If this winter you are thinking of renovating your skis or just want to know a little more about the wide variety of companies that manufacture skis, today we will tell you which are the best ski brands.

Customized skis, handmade, injected industrial or with laminated structure sandwich type, polyvalent, pisteros or to give show in the snowpark. With Rocker and camber, with double spatula, with pronounced carving dimensions or almost straight to the purest classic style. The world of skiing is very wide and its manufacturers offer us a huge variety of different skis incorporating new designs and technologies every winter.

To make your life easier and to choose the type of ski that best suits the skier inside you, we have created a list with all the brands of skis that we know. Ready to discover all the possible options? Stand in parallel and prepare to descend with the mouse or access directly with the drop-down menu. Here we go!

List of the best brands of skis


Armada is a modern brand with a clear focus on freeskiing. Founded in 2002, the company has established itself as a leader in the market. One of its co-founders is the skier Tanner Hall, a champion at the Winter X Games for several years. Among its standout products is the Tracer 98 series, the top choice for those who want to push the boundaries. The distinctive personality of Armada skis and their various camber options give a special aura to this brand based in Park City, USA.

The brand caters to a young audience, as its skis are designed for freestyle with a modern and playful design. Additionally, their products are highly versatile, offering a wide range of camber options for enjoying Armada skis in any situation. Armada skis provide the necessary stability to glide down the slopes like a rocket and the smoothness to maneuver them like feathers in powder snow. We also recommend their popular ARV series, a favorite among those who prefer freeride skiing off-piste.


Atomic is credited with creating the first skis for powder snow, although their current offerings cover a wide range of competition designs, piste skis, ultra-wide touring models, and freeskis. This Austrian brand is one of the most famous globally and a favorite among top skiers like Marcel Hirscher, Mikaela Shiffrin, or Simen Krüger, thanks to their pioneering products and significant investment in outfitting elite ski competitors.

The brand has left its mark on skis, bindings, helmets, and boots, covering the entire market to allow enthusiasts to don their brand from head to toe. In general, their standout products are usually piste skis and skimo skis. They also offer models that adapt to different terrains for outstanding performance off-piste. Among the latter group, the Maverick stands out for its genuine fun in floating and linking turns in powder snow.

Black Crows

Founded in 2006, Black Crows is an independent French brand specializing in the production of freeride skis. The brand was born out of the desire to combine beauty with efficiency in skis, embodying a modern philosophy that attracts a younger audience than many other brands. Black Crows has a strong après-ski culture, and they organize the Chamonix Unlimited Festival annually, drawing thousands of people to the foot of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

The goal of this brand was to create a pair of skis that are manageable on all types of terrain while also supporting high-speed turns and sudden changes in direction. One of their iconic models, the Corvus, was born as a result. If you like their skis, don’t worry about color choices, as they offer a wide range with more than 80 models in more shades than the Pantone palette.

Marca de esquís Black Crow

Skis Black Crow (Source: www.black-crows.com)

Black Diamond

Founded by Yvon Chouinard in the late 1950s, Black Diamond is a brand with a strong background in climbing and mountaineering, albeit relatively new to the skiing world. Nevertheless, Black Diamond already offers an impressive range of skis, bindings, poles, and other ski accessories. Given the brand’s heritage, it’s not surprising that its current offerings are heavily geared towards skiers with an alpinist profile. Primarily focused on ascension, Black Diamond provides highly technical and high-quality equipment, ideal for hiking and freeride downhill.

While their quantity of offerings may be modest, the quality is unquestionable. Noteworthy is the Helio Carbon 88 ski, featuring an extra-light design, perfect for backcountry routes and specifically tailored for athletes with a penchant for positive slopes.


Blizzard, owned by the Tecnica Group, is a reference in the snow sports world. Founded by Anton Arnsteiner after returning from World War II, Blizzard started as a woodworking business. Amid saws, augers, and planes, Arnsteiner began crafting custom furniture and ventured into making his first wooden skis, achieving resounding success. This marked the beginning of an Austrian enterprise located near Kitzbuhell, known for meticulous attention to detail in each product. Blizzard, translated into Spanish as “ventisca” (snowstorm), offers models for competition skiing, on-piste skiing, freeriding, and ski touring. The collection includes remarkable designs such as the Bonafide, Brahma, and Rustler. Additionally, for ski touring, the Zero G line (with a waist of 95 mm) features an upgraded version for downhill skiing: the Zero G 105.

Blizzard also stands out for its commitment to sustainability and specific designs for women. Recently, the Tecnica Group introduced the “Recycle Your Boots” program, utilizing old boots (regardless of brand) to manufacture new ones. In their women’s collections, Blizzard’s “Black Pearl” deserves attention. These skis have a waist width ranging from 82 to 97 millimeters, offering a wide variety of turn radii.

