Feeling ‘flat’ after weeks of hard work? Still got your head in the sand? Then it’s time to recharge your batteries (yours!) and head off on a rejuvenating adventure. The Pyrenees Central Park region is waiting for you, and it’s time to get on the road to a new-found sense of well-being!

Pyrénées Central Park is a leading destination for cycling and active tourism enthusiasts. Labelled “Terre d’Excellence Cycliste” by the French Cycling Federation since 2019, the Louron Valley offers an exceptional environment for cycling with its legendary passes such as the Col de Peyresourde and the Col de Val Louron-Azet, famous stages in the Tour de France that attract cyclists from all over the world every year for their sporting challenges and spectacular views.

The facilities at Pyrénées Central Park are designed to cater for cyclists of all abilities. The 500km of signposted routes are suitable for a wide range of activities, from enduro mountain biking to road cycling and electric-assisted mountain biking. For thrill-seekers, the Louron Valley offers spectacular, technical downhill runs, some of which host international competitions.

For those who prefer a gentler approach, the valley’s rich natural and cultural heritage can be explored on cycle-touring routes. Cyclists can explore picturesque villages, Romanesque churches and unspoilt mountain landscapes, while enjoying gourmet breaks in local restaurants serving Pyrenean specialities.

The presence of self-service bike repair stations dotted around the valley ensures that cyclists enjoy optimum comfort during their journeys. These stations are equipped with self-service tools and bike racks for quick adjustments and repairs, guaranteeing an uninterrupted cycling experience.

In addition, the “Louron Bike and Trail” application makes it easier to plan outings by providing detailed information on each route, including descriptions, difficulties, maps, photos and elevation profiles. It also offers geolocation and timing functions for cyclists wishing to compete on specific routes.

Experience summer on two wheels… and pedal to the metal!

The Tour de France is one of the major summer events in the Louron Valley. This summer, Loudenvielle will be the starting point for the 15th stage on 14 July 2024, attracting many cycling enthusiasts and professionals. This emblematic event in world cycling will transform the valley into a meeting place for cycling fans, offering a unique festive and sporting atmosphere. Spectators will have the chance to see the world’s best cyclists battle it out on the demanding roads of the Pyrenees, and experience the excitement of the competition in a spectacular natural setting.

Pyrénées Bike Festival and Mountain Bike World Cup

The Pyrénées Bike Festival has become a not-to-be-missed event for mountain bike enthusiasts. Held every year, the festival attracts thousands of visitors and top-level athletes. On 08 and 09 September 2024, Loudenvielle-Peyragudes will host a stage of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, a major event bringing together the world’s downhill and enduro mountain bike elite. The downhill track, which is highly technical and spectacular, is particularly popular with riders. This track, located under the Skyvall gondola, offers a varied course with fast sections, spectacular jumps and technical descents through wooded areas.


The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup events will take place from 06 to 08 September 2024, with training sessions followed by the official competitions. Categories include juniors and elites, ensuring a captivating spectacle for spectators of all ages. Members of the public will be able to buy tickets to access reserved areas offering a privileged view of the races. In addition to the competitions, the Pyrénées Bike Festival features a trade fair with over 60 exhibitors, mountain bike demonstrations, children’s initiation areas, food trucks, concerts and DJ nights, creating a festive and friendly atmosphere for all participants.

Cycl’n Trip

The Pyrenees Cycl’n Trip is another exceptional opportunity for cyclists to take on the region’s legendary passes without the presence of cars. On 15 July 2024, the Balès, Peyresourde and Val Louron-Azet passes will be closed to car traffic from 9am to 1pm, allowing cyclists to enjoy the climb in a safe, pollution-free environment. This initiative offers a unique mountain cycling experience, adding to the pleasure and challenge of climbing these historic climbs in optimal conditions.

Col d’Azet ®Oeil de l’éléphant

Tous en Selle

The “Tous en Selle” cycling film festival is a unique cultural event to be held in Loudenvielle on 14 July at 8.30pm, just after the start of the Tour de France. The festival features a selection of films about cycling, highlighting inspiring stories, sporting achievements and breathtaking scenery. Participants will have the opportunity to relax and celebrate their passion for cycling through film, creating the perfect end to an intense day of cycling.

Effortless access to altitude and mountain activities

At the heart of this exceptional region lies the Skyvall cable car, a real asset for those who want to reach the summits effortlessly.

Opening in 2019, the Skyvall gondola links Loudenvielle to Peyragudes resort in just 10 minutes, over a distance of 3 km and a height difference of 650 metres. With its 30 cabins, each seating 10 people and equipped with external doors to make it easier to transport mountain bikes, Skyvall is revolutionising access to mountain activities and boosting the valley’s tourism offering.

Skyvall gondola open every weekend until 27/10 (weather confirmed every Wednesday for the following weekend) from 8 May. Open non-stop from 06/07 to 10/09.

On arrival at Peyragudes, visitors have the chance to try out the 335-metre-long zip line, made up of three successive sections with a final 8-metre jump. Accessible from 1.25 metres, this zip line offers an exciting experience for young and old alike, adding a dose of adrenalin to their day in the mountains.

