.


Another initiative of the resort is the mountain clean-up day, which they have held on several occasions. This day is dedicated, together with the help of volunteers, to clearing the forest of waste produced during the winter season. All these measures have earned them the Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Award at the Cleantech Agency Switzerland event.

Finally, since the 2016/17 winter season, skiers have benefited from a shuttle bus service aimed at promoting public transport. Moreover, these buses run emission-free and are a measure that has increased the comfort of guests while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Unforgettable experiences in Saas-Fee

Something you won’t find anywhere else is the guided torchlight tour through Kreuzboden at night. During the tour you can enjoy a mystical and romantic atmosphere while enjoying the beautiful winter scenery. Before you start the tour, it is important that you bear several things in mind. First of all, it is not advisable to wear your favourite clothes, as the torches may leak and the wax is difficult to remove from your clothes. In addition, you should always carry a paper plate under the torch to protect it from dripping, and the torch should always be in an upright position. It is also important to light them in a windless place and extinguish them in soft snow.

Torchlight hike in Saas Fee (Source: https://www.saas-fee.ch/en/)

Another unforgettable experience is the Foxtrail in the Saas Valley. This activity is perfect for the whole family, although it is recommended that children are over 8 years old. It consists of following in the footsteps of the legendary priest Imseng to discover his secrets. It is done in teams, who will have to search for clues in his historic house. In addition, participants will be accompanied by an electric car that will transport them during the activity.

In addition, you can find that the Hannig alp above the resort of Saas Fee is managed by the Alpe Hannig Foundation and is the only goat alp in the Saas Valley. The goats have been grazing there for over 100 years. Visitors can watch the team in action during the cheese-making process and, at the end of the day, taste the different types of goat cheese produced on site and other dairy products from the Hannig Alp (fresh cheese, hard cheese, yoghurt with different flavours, etc.).

saas fee ski resort
Alpe d’Hannig © Saas Fee

The mountain resort of Saas-Fee in summer

The Saas Fee ski resort is one of the few ski resorts that is open in summer – and yes, for skiing! Thanks to the low temperatures in the area and the gigantic Fee glacier, it is possible to enjoy around 20 km of skiable slopes during the summer. In fact, the resort is so busy during the summer that it keeps many of its lifts open so you can get around as if it were the middle of winter.

In addition to skiing, the resort also keeps most of the activities that are available during the winter open. That’s why this resort is perfect for any time of the year. You can enjoy zip-lines, climbing or exciting guided excursions through the valley. Of course, snowshoes will be replaced by hiking boots, so enjoy the season in all its forms!

saas fee ski resort
Nordic walking © Alpenlodge Etoile

The summer Nordic Walking is a benchmark for summer activities in Saas-Fee! On one hand, the 5 km long introductory course (Saas-Fee), Nordic walkers, hikers and runners will learn valuable tips and instructions for Nordic walking from the 8 signs distributed along the course. On the other hand, the 15 km Helsana Swiss Running and Walking Trail, you can choose from several routes.

In addition, the Saas Valley is a mountain biking paradise with 70 km of signposted cycle paths. Everyone can find their favourite route, whether easy or difficult.

© Wallis Promotion

Hotels in Saas-Fee

The Capra *****

The Capra is an intimate 5-star accommodation near the Saas Fee ski resort. Here, you will combine the comfort of a chalet with the convenience of a luxury hotel in a hotel that continues the atmosphere of the Alpine landscape. The rooms are designed in earthy tones that match the spectacular views of the valley.

In addition, this hotel is the best place to relax and reconnect with nature. There is a fire-lit lounge and a cosy library to take refuge from the cold. In addition, there is a spa designed to soothe the senses after a sporty day. Finally, the hotel also has a fully air-conditioned ski storage room and provides warm boots in the morning.

saas fee ski resort

© The Capra

Elite Alpine Lodge ****

At the four-star hotel Elite Alpine Lodge you will be greeted with exceptional hospitality, warmth and charm. Here, you can enjoy the individuality of a holiday flat without sacrificing the comforts of a hotel. Best of all, you’ll have space for up to 7 people, making it the perfect choice for friends or family. What’s more, it is just two minutes from the centre of the village and very close to the slopes.

All the flats and suites are equipped with a spacious living-dining room, two bathrooms, balcony or terrace and some even have a fireplace. In addition, the flats have a kitchen, so you don’t even have to worry about where to eat if you’re overdue. The hotel also has a sauna, steam bath and a relaxation room overlooking the valley where you can relax after a long day’s skiing.

© Elite Alpine Lodge

Hotel l’Alpenlodge Etoile ***

Are you looking for a personally managed hotel with a family atmosphere? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Hotel l’Alpenlodge Etoile is the perfect place to come with friends and family.

With friendliness, passion and enthusiasm, the well-being of their guests comes first and is very important. Your wishes are important to them and they will do their utmost to take care of your concerns. Why not have a “chat” in the evening in the hotel bar? What could be better than getting to know each other over a drink?

© L’alpenlodge Etoile

Hotel La Gorge ***

Hotel la Gorge is one of the best three-star options in the valley. Just a two-minute walk from the resort, this hotel offers 15 unique rooms where you can enjoy an exclusive holiday experience in this glacier paradise. It is also close to the bus station and shops.

The hotel has a romantic atmosphere, making it ideal for couples. What’s more, you can even enjoy a jacuzzi at a dizzying height and relax with a massage. Without a doubt, this hotel will leave you with impressive memories.

Hotel en la estación de esquí Saas Fee
Hotel La Gorge (Fuente: https://www.saas-fee.ch/en/)

Skiing in Saas-Fee: the highlights of the resort

✅ Eco-responsible resort: many initiatives are carried out to protect the environment

✅ A wide range of family-friendly services

✅ Wide range of restaurants

✅ Accommodation located close to the ski slopes

✅ Beginner slopes accessible from the lower part of the resort

✅ Access adapted for people with reduced mobility

✅ Ski and snowboard schools with experienced professionals

✅ Bus lines that run within the resort to avoid using your own vehicle

✅ Ideal resort for freestyle enthusiasts, thanks to its snowpark, half-pipe and dedicated learning area