Bomber Skis

At Bomber Skis, the aim is to provide customers with an unparalleled alpine skiing experience, emphasizing the meticulous handcrafting of their skis. These handmade skis boast truly groundbreaking designs created by top-tier artists. Moreover, the brand seeks to inspire with radiant skis and experiences, basing everything on the intersection of artistic beauty and the world of alpine skiing. Their range is highly diverse, encompassing models for mountain skiing, freeriding, powder skiing, competition, and on-piste skiing. Special collections, resulting from collaborations with prestigious brands and skiers, are also worth highlighting. It’s essential to note that Bomber’s products are entirely handmade. At Bomber, they are committed to delivering skis with unparalleled performance and beauty, merging modern technology with classic design. An exclusive example not suited for every budget is the limited edition series created in collaboration with the luxury car factory Bentley. The Bomber Bentley Black Diamond and the Centenary Gold are priced at €2750 and €3750, respectively.

If you’re in search of exclusive skis, we present to you the Bomber Bentley Centenary Gold 84


DPS is the premium ski brand for enthusiasts of ski touring and freeriding. These exclusive ski manufacturers are the creators of the world’s first and only pure pre-preg carbon fiber sandwich ski. Innovation is part of the brand’s DNA, symbolized by the first ski with rocker and sidecut: the Spoon. An astonishing three-dimensional convex ski with a highly radical edge angle that shifts paradigms and provides better gliding in all snow conditions for both skis and snowboards.

The DPS ski brand can boast of crafting skis with a sturdy yet lightweight structure, accompanied by simple yet elegant designs. No compromises here; high-end materials such as carbon fiber and multi-layer constructions are used to ensure DPS stands unrivaled for those seeking the perfect blend of aesthetics and powder performance.

Their Pagoda and Pagoda Tour collections, ideal for experienced skiers chasing the “Deep Powder,” deserve special mention. These skis offer unmatched refinement and quality. Additionally, the Salt Lake City-based brand distinguishes itself through experiments with cutting-edge constructions and materials, continually releasing increasingly innovative models while taking care of its loyal customers. If you’ve purchased three or more DPS skis since 2005, you’ll have access to exclusive offers and models through their “Old Guard Membership” program.


Dynafit embodies the values of speed, lightness, strength, and technology. These values are reflected in all their products, aiming to provide top performance for the most demanding mountaineers. Furthermore, their products stand out for their minimalism, simplicity, and efficiency. Dynafit is a ski brand specialized in ski touring, although it also offers competition and freeski products.

Moreover, this brand is created “by athletes, for athletes.” Indeed, their team includes among the top 48 mountain athletes, influencing the innovation and development of their products through their professional experience. The company’s sustainable values are also noteworthy, focusing on improving and protecting suppliers and manufacturers to create products that are socially, environmentally, and, most importantly, wildlife-friendly. Noteworthy is their project to safeguard the snow leopard, a species considered endangered since 2007.


For over 60 years, Dynastar has revolutionized the history of skiing from its factory nestled in the Chamonix Valley, the heart of the Alps. Its small “mustache” logo is part of alpine skiing history. The collaboration between the former Starflex Skis and Dynamic marked the birth of a range of high-end skis offering unparalleled performance on snow. Indeed, this ski brand has equipped World Cup champions such as Marielle Goitschel (with the MV2 model in 1966), Marc Girardelli, Jean Pierre Vidal, François Place, and the spectacular Aurélien Ducroz, who won the FWT in 2009 with Dynastar “The Legend Pro Rider.”

Dynastar employs cutting-edge technology and continues to impress the general public, such as when it launched the first freeride ski range on the market. They offer models for freeriding, skimo, on-piste, or freestyle, catering to experienced skiers.

It’s also important to mention that several of their models have been awarded prizes such as the “Sélection Officielle” from the prestigious Ski Magazine. Among these models is the M-Pro 99, featuring a rockered tip and flat tail that provides skiers with easy entry and exit from turns without losing their centering, both on and off-piste

Marca de esquís Dynastar

Dynastar (Source : www.dynastar.com) 


In 1945, Elan was born, the cooperative for the production of sporting equipment that has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the ski industry and has emphasized the role of women in the manufacturing of its skis. There’s no better way to learn about the history of this Slovenian brand than by visiting its castle-museum in Begunje. Skis made to aid Slovenes in resisting the Nazis are displayed on one of the walls at the entrance of Elan’s mausoleum. One can also visually delight in observing the legendary skis that Ingmar Stenmark wore during one of his 86 World Cup victories. Or even the first Elan carving skis – the Elan SCX – next to a photo of the iconic American skier Glen Plake, a pioneer in ESPN’s action sports and an iconic figure in skiing.

Currently, the Elan ski brand remains one of the most innovative in the industry, and its products have been globally recognized. Elan offers a wide range of mountain, freeride, and competition skis, with standout series like Insomnia and Amphibio. Like other prestigious brands, Elan has not hesitated to release limited editions, such as the Porsche Design collaboration.

Moreover, Elan has introduced a notable innovation in the world of snow sports: the foldable ski. Creating a ski that folds in half without losing its fundamental characteristics seemed impossible, but Elan succeeded in doing so with the Voyager.

The first detachable ski for easy transport, manufactured by the prestigious Elan brand.

This ski transforms easily, quickly, and securely into a compact package for convenient transportation, whether by car, at the airport, or for accessing challenging and wild terrains.


