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Spain | Región: Aragonese Pyrenees

The privileged orientation of the Astún ski resort (located in a transversal valley to the Pyrenean axis) which protects it from wind currents, and its splendid orography offers a very varied and generous skiing and landscapes.

Amid the unmesurable beauty of the surroundings, the villages are spreaded through the valley. With aesthetic delicacy, they create a space that preserves the mountain physiognomy, magnificent and at the same time, endearing and authentic.

All the slopes are covered with natural grass meadows, which increase the security of having good snow conditions from the beginning of the season; although the thickness of snow is light.


Skiing in the resort

The Astún ski resort has tracks of all difficulty levels and paths suitable for expert skiers and for those who start in the snow. The arrangement of the slopes, makes it easy for beginners to also enjoy big part of the skiing domain in one of the most idyllic natural surroundings of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

In Astún, safety prevails. It should be remarked that its mountains make up a huge funnel, allowing all descents to converge on the large platform that shapes the core of the resort. This guarantees the comfort and enjoyment of snow sports when we ski with family or friends.

The Aragon Valley and its natural environment are going through a stage of revitalization, being a pioneer in the sector since it was the first region of Spain where snow-related activities were developed, creating a loyal competition with its neighboring Candanchú station, the most veteran resort in the country.

A family-sized ski resort, ideal for alpine skiing regardless of the skiers experience. Its highest peak is La Raca, 2.300 meters high and 300 meters vertical drop from where we can enjoy a wonderful Pyrenean landscape.

Emblematic peaks on this side of the Pyrenees such as Punta Ezcarra, Pala de Ip, Collarada, Picos del inferno or Anayet itself at 2.559 meters in Formigal. One of the most emblematic points of the station and preferred by expert skiers is the Ibón de Astún area.


Tourist offer in Astún

The mountain ions (ibón) or mountain lakes are something emblematic of the Astún environment especially in the summer. A territory of beauty wrapped in the most absolute silence. In this area of the mountain, the only thing that can break that climax is the sound of its fauna. Vultures, ermine, eagles or marmots are some of the species that we can find while visiting the mountain lakes.

From the base of the Astún resort you can admire the landscapes on the Trout Ski Lift. This lift puts you in a few minutes next to the lake of the same name, and a short walk from another, the Escalar. From there you can start numerous routes through the Franco-Spanish border, at the very edge of the Pyrenees National Park (France). Enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the entire head of the Aragon Valley, practice fishing, hiking, mountain bike, rest on the Los Lagos Terrace… All of this while breathing the purest air in an incomparable setting.

Also, throughout the Aragon Valley you can enjoy an extensive architecture and cuisine visiting all the villages in the the Aragon Valley. From North to South you can discover; Canfranc with its International Railway Station, Villanúa offers you the Güixas Cave with organized views, Aratorés, Borau, Aisa, Castiello de Jaca together with the Garcipollera and the Hermitage of Iguacel, and finally Jaca with a wide range of possibilities: Romanesque Cathedral of the 11th century, Ice Rink, Citadel, Rapitán Fort and an Old Town full of history.

From this point, we will enjoy a valley with varied slopes ideal for beginners. But mainly we will find ski slopes ideal for experienced skiers, with four black and two red slopes. Currently the station occupies two high mountain valleys: La Raca – Sarrios and Truchas, each of them is accessible from the base by a detachable chairlift.


How to get to Astún?

There is an internal transport service for skiers in the parking area called Tren Bucho, which is completely free and permanent since the beginning of the season. All the comfort, so the skiers who move to the Aragonese ski resort, find all they need.

The Astún ski resort is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, more specifically in the Aragon Valley, with access by the N-330 towards the Franch-Spanish border of Somport, 33 kilometers from Jaca and 115 kilometers from Huesca. Province of Huesca, autonomous community of Aragon.

If you arrive by car at the ski resort of Astún, you should not worry about parking because it has 600 parking spaces, with spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

If you sleep in Jaca, skiing in Astún is a great option since there is a bus transport that connects both places. A place to eat? Head over to the Biarritz Jaca restaurant.


Astún is the perfect destination for all the family

The ski resort of Astún has also thought about the smallest in the house. Facilitating skiing for families, the resort has a snow garden, specially designed for the enjoyment of children.

It occupies the center of what could be the largest snow domain on the peninsula if the three ski resorts of Formigal, Astún and Candanchú were combined. Astún has a great variety of trails of all levels.

According to the policy of the Astún ski resort, if during the normal operation of the ski resort, for security reasons or other justified reasons, the direction is obliged to close the facilities and tracks to the public; it will not be possible to return the amount of the forfait.