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At the heart of the valley of Ötzal, you can find the ski resort of Obergurgl-Hochgurgl located in the Austrian Tyrol, a region which has become famous in the 30′ thanks to the explorer Auguste Piccard, who landed on Grosser Gurgler Ferner’s glacier during a hot-air balloon flight.

Obergurgl-Hochgurgl offers you nearly 110km of pistes with a guaranteed snow cover during the season thanks to its altitude of 3000m. Obergurgl is right out in the valley at 1930m of altitude.

From there, no roads, nothing at Obergurgl: you are at the top of the world !

The ski resort Obergurgl is “chic”, top of the range, kind of small but incredibly quiet. The environment is exceptional with spectacular views to 20 summits, and the domain of around 110km enables the ski or snowboard practice.

The peacefulness reigning in this place makes this ski resort a haven of peace and a unique destination.