When you consider that Fischer was born from Josef Fischer’s small dream, with borrowed money, it’s hard to believe that this Austrian ski brand has come such a long way and currently employs 400 people directly. Against all odds, the brand founded in 1924 has managed to become one of the largest ski companies in the world. A family-owned business competing with major multinational corporations in top sales, it gained international fame with the victory of its Austrian skier, Egon Zimmermann, in the downhill event at the Innsbruck Olympic Games (1964).

Since 1967, the Fischer factory has increased its production capacity to reach 330,000 pairs of skis per season and expanded its business into cross-country skiing, winning 7 medals at the World Championships in Falun. It’s not just its history that seems unreal: its skis with the recognizable three-triangle logo are fantastic. Fischer has successfully expanded its premium product range in alpine skiing, including ski boots. Its breakthrough in this category came with the soma-tec technology in 2003. Currently, Fischer offers a wide range of high-end accessories for alpine skiing (skis, bindings, helmets, gloves, thermal and streetwear clothing, etc.) and hockey.

The new Fischer ski range is the Curv series, combining the performance of a competition ski with the versatility of an all-terrain ski. Undoubtedly, the star of the entire series is the RC4 The Curv: a high-level ski designed for very demanding skiers with an experience enhanced by carbon. As mentioned, the secrets of the RC4 lie in the carbon fiber and titanium arranged in the binding area, providing a very strong edge grip that instills confidence in every turn. Its Radical Triple Radius shape allows turns of any radius size. An original M/O Race Plate enables optimal power transmission and acceleration to truly push your limits.

On the other hand, many of you know that Fischer is the leading brand in the Nordic skiing market. If anyone wants to know the top choice of Nordic champions for skis, just take a look at any World Cup podium, and the answer is clear: the Speedmax 3D. Easily recognizable by its fluorescent yellow sidewall, it concludes their Nordic skiing collection. Finally, we must highlight their RC series of touring skis. These models are perfect for those who want lightweight skis for the ascent and stability for the descent.

Forest Skis

This Slovakian ski brand was born from the idea of two engineer brothers who wanted to develop skis with highly advanced technology. And they succeeded! The materials they use result from an R&D process that few companies have developed. For example, they use ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) under their Dyneema® patent, which they claim is the world’s strongest fiber composed of olefinic polymers.

They also incorporate carbon fiber, Kevlar aramid fiber, fiberglass, and the finest graphite for the base. As you probably know, historically, skis with ash and poplar wood cores have a great reputation and reliability due to their incredible strength, elasticity, and fiber structure. That’s why Forest Skis uses them to compose the core of their snow jewels. Thus, their skis are aimed at intermediate to advanced skiers with some experience on snowy slopes. They boast internationally renowned ambassadors in the discipline, such as Monika Tatarková, the current judge of the Freeride World Championship.

Moreover, at Forest Skis, they are entirely eco-conscious. Although producing 100% eco-friendly skis is impossible, Forest Skis does everything possible to reduce environmental impact. Therefore, they no longer use materials from plastic or aluminum. Additionally, the wood they use comes from renewable European forests, and the printing of their skis is done with the original indigo dye printing technique with a 400-year history. This technique is performed on linen fibers and is registered as part of the UNESCO cultural heritage. If you peruse their catalog, you’ll see that it’s very comprehensive, with AllMountain skis, regular Freeride and BigMountain skis (with a 120mm waist), as well as a wide variety of touring skis for full enjoyment of Skimo. By the way, if you’re very demanding with your skis, know that this premium brand… manufactures custom skis!

Hart Skis

Hart Skis is an American alpine ski manufacturer founded in 1943. Currently, the company produces handcrafted skis for competitive athletes and discerning skiers. Additionally, it sponsors the U.S. freeride ski team. Eight members of this team, along with six other Olympic athletes, use their skis in competition. Notable among them are Olympic medalist Bryon Wilson and world champion Patrick Deneen.

Furthermore, Hart Skis is characterized by being one of the pioneering brands in freestyle skiing. Its golden age was in the 1960s when the brand consistently stood on the podium in nearly every competition. Since then, the brand has undergone several changes and was recently acquired by new investors with the intention of reviving this historic ski brand. They currently offer a series called Mogul with exclusive models (Hart Fusion, Boss Mogul, F17 Classic II, etc.) in limited quantities.


The popular HEAD ski brand is a best-seller among the world’s most demanding skiers. In the 1950s, skis were exclusively made of wood, but this brand decided to innovate by starting to manufacture metal skis, positioning itself as one of the top brands in the United States. It currently maintains this popularity thanks to the performance of its skis, used by World Cup racers.

Its Supershape Series of skis deserves special mention, allowing skiers to reach incredible speeds with unparalleled stability in turns. On the other hand, the Worldcup Rebels series is its current flagship, and its AllMountain range stands out with its colossal V-Shape V10 All Mountain Ski.

