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The Portillo ski resort is the oldest ski resort in South America, located in the province of Los Andes, in the region of Valparaíso. Today the resort has achieved international reputation. Today, Portillo is a training ground for major Olympic delegations and recently, the Portillo ski resort celebrated its 70th anniversary after its success five years earlier.

The ski resort is still famous among visiting expert skiers for its incredibly steep slopes. Today, with more than 50 years of history, it retains the same quality of snow, beautiful surroundings and services to continue to amaze those who come to enjoy a ski resort of excellence.

Portillo ski resort

It is located in the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 2,860 metres, at a distance of 80 km from the city of Los Andes and less than 6 km from Paso Los Libertadores, on the border with Argentina.

The Portillo ski resort became known worldwide in 1966 when it became the first resort in South America to host the World Ski Championships. On its slopes the downhill speed record was broken in 1987 by Michael Prufer when he broke the 200 kilometres per hour barrier.

Portillo’s spectacular scenery alone is also a major attraction. The breathtaking views of the imposing Andes Mountains and the waters of the Laguna del Inca make it a very attractive place.

Portillo ski resort
Laguna del Inca ski resort Portillo

The ski slopes

The Portillo ski resort occupies a total of 500 hectares and has a maximum altitude of 3,310 metres and a minimum of 2,580 metres, with a 730-metre drop for incredible descents. It also has 18 slopes spread over 20 km, including 12 easy slopes (9 km), 1 intermediate slope (6 km) and 5 difficult slopes (5 km). It also has a total of 13 ski lifts to facilitate the ascent to the highest point of the resort.

Portillo ski resort
Portillo ski slopes (Source: Official Facebook)

Ski resort activities

The Portillo ski resort has a ski and snowboard school where you can take private lessons or group classes, both for adults and children. The resort also has professionals on hand to provide activities for people with reduced mobility. You can also go snowshoeing, tobogganing and even climbing in the cold mountains of the resort.

Escalada estación Portillo
Climbing Portillo station (Source: Official Facebook)

Sustainable development of the Portillo ski resort

Chile is recognised as a natural destination that offers a geography as privileged as it is diverse. Today, tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, playing a key role in the economic outlook and sustainable development.

With more than 65 years of history, Ski Portillo has decided to diversify its offer. The aim was to create hotels that were located in balance with nature. This is how Tierra Hotels was born, characterised by creating spaces with an architecture and design that rescues the local culture, in a travel experience in hotels with identity.


said Miguel Purcell, CEO of Tierra Hotels.

From his vision, tourism is installed as a tool for change to awaken sustainable awareness, connecting travellers with the native beauty of the country. In recent years, global tourism demand has prioritised accommodation that respects the environment and offers experiences that give value to the local culture of the destination. This is why today sustainability is considered a key factor in the competitiveness of the sector.

Unforgettable experiences in Portillo

During Wine Week, Portillo ski resort invites renowned Chilean vineyards to host wine tastings and special wine pairings. During the wine week you can ski, relax and learn.

Each day a prestigious Chilean winery is presented, where their respective winemakers give us knowledge about valleys and types of vines, and, of course, enjoy the tasting of their best wines. You will have the opportunity to taste the best grape varieties of the valley, as well as learn about the world of wine.

Portillo ski resort
Wine Fest Portillo (Source: Official Facebook)

Portillo mountain resort in summer

The Andes Mountains are a great year-round destination, so the Portillo resort keeps its doors open to welcome those seeking refuge in the peace and quiet of the mountains.

Summer in Portillo ski resort is wonderful, as the landscape is transformed and shows different facets, always preserving the majesty of the Laguna del Inca. To enjoy the fresh air of the mountain range, there are activities such as trekking, kayaking or canoeing in the Laguna del Inca, wine tasting, stargazing, horse riding or mountain biking, and even climbing.

Canoas estación Portillo
Canoes Portillo station (Source: Official Facebook)

Hotels in Portillo

Portillo Hotel

Away from the city and right on the slopes of the Portillo ski resort, the resort offers all the comforts to make the most of your holidays in the snow. In the hotel you can enjoy the exquisite cuisine of the main restaurant, relax in the jacuzzi or heated pool after a day of skiing and watch movies in the cinema.

All rooms have a minibar, safe, hairdryer and Wi-Fi connection. In addition, the hotel has a wide variety of rooms to suit your needs. From spacious suites to single rooms, you can choose the option that suits you best.

Portillo ski resort
Hotel Portillo (Source: www.skiportillo.com)

Octógono Lodge

The Octógono Lodge is located in the Portillo ski resort. A stay at the Octógono includes four meals a day in the hotel’s main dining room and access to all its facilities and activities. All rooms have a telephone, minibar, safe, hairdryer and Wi-Fi connection.

There is no TV in the rooms, as they invite our guests to disconnect. It is also ideal for visiting with a group of friends or family. If you are a solo traveller, the Octagon is ideal for you, as you can share a room with other travelling skiers and make new friends.

Portillo ski resort
Octagon Lodge (Source: www.skiportillo.com)

Inca Lodge

The Inca Lodge is located right on the slopes of the Portillo ski resort. Its rooms are simple, with capacity for four people. They also have a common bathroom.

Stays at the Inca Lodge include a ticket for four meals a day, which are served in the hotel’s self-service restaurant, although for an extra charge, you can eat in the main restaurant.

In addition, you can enjoy all the facilities and activities of the Hotel Portillo. Ideal for young people, groups of friends, backpackers and people who enjoy meeting new people.

Inca Lodge
Inca Lodge (Source: www.skiportillo.com)

Skiing in Portillo : the resort’s main strengths

✅ The resort has accommodation at the foot of the slopes.

✅ It also has access and activities adapted for people with disabilities.

✅ Moreover, it offers classes for both adults and children in its ski and snowboard schools with experienced teachers.