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Les 7 Laux is a group of three ski and winter sports resorts.  Located in the Belledonne chain (Isère) about 35 km from Grenoble and 50 km from Chambéry in the municipalities of Theys, Adrets and Haut-Bréda.

Les 7 Laux ski resort features

Les Sept Laux includes two resorts on the Isère valley slopes(Prapoutel and Pipay) and one (Le Pleynet) on the other side of the massif, all operated by the SEMT7L company. The resort accommodates 15000 skiers a day and is the largest ski area in the Belledonne mountains. It covers 1500 hectares, 30 of which are treated and maintained.

The Le 7 Laux ski area is the largest in the Belledonne mountain range and the third in the Dauphiné. Framed in a natural environment, it covers 1500 hectares, 30 of which are conditioned, signposted and safe. Located among 1350 and 2400 m, summit of the Col du Pouta, it is the highest equipped peak accessible by chairlift in the Belledonne chain. We will reach this point thanks to the detachable Gypaète chairlift. 23 state-of-the-art ski lifts serve a very varied ski area, open to all forms of skiing.

The slopes of Les 7 Laux run on two slopes. On the west slope, Prapoutel and Pipay dominate the Grésivaudan valley, (the Grenoble area) and offering a viewpoint down to the Bourget lake, beyond the Chambéry area. On the eastern slope, the Pleynet opens towards the heart of the Belledonne massif and its highest peaks.

History of Les 7 Laux ski resort

Over the past 10 years, the 7 Laux resort has modernized or changed 90% of its lifts and has modified its slopes. Thanks to the renovated investments and facilities, skiers spend less time queuing on the ski lifts and therefore make the most of the day in the snow. The return to the snow front by feet is guaranteed with artificial snow machines that covers 50% of the ski area.

The Les 7 Laux resort has at the foot of the slopes a formidable front of powder snow, sunny trails and steep routes of the Vallons du Pra dominated by a row of peaks. Until the construction of the Pouta chairlift there was a “hidden face” of the Les 7 Laux resort, which was reserved for off-piste enthusiasts. The untrodden snow and the feeling of total freedom await us in this hidden face; but by visiting this area a bit far from the resort, we will be responsible for our own safety.

Since 2009, the Vallons have become an area of marked and safe slopes, without altering the high mountain image of this mountainous area. In this one we will find two black trails, one of them could be considered red; Traced in a responsible way so as not to disturb the Belledonne chain and which have little to envy to the trails we find in the Alps. The diversity of the slopes, the greatness and the majesty of the surroundings, the variety of the slopes, the quality of the snow (mostly dust) and its fast speed make Vallons du Pra the jewel in the crown of Les 7 Laux .

Paradise for freestylers

For fans of new winter sports, the 7 Laux resort is an ideal destination; thanks to the snowpark (The Oakley 7 Laux Park) labeled Ho5, where new trends and skiing variantas are available to all visitors.

Oakley 7 Laux Park is nestled at an altitude of 1900 m, in a mountainous white amphitheater, packed with modules and bathed in sun. It has a dedicated ski lift. The resort permanently maintains this area and allows the modules to evolve throughout the season and at the request of freestylers.

This 8hectare space is not only aimed to “professionals” of snow sports, thanks to its beginner’s area designed in this spirit. Oakley 7 Laux Park meets all expectations: accessible at all levels, from Pro Park to Discovery Course via Freestyle Wolf Course and Boardercross.

Nordic skiing at Les 7 Laux

For cross-country skiing at Les 7 Laux, there are 3 Nordic areas available. In the northern sector of Prapoutel (1350 to 1500 m) it has a small and charming domain of 16 km with varied landforms and moderate difficulties, with its own character and personality. Intended mainly for children and beginners, the domain includes three trails (green, blue and red) and is dotted with benches for family friendly outings. The trails are prepared for classic and skating modalities.

In Le Pleynet (Nordic high altitude area accessible by the Pincerie chairlift) we will find 3,5 km of slopes at an altitude of 1800 m. 50 km of classic routes and skating in the Nordic area of Barioz (access through the Col du Barioz).

Activities for everyone at the resort

We also have snowshoeing and hiking routes in each domain in the area, and in the Haut Bréda valley, to Merdaret and Crêt du Poulet. We can choose an activity as exciting as mushing at Pleynet. And many more Nordic skiing activities such as jogging, orientation courses or fatbike in any of the Nordic domains.

To eat and relax, four restaurants in the heights; the Pincerie chalet on the Pleynet hillside, the Cortillets in the Oudis chalet, below the arrival of the TSF4 and the Farinaud in the Pipay sector. Although we find up to 15 restaurants spread over the 3 resorts that we find in the set of resorts that make up Les 7 Laux. In 2016, a “4 seasons” sled called “Wizluge” was built, which leaves Pleynet next to the Pincerie chairlift departure station.