In its AllMountain collection, the Kore series should be mentioned, which uses a polyester top sheet, resulting in an extremely lightweight ski while maintaining excellent torsional rigidity and stability at high speeds. Energetic and technically proficient women can take on the challenge of descending slopes with the Power Joy Women Ski. Undoubtedly, an ideal ski for the female genre, considering its lightness and spectacular power. Finally, in its touring ski collection, the V-Shape series stands out for unparalleled control and versatility. Currently, the brand not only markets excellent skis and snowboards but has also diversified its activities by entering the world of streetwear, tennis, squash, paddle, and even footwear.


Husta skis is a brand of handcrafted skis made in Val d’Aran, a few kilometers from the Baqueira Beret ski resort. Their range of skis is aimed at ski enthusiasts who do not settle for a generic industrial product but prefer a ski with a soul and custom-made according to the skier. And when we say custom-made, it’s not trivial because they conduct preliminary technical and biometric studies to offer 100% personalized skis. Its founders, Xavier Giner, Dani Poy, and Quim Tomàs, launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise €50,000 and expand their range of handcrafted skis. The initiative started with types of skis intended for ski mountaineering and all-mountain and now takes on the challenge of manufacturing piste and freeride models. The close proximity of their laboratory to Baqueira Beret makes it easy to try out the different models of this young Val d’Aran brand. Skiers who want a Husta ski but cannot or do not want to undergo the biometric study can buy custom skis either at their headquarters or in the best ski shops in Madrid and Barcelona.

Moreover, the philosophy of Husta Skis perfectly aligns with the values of I Love Ski®, prioritizing sustainable materials, short supply chains, and environmental respect, as the noble wood used to create these handcrafted skis comes from the forests of Val d’Aran.

Icelantic Skis

Travis Parr is the co-founder and artist of Icelantic. He draws inspiration from nature to create highly colorful designs and patterns that stand out from the competition. Its creator, Ben Anderson, is committed to creating different skis, designed and manufactured 100% in the United States, and partnered with Travis to achieve this. From special editions to the entire range of freeride, all-mountain, backcountry… all their skis are designed to be pushed to the limit without damage. That’s why Icelantic Skis is one of the few brands to offer a 3-year warranty on all its skis. Additionally, their products are awarded at least four different certifications, making their skis tend to sell out each year. Their logo comes from the temperature of change, One Degree Celsius.

The Icelantic Natural stands out among touring skis, as it has a solid construction that stands the test of time. Moreover, it is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Other notable collections include Pioneer and Riveter, with their unique and artistic designs that make a difference.


Skis Icelantic (Source : www.icelanticskis.com)

K2 Skis

The American ski brand K2 is synonymous with speed and power, as well as style and comfort. Since the 1960s, this line has been a pillar of the ski industry, credited with creating the first skis using fiberglass. Ultimately, K2 is another brand heavily committed to innovation. Its team of ambassadors includes some of the best international riders such as Karl Fostvedt, Sean Pettit, Lexi Dupont, or Joss Christensen, among others.

Their ski range is very broad and exclusive. If you want to strap on K2 skis, it doesn’t matter which discipline you’re passionate about, as they have Freeride, All-Mountain, touring, piste, and even specific designs for Park and Pipe (models like Poacher, Sight, or Midnight) or to excel in Deep Powder, where the Mindbender 116 with a 116mm waist – which we’ll talk about now – or the Reckoner 115C are worth mentioning.

Among their products, we must highlight the Freeride Mindbender collection, especially the 85-millimeter model (they have up to 115mm for powder). This ski is quite versatile and suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers. It has an excellent waist width that provides a smooth feeling when changing turns on hard and compact snow.

If you’re a fan of the piste and have no desire to leave it, explore the K2 Disruption range where you will surely find your soulmate for extreme carving turns and skimming compact snow with your buttocks. In addition to skis, K2 also offers a wide range of helmets and snowboard gear so you can make the most of your favorite sport with one of the most avant-garde ski brands in the United States.


The Austrian ski brand Kästle (Kaestle) is one of the most historic names in the snow industry. This Austrian brand reached its peaks with the spectacular Swiss skier Pirmin Zurbriggen. Later, a group of investors led by Benetton decided to acquire Kästle, but it turned out to be a disaster, almost causing the brand to disappear. Subsequently, an investor took over the brand and managed to revive it, introducing it to several World Cup skiers and developing its business strategy on multiple continents.

Like DPS, Kästle skis are premium and among the most sophisticated on the market. Despite a break of almost 10 years, the brand returned to the ski world in 2007 to create one of the most spectacular designs on the market, limiting the material in the tips and lightening them to the maximum. However, as their designs are high-end, they come with prices that may not be suitable for all budgets.

The variety of their products in different disciplines propels Kästle among all snow enthusiasts. They currently have competition skis (RX12), piste skis (Legend 1956), an AllMountain range (the MX and DX series), another Freeride (with the spectacular ZX115), and a specific one for ski touring, with the TX103 and the TX106 as flag bearers. They also offer a wide range of Nordic skis for enthusiasts of classic and skate techniques.

Among the noteworthy designs from this brand is the HollowTech tip, which, as mentioned earlier, removes material from the front part of the ski to reduce its weight. Moreover, it manages to maximize stability, damping, and grip by bringing a flexibility to the ski unique to this historic brand. This has become an iconic element of their range, as most of their products are equipped with it.

