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The Formiguères ski and winter sports resort is nestled in the Pyrénées-Orientales region, about twenty kilometers from Mont-Louis and thirty kilometers from Font-Romeu. In Formiguères you will find trails that will suit you, crossing the fields of Calmazeille and Serre de Maury, either for professionals or amateurs.

Formiguères ski resort history

The resort was inaugurated in 1973 thanks to a 4 km road opened from the Formigueres town to Combe de la Calmazeilles. Located at 1750 m above sea level, its fame comes thanks to the generous amount of snow that every year it is able to hold. We find three ski lifts upon arrival at the resort, one red, one blue and one green, reaching the summit of Perxes Blanches.

Since 1989 the resort’s efforts have focused on developing a full artificial snow machine network.  Equipment that has become essential in the current context of global warming, and particularly in this area of the Pyrenees where snowfall has always been more unpredictable than the west face of the mountain range. The resorts of the Pyrenees-Orientales region were the first to decide to invest in these systems, way before most of the Pyrenean resorts.  This decision conditioned the resorts in this side of the mountain range do not notice many of the lack of skiers when the winters do not gift the region with heavy snowfalls.

Layout of the slopes

The skiable domain consists of 19 trails over 65 hectares in the heart of the forest. The difference in height from the base of the resort to the highest point is 700 meters. For cross-country skiing enthusiats, there are 10 hectares of unmarked nor untrodden terrain, perfect for enjoying the snow in its most natural state. If we move a bit further from the resort, we will discover the Camporells sector and its routes to explore on foot or with snowshoes.

The Formiguères ski school and the Piou-Piou club offer courses and attention to children in the snow garden. Whatever your favorite sport in the snow, the resort allows you to enjoy your holidays with uncompromised care.

A small piece of paradise on the heights

Nestled in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Natural Park, the Formiguères ski resort invites you to descend its slopes from 2400 m to 1700 m above sea level.  The ski resort, in the department of the Eastern Pyrenees (region of Occitania), hides a privileged location on the Capcir plateau, in the Eyne valley (classified as a nature reserve since 1993 for its unique biodiversity).

It attracts ski lovers with its fast-paced 19 trails of all levels, running along the slopes of Pic des Perches Blanches (2060 m), the Serre de Maury (2412 m) and Pic de la Montagnette (2436 m). The 180 hectares of the ski area run mainly through the forest (we may find some secular pine trees) and the off-piste possibilities will delight freeriders.

Activities and facilities at Formiguères

We have all the amenities on the snow front, concentrated in a large set of wooden buildings (the ski lift booth, the ESF, the French Ski School of Formiguères, a sports shop, a sports club, a cafeteria – bar with a large terrace, seating areas and a terrace – solarium, as well as a kindergarten).

A safe, artificial snow sledding trail is the choice for many children  One of the most characteristic activities of the resort is the baptism of paragliders with skis; we can go try directly from the slopes. Ice dives or canyoning in the warm sulfur waters of the Thuès Canyon complement the offer snow alternatives in the resort.

Nordic ski lovers will hit the mark

Formiguères is aware of its main natural asset, strongly committed to mountain skiing, : Camporells, location and unmissable place in the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Natural Park, attracts many enthusiasts of this variety of skiing. The main routes and trails of the Formiguères ski area have regulated, organized days and office hours: 9 am to -17 pm.

If we reach the summits, we will discover the most beautiful landscapes through cross-country ski routes. In the middle of the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees, the Camporells sector stands out (access marked from the arrival of the Serre de Maury chairlift) with a route at the bottom of the valley that connects the resort with the village (night rides guided departures, with the resort guides).

A review at Formiguères cultural offer

The traditional mountain village of Formiguères, located at 1500 meters, is brimming with history and traditions that are still very relevant. The Capcir’s capital, which was once the residence of the Majorca Kings, is 4 km from the resort. It is a tourist destination thanks to its heritage and charm of a mountain town, where getting lost in its streets is a pleasant experience.

Circuits are also organized to get to know the town, the Notre Dame de Villeneuve church (18th century), the Romanesque church of Sainte-Nativité-Notre-Dame built in 873 and its facade was recognized as a Historical Monument in 1913. A free bus service is available linking the town to the resort.

Accessible from Perpignan (94 km – airport and SNCF train station), Formiguères is one of the must-visit ski resorts in the Catalan Neiges group.

In the mountains not everything depends on moving and spending energy

La Calmazeille restaurant and a resting area at the foot of the slopes allow you to eat in an environment designed for relaxation, while enjoying a panoramic terrace.

One of the main innovations in the catering sector is the food truck Snowlicious, at the top of the slopes; its hamburgers made exclusively with local products will satisfy the appetite of young and old, accompanied by panoramic views of the resort.

Summer activities

During summer, the Formiguères resort offers mountain routes as well as many bike trails. Most of these routes and trails start from the town, descending the valley and surrounding the Puyvalador lake; If we are not afraid of long distances, we can get to Matemale. The Notre Dame de Villeneuve church is a destination worth visiting, although we may regret it when we return on the way back. Most routes have one way and one way back, so there is no need to repeat it.

In summer, temperatures are mild except for some days rather hotter than usual, so holidays in the mountains are an option almost as pleasant as the coast. The mountain changes completely without snow, opening new possibilities for tourism in Capcir and Cerdanya, just half an hour away: we find the Odeillo solar oven, the Mont-Louis citadel, the Matemale lake and its many activities, the Fontrabiouse cave, etc.

Finally, the picnic areas are also arranged and cared for to enjoy a pleasant lunch outdoors.