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La Toussuire-Les Bottières is a western French ski resort in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Placed at 90 kilometers from Chambéry and 120 kilometers from Grenoble, La Toussuire has easy access. It is a modest size resort amont the bigger resorts in the Alps, and offers 55 kilometers of slopes with different levels of difficulty, perfect for most winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, telemark, hiking, snowshoeing…).

Location of La Toussuire ski resort

La Toussuire, one of the six ski resorts in the huge Sybelles ski area (300 km of slopes), connected to Saint-Colomban-des-Villards and Bottières and Corbier, Saint-Jean -d’Arves and Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves.

La Toussuire is nestled on the heights of the Edioulaz stream, a tributary river for Merderel, which eventualy flows into the Arvan river. The resort is nestled between the peaks of the “Tête de Bellard” (2225 meters) and the “Pierre du Turc” (2305 meters). Access to the resort is through the Fontcouverte village.

La Toussuire is one of the six ski resorts in the large Sybelles ski area (300 km of slopes). The resort has a Nordic cross-country ski area, to attract an increasing number of tourists who choose snow destinations every year.

The La Toussuire / Les Bottières ski area has 55 km of slopes, served by twenty lifts at an altitude of among 1300 and 2225 m.

Layout of the slopes at La Toussuire

Here, we won’t find any black trails. Instead, a bunch of red trails that will delight the most experienced skiers while enjoying the sun, on the south-facing slopes. The views from the Télécorde ski lift or the Crêtes blue trail are a mandatory stop by on our visit to the resort. The Grand Truc trail offers from 2209 meters unique views of Savoy and the Alps.

Since 2003, the great ski domain of Sybelles has linked La Toussuire by the Pointe de l’Ouillon (2432 m) with other ski resorts. Les Sybelles is Maurienne’s great ski area and the fourth largest in France, offers an exceptional panorama on the Belladonna range; as well as Aiguilles d’Arves (3510 m), Pic de l’Etendard (3464 m) and even Mont Blanc.

During your stay, you will surely visit Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves to enjoy the view from Perrons at 2620 m above sea level. The blue trails, and some red, do not require a great technique to fully enjoy them, so we can have our time on them without further complications.

Characteristics of La Toussuire

In Savoie, in the Maurienne Valley, 1800 meters above sea level, La Toussuire is ideally located on a plateau with 360 ° views of the surrounding massifs. Benefiting from exceptional sunshine for much of the season, it is an ideal ski resort for families. At the heart of the “world’s largest cycling domain”, it has 11 world-renowned mountain passes.

In the surroundings we find sixty road routes and twenty mountain bike circuits with the FFC label; La Toussuire offers a perfect environment for cyclists.

The Toussuire plateau opens up to a smooth and accessible mountain, pleasant to walk on routes that go from a few hours to several days. To enjoy the views, we can do it on foot or with the help of any ski lift. Nature, fauna and flora meet us and lead to an idyllic setting; of those that make us disconnect and forget about stress, noise and negativity.

Activities for the whole family at La Toussuire

For the kids, there is a thematic route and orientation courses, so they learn the basics of hiking in a controlled and safe environment.

The unique heritage of the massif helds one of the many natural riches of the territory. Baroque churches and mountain chapels dot the 16 villages that we can find near the resort, and can be visited during the summer season.

A Chromlec, a semi-circular alignment of 12 standing stones, half buried and facing the rising sun, can be seen near the Villards Chapel. Also worth mentioning the covered fountain that gave its name to the town of the resort: Fontcouverte.

There are routes that go through all the chapels, an exceptional alternative to hit in the summer and enjoy the mountains.

If we travel with children, there are many activities with which to have fun during the summer: pumptrack, Segway, trout fishing, archery or Tag Archery, mini golf, and mats. Teenagers and lovers of extreme sports will also find in La Toussuire their playground: tubing, Big Air Bag, Zip line, Paragliding, Bike Park and a Skate Park.

Parents will enjoy activities with a more relaxing approach that will help them disconnect and regain strength: Spa, sauna, massages, yoga or, simply, the swimming pools of hotels and residences open to the general public. There are plenty of activities and things to do in the resort both in winter and during the hot months; It only remains for you to decide when you will visit the resort.

Many alternatives to skiing for disconnect and discover the mountain

The thematic weeks give a new perspective and ways to enjoy the resort; such as zen, medieval, humor, gastronomy, dance weeks and live shows. It is a different way of enjoying our holidays, in a way that we do not usually find in a beach destination.

The values that inspire the inhabitants and workers of the resort are in line with the environment: cordiality, sportsmanship, family atmosphere and at the forefront of innovations in mountain tourism.

Long ago, Toussuire was the alpine area of the Fontcouverte village. The residents of this town came in summer to enjoy nature and get inspired when creating their cheeses. In summer we can picnic near the streams and take advantage of the mild temperatures of the season. It is also the time to discover the excellent local products (Beaufort, alpine milk, cold meats …) while treating ourselves with the flavors of the high mountains.

After an intense day on the slopes, rest tastes better

It is a wonderful destination to enjoy with family and friends and rediscover yourself, take time to play, talk, sunbathe … To do so, do not hesitate to visit the relaxation areas, such as the Espace du Chaput in the heart of the alpine pastures, near the resort. Games for children, dry toilets and barbecues at your disposal. Next to Lac de l’Eriscal, we find the new attractions, like the zip line booth, fishing, sauna… So at the end of the day you hit the bed with the feeling of having taken full advantage of the resort and the mountain.

Finally, the merchants, accommodations, restaurants and everyone involved in your vacation at the resort have the mission of making your vacation unforgettable.