One of the most award-winning models in the Kneissl lineup. Ideal for medium and wide-radius turns, with excellent responsiveness at high speeds.


At Kneissl, you’ll find exceptional downhill skis, so it’s no surprise that this Kufstein-based brand focuses on competitive skiing and the most demanding, exclusive customers. Born in the late 19th century, Kneissl is one of the oldest, most innovative, and respected ski manufacturers in the world.

Handcrafted in Austria, their premium skis have been at the forefront of technological innovation and competition performance for over 100 years. Founded on classical design and natural materials, this ski brand pioneered the most advanced sandwich wood core technology, which is still used today. In addition to offering a wide range of market-leading skis, they also produce custom skis designed by experts, tailor-made for the most discerning clients.

Their products are considered high-end because their skis incorporate some of the best technologies on the market. Moreover, each of their skis is handcrafted in Austria, ensuring a classic design.

The White Star ski deserves special mention, having been part of the brand since 1919. Essentially, this model provided the technology needed to be the top choice in giant slalom in the last century. Furthermore, this pair of skis, with its White Star GS, RC, and XC models, shows that Kneissl is a symbol of high quality, exceptional engineering, and classic designs that will never go out of style.


Since former ski champion Léo Lacroix founded the brand in 1967, its values have remained the same. Lacroix stands out for designing elegant and high-performance products that offer a unique experience. That’s why Lacroix doesn’t focus on trends but prefers classic designs using high-quality materials such as noble woods, carbon, or titanium. This company emphasizes local production and short supply chains, which is why 100% of its manufacturing and design processes are carried out in France.

For years, the LaCroix ski brand has opted for the use of a material three times lighter and more dynamic than steel, titanium. The reason is purely physical. It brings stability in the longitudinal axis of the ski by providing even torsion and exceptional power when the board flexes. Moreover, it doesn’t transmit unpleasant vibrations to the skier and offers great precision during turns.

The “Precision” range from the Lacroix ski

Their products benefit from a high technical level and unique design, thanks to the presence of a reflection and creation laboratory involving passionate skiers. This is why the brand has succeeded in creating excellent lines such as Ultime. These skis are completely effective and designed for high-speed experiences. It is clear that if you want to carve down the slopes with the purest “Frenchy” style, this ski brand is likely the best choice.

Liberty Skis

Liberty Skis is an American ski brand whose philosophy is based on attention to detail. Thanks to this, the brand has received certifications from the most important ski magazines on the planet over the past 15 years. To stand out from the competition, they decided to incorporate non-traditional ideas into the manufacturing of their designs, choosing to include bamboo as one of their main materials. Moreover, they offer a 3-year warranty.

The Evolv series stands out, winning several awards and raising the standards for mountain skiers worldwide. This collection is designed with VMT technology, recently updated to increase the skis’ durability. Additionally, the Evolv series is entirely lightweight due to its construction with bamboo, carbon, and lightweight metals.

If you’re more into twin-tip skis, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Helix series, where the high-end model (Helix 98) is offered for less than €500. The Helix series offers a super-flexible and lightweight symmetrical structure (1850 g). Moreover, they are particularly durable thanks to their construction with carbon fiber, bamboo, and poplar.

Marca de esquís Liberty

Liberty Skis (Source : www.libertyskis.com) 

Line Skis

Line Skis is owned by K2, but this brand focuses on modern freeride and freestyle skiing. The brand’s vision is to make skiing “more fun,” which is why it decided to innovate and introduced the patent for twin-tip skis in 1997. Since its inception, the brand has maintained this sporty and modern personality, represented by professionals like Tom Wallisch.

One of Line Skis’ most interesting patents is its 5Cut™ Multi-Radius Sidecut. Five different radii blend in the ski’s sidecut. The result? A wide variety of turn shapes and a very intuitive feel on the descent. Of course, Line Skis’ DNA lies in its disruptive designs and patterns to differentiate its models from the rest of the competition. And they certainly succeed; just take a look at skis like “Pescado” or “Sakana” to understand where the name comes from. Among their more affordable designs, the Sick Day 88, from the mountain ski category, deserves special mention. Additionally, this design offers other versions for those who prefer jumps and tricks. However, Line Skis products are not suitable for beginners as they require significant experience on and off the slopes.


Attention to detail has defined Madshus since its creation over a century ago. The Madshus ski brand specializes in cross-country skiing and manufactures skis for both skating and classic techniques. Initially, their products were entirely handmade, but they now have a production line ensuring the greatest homogeneity and quality possible for their skis. Moreover, at Madshus, they aim to create skis suitable for both competitive athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The tail of Line Pescado skis makes a difference.

It is worth mentioning their Red competition line, capable of handling high-level cross-country races. These skis feature Tuned Dynamic Response technology, which enhances the snow feel and increases speed. The F2 and F3 models stand out in particular. The first is designed with longer pressure zones that improve stability and maximize speed, while the second has shorter pressure zones to perform well on soft snow.