Privilège and Myrtilles chairlifts: privileged access to mountain lakes and walks

In addition to the Skyvall gondola lift, the Privilège and Myrtilles chairlifts offer privileged access to mountain lakes and spectacular hiking trails. The Privilège chairlift, located in Peyragudes, takes visitors up to an altitude of 2,200 metres, offering exceptional panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. From the summit, hikers can choose from 20 signposted routes, adapted to different levels of difficulty, and take advantage of panoramic breaks to admire the natural beauty of the Pyrenees.

Hiking around Lac du Boum ®France Montagnes

Privilège chairlift (Peyragudes) open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 06/07 to 08/09. Also open on Wednesdays from 17/07 to 21/08.

Lac chairlift (Peyragudes) open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 16/07 to 22/08.

Myrtilles chairlift (Val Louron) open from 16/07 to 22/08 (days and times to be consulted at the end of this article).

The Myrtilles chairlift in Val Louron provides access to two signposted hiking routes. Hikers can explore the Sarrouyes and Miares lakes, or even push on to the Pic d’Estos for spectacular views at 2803 metres. For families with young children, an easy route leads to Cap de Toudous, offering an accessible hike with stunning views over the valley. These chairlifts allow you to discover exceptional scenery without the constraints of climbing on foot.

High altitude lake in the Louron Valley ®OT Louron

Bike Park Loudenvielle/Peyragudes: a paradise for mountain bikers

The Loudenvielle/Peyragudes Bike Park is another of the region’s jewels, offering an unrivalled experience for mountain bikers. Located close to the Skyvall cable car, the Bike Park has a variety of trails to suit all levels, from beginner to experienced rider. The 13km green mountain bike trail, known as the “FlowTrail”, is the longest in the Pyrenees and is entirely dedicated to beginners and families. It descends from the summit of Peyragudes at 2200 metres to Loudenvielle at 950 metres, offering a fun and safe descent.

®JN Herrantz

For the more experienced, the Bike Park offers technical downhill tracks, including the new DH (Downhill) track built for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. This track, located under the Skyvall gondola, alternates between fast and technical sections, offering exciting challenges for riders. In addition, enduro trails have been laid out, offering total immersion in the wilderness of the Loudenvielle woods.

Valgora and Olympic pool: training for champions, within everyone’s reach

The Pyrenees Central Park area boasts state-of-the-art facilities for the physical preparation and recovery of athletes, making the region a true centre of excellence for sport.

The Valgora sports centre, located in the heart of the valley, is a modern facility built in 2018 to meet the needs of top-level sportsmen and women as well as local associations. This multi-purpose complex offers a 680 m² main hall, mainly dedicated to indoor sports activities but also usable for shows and cultural events.

Valgora’s facilities include a coaching and weight training room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for physical training, weight training and weight lifting. This room allows athletes to train in the best possible conditions with the support of qualified coaches for personalised programmes.

®Nathan Birrien

An area specially designed for the recovery and treatment of injuries, allowing athletes to benefit from physiotherapy and sports massages.

The Balnéa Olympic swimming pool, recently added to the complex, offers an ideal infrastructure for swimming training and recovery after exercise. This indoor pool is filled with naturally warm water, rich in trace elements, providing optimal conditions for swimming and relaxation.

The Olympic pool is 25 metres long and 15 metres wide. With six swimming lanes and depths ranging from 1.30 metres to 2 metres, the pool is ideal for both intensive training and leisure activities.

Qualified lifeguards offer swimming lessons for all levels, as well as aquagym sessions, perfect for strengthening muscles and active recovery.

Finally, a children’s aquatic course offers inflatable and evolving modules, making learning to swim fun and safe for youngsters aged 6 to 14.

Valgora Olympic swimming pool ®Nathan Birrien

In addition to Valgora and the Olympic swimming pool, the Louron Valley has other sports facilities that enhance the range of physical preparation and leisure activities available to athletes:

  • Rugby and football stadiums: meeting the requirements of professional categories, these pitches can be used for training courses and competitions.
  • Padel courts: two new padel courts, located next to Balnéa, offer a popular alternative sport for strengthening the cardiovascular system and improving coordination.

Balnéa, the natural remedy for those tired days

Balnéa, the leading wellness centre in the French Pyrenees, is a must-visit destination for fitness and relaxation. Located on the shores of Lake Génos-Loudenvielle, this 4,500 m² centre offers a unique experience through its six themed bathing areas, each inspired by a different culture.

The Bains Amérindiens, with their fun activities in water at 33°C, are inspired by ecological Amerindian dwellings, perfect for families. The Roman Baths, reserved for adults and children over 12, offer a world of stone, wood and glass, with a view of the mountains and a range of relaxation facilities. The outdoor Japanese Baths, inspired by Japanese spas, offer relaxation in panoramic pools with views of the Pyrenees. The Inca Baths offer an exotic and fun experience for families, with water at 34°C and an atmosphere inspired by Inca civilisation. The adjacent Mayan Baths offer dynamic facilities for all the family. Finally, the Tibetan Pavilion is a Zen space dedicated to body treatments and relaxation, ideal for recharging your batteries and rediscovering the harmony of body and mind.

Balnéa ®Nathan Birien

The Louron Valley and the Pyrenees Central Park area are a destination of choice for cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts. Not only will you have the opportunity to venture out on legendary roads and discover breathtaking scenery, but you’ll also have access to state-of-the-art facilities to maximise your physical preparation and recovery.

So saddle up for an unforgettable active holiday in Pyrenees Central Park!

Practical information on the opening times of the Myrtilles chairlift