Well-being practices are booming, with more and more people seeking activities in harmony with nature to reduce stress and disconnect from their daily lives. Courchevel is responding to this trend with the inauguration in 2023 of the Sentier des Contemplations, a unique themed trail dedicated to well-being, meditation and yoga.

The Sentier des Contemplations: a unique sensory experience

The Sentier des Contemplations, located on the shores of Lac du Praz in Courchevel, is designed to offer a deep and comforting experience of well-being. The trail, which is freely accessible, invites visitors to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of calm and serenity, right in the heart of nature. Passing through the Mateigena forest, the trail reveals a variety of landscapes, punctuated by sparkling bodies of water and lush green glades, all set against a backdrop of the majestic peaks of the Tarentaise.

The trail is distinguished by its holistic approach to well-being, combining physical and spiritual activities to revitalise the body and soothe the mind. The trail, guided by explanatory signs and accessible via audio accompaniment using a QR code, offers around fifty physical and contemplative exercises inspired by meditation and yoga. The activities on offer include hiking, yoga, meditation, mindful walking, Afghan walking, active meditation and meditative walking. The trail is designed to be explored independently, on your own or in a group, with themed paths and workshops along the way.

The Path of Contemplation: a journey in five stages

Accessible from spring to autumn, Le Sentier des Contemplations is divided into five distinct stages, each designed to offer a progression in the practice of contemplation. Each stage offers a series of four successive passages, allowing participants to gradually immerse themselves in the experience and deepen their skills in meditation and well-being.

  1. Body Path: This first stage invites participants to reconnect with their bodies through mindfulness exercises. Visitors are encouraged to pay attention to their physical sensations, posture and movements, to better understand and listen to their bodies. Exercises can include stretching, gentle yoga movements and body relaxation techniques.
  2. 5 Elements Glade: Set in a tranquil clearing, this stage is dedicated to exploring the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space). Each element is associated with specific exercises designed to balance and harmonise the participants’ internal energy. For example, guided meditations to connect with the stability of earth, the fluidity of water, the warmth of fire, the lightness of air and the immensity of space.
  3. Breathwork: This stage focuses on conscious breathing and walking. Participants learn breathing techniques (such as abdominal and thoracic breathing) and methods of synchronising breath with steps, as in Afghan walking. These practices aim to improve breathing awareness, increase vital energy and strengthen the connection between body and mind.
  4. Flower glade: In this glade, participants are invited to take part in interactive games and exercises designed to sharpen their attention and concentration. Activities such as mindful observation of nature, sensory memory tests and mindfulness games help to cultivate more sustained attention and full appreciation of the present moment.
  5. Path of the Heart: The final stage of the journey focuses on emotional and mental openness. Exercises include meditations on loving-kindness (metta), self-compassion practices, and guided reflections to listen deeply to one’s own sensations and feelings. This stage encourages participants to cultivate empathy, compassion and a more open mind.
The Sentier des contemplations – ®Mairie de Courchevel

Dylan Mareau: the visionary designer of the contemplation trail

Dylan Mareau, born on 1 May 1996 in Courchevel, grew up in the Savoie region of France, where he developed a passion for the creative arts and the surrounding countryside from an early age. His fascination with Alpine landscapes and his interest in well-being naturally led him towards a career combining these two passions.

After his secondary education, Dylan continued his studies at the Ecole de Condé, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Research & Innovation Art Direction in 2018. This course of study enabled him to develop solid design skills, with a particular focus on innovation and integrating art into multidimensional projects.

In 2020, the Courchevel town council, seeking to promote well-being and sustainable tourism, contacted Dylan Mareau to design an innovative project: a themed trail around meditation and yoga. This initiative is part of a desire to create spaces where people can recharge their batteries and connect with nature, in response to growing demand from tourists and locals alike for wellness activities. Dylan Mareau accepted the challenge and worked closely with Frédéric La Combe, a meditation instructor and leader of mindfulness courses. Together, they devised a trail that combines design and spirituality, offering visitors a unique experience of contemplation and communion with nature.

Dylan Mareau has succeeded in creating a trail that is not just a simple walking route, but one that offers a real immersion in nature and well-being. His innovative approach and attention to detail mean that every visitor can enjoy an enriching experience, where design meets meditation for total communion with the environment.

To complement this offer, Courchevel Tourisme’s events department regularly organises guided sessions. These free events, accompanied by certified guides, allow visitors to discover the trail in a new light and benefit from the advice of experts in meditation and yoga.