Maxel dates back to 1967 when it showcased significant sports equipment at an Italian exhibition with athlete Zeno Coló. Since then, the Italian manufacturer Maxel has brought important innovations to the sport, such as the first ski with an ABS core. In particular, Maxel skis are not just for recreational skiers; they are competition tools that have even set one of the first speed records in the World Cup.

Currently, the brand focuses on creating exclusive tools that guarantee unique performance for snow enthusiasts. Their products stand out for unique precision in materials, absolute assembly, and a craftsmanship touch, making them perfect for the slopes, snowparks, and freeride with the Hot Run Pro and Max Monkey ranges.

The “tourist” range leans towards producing high-quality skis for advanced levels, such as the Maxel Sport Production, and for All-Mountain enthusiasts, the Delta Force and Alta Mount ranges.

“The Beast” from the Italian ski brand, the Maxel GS X2, to descend like lightning in the World Cup Giant Slalom competitions.

Moment Skis

Casey Hakansson founded Moment in 2003, and since then, the brand has continued to grow. Despite its short presence in the market, Moment has succeeded in having its skis used by athletes such as medalist Shannon Bahrke and athlete Heather McPhie at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Among their products, it is worth highlighting the Deathwish series, which manages to be agile and completely stable thanks to its suspension system. The Wildcat collection also stands out for those looking for a pair of skis that allow them to perform all kinds of tricks. Although the women’s catalog is more limited, interesting models like the Hot Mess, Sierra, and Bella with twin tips stand out for their lightness and versatility.

One of the flagship products of the Moment ski brand is the Frankenski. A ski that will create a lot of buzz in parks around the world.

If you’re looking for a bolder design and extraordinary sensations, then you should pay special attention to the Moment Frankenski model.

Built with bamboo, it’s pure muscle, has a triple camber, and extraordinary flex. Its sidewalls are made with highly resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) to withstand violent impacts.


Nordica started by manufacturing ski boots over 80 years ago, but since then, it has developed an impressive collection of skis. Compared to other brands, Nordica has a more modest range, although they have at least one model in each specialty: competition, groomed trails, mountain, and freeski. However, they offer an extensive collection of boots and other accessories.

The flagship for Nordica’s groomed trail skis is the Dobermann range (also available in boots). Its geometry and tip rocker make it easy to initiate turns, making this ski a favorite among intermediate to advanced skiers. The incorporation of lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, allows the Dobermann ski to roar down the slopes – without vibrations – like the dog from which it takes its name. On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning the Spitfire range with its multi-radius system, ensuring giant and slalom sensations on the same ski.


The Dobermann GS M RB Piston: fast, agile, and lively like the Doberman. This ski with a canine spirit has enjoyed years of success in the market, bringing a lot of joy to all types of skiers.

Beyond their models designed for the slopes, the Enforcer (the Santa Ana for women) stands out as the backcountry ski models. The main reason for their success is their versatility, offering natural and predictable performance on a wide variety of terrains. However, their skis are intended for intermediate and expert skiers.


Osgo is characterized by creating an extremely versatile collection of skis. Their models are designed to be all-rounders, delivering performance in all snow conditions: powder, slush, crust, slush, icy, and glazed snow. Moreover, their skis work on steep terrains regardless of the speed reached and are even capable of performing on flat or bumpy terrains.

They offer four different ski lines: Super Rocker Carbon Ultra Light, Super Rocker Fiberglass Medium Light, Neoteric Carbon Ultra Light, and Neoteric Fiberglass Medium Light. All have been created to reduce skiing effort, allowing enthusiasts to spend long days on any type of snow.


Ogso (Source : Facebook officiel)


Original+ is a brand that offers a fully customized service. They handcraft all their skis tailor-made for each customer. The company is very recent, founded in 2016. However, their original idea has made them a renowned Austrian brand that now operates globally.

Currently, they offer customization for both on-piste and mountain skis, and they are developing new skis for freeriding. Once the customer decides what they want, the ideal length and width are chosen for that individual. On their website, a gallery of prototypes is available for new customers to get an idea of what to expect from these personalized skis.


Peltonen is a brand specializing in competition skiing. The Finnish brand was founded in 1945 by Toivo Peltonen, Finland’s first Olympic medalist to win a medal with his own skis. Although initially a local brand, it now distributes its products internationally.

Their products are handmade and benefit from unparalleled technique and innovation. Additionally, Peltonen is the first Nordic ski brand to use Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technology. This technology makes the skis lighter, allowing them to withstand descents at high speeds.

PFD Skis

In 2012, Pure Freeride Design (PFD) was born through its founder Rupert Gammond. The goal was to design the best freeride ski on the market, handmade. An artisanal, environmentally friendly approach that combines minimalist and fresh designs with the use of the highest quality materials. The PFD freeride ski brand moved away from the industrial manufacturing flooding the market and aimed to create unique skis, with a soul, with a story. The collection and the number of units of each ski are limited.

One of the keys to this artisanal ski brand lies in the materials they use. For example, the core is made of natural bamboo and represents 70% of the total ski construction. Bamboo is mixed with a carbon fiber and linen fabric to create exclusive PFD performance. It is noteworthy that the sole and edges are extra thick, specifically chosen to cope with the demanding requirements of the freeride environment.

