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The Gérardmer ski resort is placed in the Grand-Est village, within the Vosges department, in Lorraine. Nicknamed the ” Pearl of the Vosges ” by the illustrious Victor Hugo, it is not far from Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, in the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park.

The city, where the houses mix with the ski and winter sports resort, is known for its landscapes and its cultural offer.

History of the Gérardmer ski resort

Gérardmer, according to the records, was founded in 1285, and has a shared long history in common with the Duchy of Lorraine and the Chanoinesses Abbey of Remiremont. Recognized as a congregation in the mid-16th century, the city developed mainly during the 18th century with the arrival of the railway. The annexation of Alsace and Lorraine to Germany led to an increase in the influence of merchants, mainly textiles, in the area.

The city suffered severely from the onslaught of World War II, although nowadays tourists still appreciate its charm and sports infrastructure. Today you can see a deep architectural heritage, as well as exceptional landscapes.

Layout of its slopes

The Gérardmer La Mauselaine ski area is considered the second largest in the Vosges. Divided into 21 slopes (2 black, 8 red, 3 blue and 8 green) over 32 hectares served by 19 lifts (2 chair lifts, 15 lifts, 2 lifts, one of them is free). The resort is nestled at a modest 770 m above sea level on the snow front (Le Pré Lynx) and at 1140 m at summit of the Tête de Grouvelin.

The domain offers short trails of all levels through the Vosges firs, although we do find trails drawn on steep slopes, valleys and plateaus. Two black trails and eight red will delight experienced skiers, while three blue and another eight green trails will be more crowded by amateur and intermediate skiers. Overall, the resrot offers more options for the second type of skiers due to the gentle slopes.

You have a date with the finest descents of Gérardmer

Les Chevreuils blue trail is the longest trail in all the Vosges wich spreads as long as 2900 meters. Further on, we come across the red Tétras trail, which crosses the snow front of Pré Lynx and offers a splendid view of Gérardmer and its lake.

You can also glide in its nighttime variant, lit from 17 pm to 22 pm (Tuesdays and Saturdays during regular days, and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during school holidays). Although night skiing is not limited to a single track. The resort makes available to customers a red, blue and green track (very short), so no one is left without the carving of slide down the mountain at night.

The artificial snow machines guarantees optimal ski conditions on 10 km of slopes. This amount, although it may seem short, is enough for the cover when the snowfalls are scarce.

You will succeed coming to Gérardmer with the children (or without them)

Gérardmer has facilities that will delight freestylers and skiers who want more than just sliding down the slope.

– A snowpark on the edge of the red Cabri trail.

– The boardercross along the Le Sanglier green trail.

Leisure parks and ski schools in the La Petite Mauselaine area strengthen Gérardmer’s orientation for families. There is a free cable rope, a sledding stadium and a children’s snow park.

The Nordic area of Bas-Rupts – Gérardmer offers 30 km of classic skiing and skating trails, allowing you to breathe fresh air and escape the hustle and bustle in the middle of the magnificent Vosges forest. For open spaces and long distance routes lovers, the area is linked to La Bresse and Xonrupt; more than 100 km of slopes, thus forming the largest nordic area in eastern France (it takes several days to fully discover it). The area has a trail that connects to La Petite Mauselaine, the learning area. The ski resort also has:

– A biathlon stadium with laser rifles

– 4 routes of snowshoes, no trodden nor stepped, of 2, 4, 6 and 9 km.

The activities that complete the resort’s leisure offer

During the winter months, the resort offers events to complete its catalog of ski activities. La Trace Vosgienne in mid-January: popular Nordic ski race open to professionals and amateurs, through La Bresse, Xonrupt and Gérardmer areas. The race runs up to 45 kilometers. The Gérardmer International Fantastic Film Festival, a must-see event for genre lovers. Annual event, it takes place during the last weekend of January.

As it has been happening among the most attractive resorts in the world, Gérardmer completes its catalog of activities with services related to health and well-being.

– The  “Energy Therapy Care” Institute, where courses and treatments for body and spiritual harmonization are offered.

– The “Equilibre” wellness center where massages and chiropractic are offered.

– ”Biozen Beauty Institute”, facial care, body care, waxing, manicure and pedicure.

We can also choose the sauna area of the Gérardmer resort or even the wellness area (sauna, hammam, jacuzzi) of the Beau Rivage hotel (with reservation).

Gérardmer in a nutshell

– The night ski slope, Tetrás, where the lights of Gérardmer can be seen.

– La Petite recreational area, where family fun is guaranteed.

– Mauselaine: sledding and snow activities by appointment.

– The longest descent in the Vosges (2900 m), the blue trail of Les Chevreuils.