About us

Back in 2013, Virginie Viau and Rafael Díaz Muñoz decided to share their common passion through I Love Ski

As its name suggests, I Love Ski is made for all enthusiasts of mountain and winter sports in the world, in French (www.iloveski.fr), in Spanish (www.iloveski.es) and in English (www.iloveski.co.uk).

Since its creation, I Love Ski was part of the Madrid Emprende program (2013-2016), an initiative that supports certain start-ups and which allowed us to quickly establish ourselves in the winter sports market (as a platform for news and opinions).

Six years after its creation,I Love Ski takes a new turn in 2019 and refocuses its efforts on publishing news from ski resorts around the world.

I Love Ski has its origins on both sides of the Pyrenees and currently has a base camp in France (High Pyrenees) and Spain (Madrid).

Over time, the I Love Ski team has been enriched by the experience of passionate people from all over the world who collaborate with I Love Ski and share these common values ​​from France, Spain, the United States, Mexico, China, Chile and Argentina.

I Love Ski defends and strongly promotes certain values ​​that differentiate it from other media in the sector: sustainable development of mountains, protection of the environment, democratization of the practice, feminization of ski resorts, etc.

Every day, the I Love Ski team transmits these values ​​through its editorial line and contributes in its humble way to a sustainable and responsible development of the mountain.

I Love Ski supports the actions of the small resorts in order to highlight the men and women that work every day for the development of the mountain (Face to face), transmits actions of promotion and development of the practice and implements the authentic concept of soliadary skiing created by I Love Ski ®.

I Love Ski and winter sports resorts are true solidarity partners, and work hand in hand to develop the practice of skiing.

To realize this solidarity and spread this message as much as possible, I Love Ski, in collaboration with the partners of ski resorts, currently proposes a line of clothing and accessories: while buying one of these pieces, you’re supporting our vision and a solidary cause.