Praxis Skis

Praxis is another brand that stands out for manufacturing customizable skis. However, they also offer a few pre-designed models for mountain and powder skiing. Additionally, their products are entirely made by themselves, from design to production, in their factory in Tahoe. They use computer numerical control (CNC) cutting-edge technology, allowing them to make custom skis with unparalleled precision.

Thanks to the use of shapes and molds perfectly suited for mountain adventure, at Praxis Skis, they have succeeded in having riders like Kevin O’Meara or Drew Tabke wear their skis in freeride competitions. Indeed, this company strives to constantly improve its skis to make them perfect in all conditions, whether off-piste, in powder, or on variable terrains, aiming for the perfect turn.

Marca de esquís RMU

Marque de ski RMU (Source : www.rmuoutdoors.com)

Rønning Ski

Rønning Treski is the only Norwegian company that continues to manufacture wooden skis. It is a family-owned business, and currently, it’s the third generation carrying on the legacy. They mainly produce laminated wooden skis, which are quiet and stable on uneven slopes and at high speeds. The wood used is typically birch and ash.

Moreover, their wooden skis are suitable for both experts and beginners. In fact, their models for children are particularly noteworthy as they provide sufficient grip for young skiers to handle them easily on the slopes. An additional advantage is that they can also serve as excellent decoration, so when you’re done using them, you can hang them on the wall as a keepsake!


Rossignol has over 100 years of experience in the industry, making its skis a true legend among snow enthusiasts. Its origins date back to 1907 when carpenter Abel Rossignol started sanding his first skis in Sappey-en-Chartreuse from his workshop in Voiron, at the heart of the French Alps (Isère). Later, in 1956, Laurent Boix-Vives acquired Abel’s business to give it international impetus, and by 1970, he positioned the Rossignol ski brand as the world’s number one. In 1987, Rossignol created a snowboard, never imagining it would later be considered one of the best snowboard brands globally. Two years later, the company started manufacturing ski boots, and in 1996, it invested in the textile sector, covering virtually the entire ski market. Since 2014, it has consistently sponsored several high-level athletes to enhance the brand’s visibility and boost sales. In the Sochi Olympics, its athletes won 27 medals, in PyeongChang (2018), they stood on the podium 39 times, and in the recent Beijing Olympics, its athletes won 31 medals. High-level success ensures their equipment is of top quality.

As you may have noticed, Rossignol is one of the most historical brands in the industry, and its investment in research and development has made it a major player in the snow sports industry. In this company, you can find any type of ski, and they even have their own online store in case you’re looking for discounted skis. Moreover, in many ski resorts, their products are available for rent, so you probably have already had the chance to use them!

A few years ago, their 7 mountain ski series gained attention, but it has since been replaced and improved by the Black Ops series. This line offers a wide variety of models suitable for beginners, such as the Smasher, or even models for powder, such as the Sender. In short, if you’re looking for new skis, don’t forget about Rossignol.


Salomon is considered the best ski brand by many athletes. It offers a broad catalog of skis and accessories that cater to the needs of all types of skiers. From beginners to advanced skiers, whether you prefer to race down slopes at high speeds or explore the surroundings, Salomon has something for everyone.

Moreover, this company covers a wide range of outdoor sports, so it also offers hiking gear. It also sponsors athletes such as Killian Jornet. The Salomon QST series for freeride and mountain deserves special mention, as it provides an ideal option for those looking for versatile skis. We must also mention the S/Force collection for hard terrains, as it maintains impressive stability at high speeds. Finally, let’s highlight the MNT collection for those looking for skis focused on both ascent and descent.


The Stöckli ski brand was born in 1935 in a small workshop in the Swiss Alps. Today, the company sells internationally and is the preferred brand of champions such as Viktoria Rebensburg, Ilka Stuhec, and Marco Odermatt. Stöckli offers models for ski touring, alpine skiing, freeriding, or competition, so you can definitely find a pair that suits your needs.

We must highlight the Laser SC model, as it is so versatile that it works at any speed and can make long or short turns, although we do not recommend it for off-piste use. However, if you’re looking for an alternative for off-piste skiing, we recommend their Stormrider 88 model, which supports maximum speeds.

The Faction Collective

The Faction Collective is a group of skiers, artists, filmmakers, engineers, and dreamers united by their love for the mountains. They are dedicated to producing high-quality skis, but they also have interesting projects such as creating ski-related films. Primarily, this brand focuses on freeriding, although it also offers freestyle and mountain models.

Their innovation with lightweight hybrid cores made from recycled materials has propelled them to the top of ski manufacturers. Indeed, at The Faction Collective, they care about sustainability, so they manufacture quality skis that last over time by using recycled materials and improving production processes to reduce unnecessary waste.

The Faction Collective

The Faction Collective (Source : Facebook officiel)


Volant is a premium Austrian brand of handcrafted skis. This brand was responsible for creating the first stainless steel ski in 1989. This material stands out for its increased ease of turning and superior stability in extreme conditions compared to other materials such as aluminum or fiberglass. The company is distinguished by its limited range of skis, although they boast excellent quality.

Their skis, primarily designed for both groomed slopes and backcountry, are meticulously handcrafted using the finest materials. The designs have a luxurious appearance, and you can even find skis in a champagne color. Moreover, the main point of differentiation from competitors is the option to engrave a personalized message on your skis, making them truly unique.


The German brand Völkl is a reference in the ski industry. Founded in 1920, it is currently the largest ski manufacturer in Germany. It is part of MDV Sports, a group that manages three major ski equipment brands: Marker, Dalbello, and Völkl.

Völkl’s technological commitment is evident in its materials, details, and finishes. Over the decades, it has produced highly robust skis with great responsiveness and power. A few examples include the historic Völkl Supersport 5 Star or the AC30.

The Power Switch system and the UVO.3D (the first vibration damper) have contributed to elevating the brand to the top in terms of sales, as well as in world championships and the Olympics.

In recent years, the company has integrated an innovative manufacturing process into its skis: Tailored Carbon. This includes strips of carbon fibers along the tension lines of the ski tips. This detail provides lightness, rigidity, and torsion to the ski.

The DNA of the Bavarian brand undoubtedly rests on the use of innovative materials such as Titanal. This is an isotropic aluminum alloy that offers fluidity, excellent shock absorption, power transmission, and vibration-free stability. The use of such materials translates into the skier’s power and stability when descending the slopes.

Moreover, their new “Tailored Titanal Frame” technology ensures that the width of the titanium frame adapts precisely to the specific length of each ski. The longest ski models have a greater amount of titanium for more rigidity, more direct power transmission, and better shock absorption. The shorter the length, the less titanium, making the skis more agile.

The renowned German manufacturer’s reputation spans continents and has always been accompanied by some of the world’s best athletes on snow. Currently, its team of riders includes prominent names in the international scene such as Markus Eder (yes, the one who has won everything in freeride and did The Ultimate Run), Paddy Graham, Angel Collison, Ian Mcintosh, Sebastian Foss Solevag, Kevin Rolland, Alice Robinson, or Nadine Wallner.


Image of Volkl Racetiger SC skis with Vmotion 3GW bindings.

As you can imagine, Völkl is a highly experienced brand in alpine skiing, and we must certainly highlight the Racetiger range, the most popular and alpine (GS, SL, RC, SC, and Junior). They also have a wide range of versatile skis in their All Mountain range (Deacon), specific to powder and off-piste with their Freeride skis (Blaze, Katana, M6 Mantra, Kendo, Secret, etc.). Not to forget Völkl skis dedicated to the Park in the Freestyle range (Revolt and Bash). Note the Revolt 121, the result of the “Built together” project where their top riders brought their experience and expertise to create an explosive ski with the design of talented New Zealand artist Ken Griffen.

Furthermore, if you are a ski touring enthusiast, you will appreciate the extensive range offered by Völkl with their touring skis BMT and Rise as flagships.

In general, their different models require good physical condition and experience to master them. If you are a beginner, it is better to choose entry-level and lightweight models until you gain good sensations on the snow and can move on to premium ranges. If you want to fly on the slopes, think about Völkl.

Wagner Skis

Wagner Skis is undoubtedly the best customizable ski brand on the market. This brand goes beyond, as if you decide to buy skis, you will be involved in the entire design process. To start, you will talk directly to a designer to explain exactly what you need, and from there, your perfect pair will be designed. In addition, before starting to manufacture them, you must personally approve the design, ensuring that you receive exactly the skis you were looking for.

However, for those with less time, there are also some pre-designed prototypes. The downside is that, being customizable skis, they are a bit more expensive than the average. But both their customers and companies like The New York Times or Forbes assure that you won’t find anything better.


Wed’ze, created in 2006, is Decathlon’s ski, snowboard, and sled brand. The Wed’ze philosophy is to make skiing accessible to everyone, regardless of level and style. And it is undeniable that you will not find skis cheaper than those of Wed’ze. In addition, they offer a wide range for all levels, although they offer more options for skiers looking to perfect their technique.

The freeride model Wedze FR 100 Rookie 90 stands out particularly. It has been designed as if it were a 4×4, making it comfortable on unprepared terrain and ideal for intermediate skiers. Moreover, with these skis, you will also benefit from good support on powder snow. This model has been certified by Freeskier Editor’s Pick.


Wed’ze (Source : Facebook)


At 4frnt, the love for the mountains and especially for skiing is deeply ingrained. That’s why their philosophy revolves around creating skis “For Skiers, By Skiers.” Their team consists of skiers such as the actor Eric Hjorleifson, who seek to innovate and experiment to achieve revolutionary shapes and constructions for skis. Moreover, at 4frnt, they are focused on advancing skiing, listening to the opinions of athletes and customers who use their products to understand how to improve.

In 2010, they established the “White Room,” where they innovate and develop their products. It started as a garage in Salt Lake City, but over time, it expanded, and they now have a complete team of skiers and engineers to create their products. They use the passion, knowledge, and experience of their team to continue experimenting and seeking the best skis.