Various brands specialising in winter sports have a wide range of ski helmets. Generally, they develop mixed designs, but these products are often classified into men’s ski helmets and women’s ski helmets according to the size they offer. In addition, many of these companies also specialise in the manufacture of children’s ski helmets, promoting safety from the very first steps of children’s skiing.

According to the regulations surrounding the practice of skiing and snowboarding, this safety equipment is not compulsory. We bring you this idea of all those basic tips you should know about ski helmets. Also, in this article, we emphasise that, despite not being compulsory, ski helmets are essential to make the practice of this sport as safe as possible.

To give you a closer look at this part of the industry, we have developed a list of all the brands of ski helmets we know so that, if you wish, you can enjoy the best ski resort in the world without losing your head. This will give you an overview of the world of ski helmets and allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs and goals.


This family-owned company based in Sulzemoos, Germany, has been setting trends in the world of sport since its beginnings in 1980. Alpina has always been renowned as a manufacturer of ski and cycling helmets.

Today, Alpina offers its customers a wide range of ski helmets, all of them in excellent designs. AllMountain helmets, racing helmets, helmets with visor and various products focused on the protection of children.


This Austrian brand is known worldwide and is a favourite of elite skiers such as Marcel Hirscher and Mikaela Shiffrin. Founded in 1955, Atomic is one of the most acclaimed brands in winter sports equipment manufacturing. It manufactures products for all levels, from skiers making their first descents to elite athletes, always following its goals of maximum quality, innovation and sustainability.

Currently, it specialises in the manufacture of many products. Ski, goggles, protections, boots, poles, clothing and, among all of them, we highlight the helmets. Its current offer as a ski helmet brand covers a wide range of designs for competition, piste, AllMountain, touring, powder snow and freestyle. All of them with high performance, technological standards and safety.


Bern was born in a small Massachusetts workshop in 2004 and guided by a passion for skateboarding, bikes and snow. Tired of having to wear bulky protective gear on their heads, they developed a lightweight, compact, all-season helmet.

Since then, Bern’s products have been guided by the principles of style, comfort and protection. Among its different lines of protection, the ski helmet product line stands out. There are helmets for everyone, from adult helmets to helmets for children, and all of them are high performance helmets.


Bliz is a brand specialising in ski goggles, ski masks and a wide range of helmets for different sports disciplines. The ski helmets section shows the deference and specialisation of this firm in winter sports. They have ski helmets suitable for snowboarding, alpine skiing (do you know what skiing is?), cross-country skiing, Skimo and telemark. Their ski helmets are carefully tested and quality assured to meet the standards and requirements of today’s protective equipment. They also have several ski helmets with the MIPS® system.

Finally, it should be noted that Bliz is a member of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). Beyond their membership, they have approved and certified audits of their production facilities to corroborate that their manufacturing methods are respectful of the environment and their employees.

The Corporate Social Compliance Initiative is a leading business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in factories and farms around the world. They unite more than 1000 companies around a development-oriented system applicable to all sectors and sourcing countries.


Bollé is a French brand focused on the manufacture of helmets and eyewear. Founded in 1888 by Seraphin Bollé in Oyonnax, Bollé Bollé is today considered the market leader in eyewear and helmets. The brand began to carve out a niche for itself through the manufacture of spectacles. Later, around 1960, it took its first steps into the world of skiing, marketing the first ski goggles. In its early days, Bollé already had its cornerstones in mind, innovating and exploring creative options.

It was in 2007 that Bollé entered the market as a ski helmet brand. That year it launched its first line of ski helmets, keeping its ideas as a reference point. Since then, Olympic alpine skiers such as Tessa Worley and Clément Noël have placed their trust in the brand and the safety offered by its products. Today, the brand has a number of AllMountain helmets, competition skiing and has even launched ski helmets for children.

The brand also excels in the manufacture of cycling helmets. In 2015, after decades of collaborating with top cycling athletes, the brand launched its first line of cycling helmets.

Bollé’s track record in manufacturing these products is more than remarkable. Unrivalled designs and the most recognised safety standards on the market.


Bomber’s business idea was born out of an admiration for alpine skiing. Chairman Robert Siegel’s passion for the sport began at the tender age of two. A few years later, as a teenager, he attended the prestigious Green Mountain Valley School. There he practised six days a week, each day fostering a higher level performance mentality. Since then he has strived to share the best experience in the sport with everyone.

Considered a top brand in the industry and renowned for its skis, Bomber also offers ski helmets with unrivalled performance. In particular, we would like to recommend the White Carbon Power helmet, hand-painted and designed for elegance and resistance.


Briko was founded in 1985, and since then the brand has gained notoriety thanks to its huge investment in technology adapted to the sports sector. Comfort and design are some of the strengths of this Italian helmet brand, which also manufactures sunglasses and ski goggles. The Briko brand specialises in skiing, cycling and sports sunglasses.
The most renowned athletes who have worn this iconic Italian brand include the magnificent skier Alberto Tomba or Marc Girardelli, Lasse Kjus -who won two Olympic silver medals and four World Championships-, the skiing laureate Deborah Compagnoni, the unbeatable Bode Miller or one of the best female skiers in history Lindsey Vonn. But it’s not all about skiing when it comes to Briko. The brand has also made its mark in the world of cycling with, among others, Tony Rominger, Marco Pantani and Mario Cipollini.

Among the high-end ski helmets, the Canyon model is worth mentioning. The jewel in the crown of Briko ski helmets is undoubtedly the model certified for World Cup skiing: the Briko Vulcano FIS 6.8 EPP. It features EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) and the patented “Protetto” shock absorption with an additional ABS system. This ski helmet was awarded in the ISPO ski helmet category.


Burton is an American company founded in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter, a passionate snowboarder. Today, his passion for the snow lives on in the company and guides the development of all its products.

The brand offers a wide range of products for skiing and snowboarding. In particular, ski helmets are offered under the name Anon, a brand associated with the company. You can find helmets for adults and children, all with excellent technological features. Their products include outstanding systems in the world of helmet construction such as the MIPS® protection system or the BOA® adjustment system.


Cairn was a family business founded in Lyon in 1938 with a focus on the design of protective gear. It all started with the manufacture of comfortable, safe and warm gloves and garments, but its perspective broadened in 1990 thanks to an exception to Nepal and its demanding high mountain environment. This experience led to the creation of Carin, initially focused on the manufacture of ski helmets and goggles, work that was encouraged by its values of performance and protection.

Nowadays it is a well known brand in the manufacture of ski helmets. They have in their catalogue helmets for men, women and children that offer excellent features such as adjustable ventilation systems, built-in magnetic visors or customisable adjustment systems that provide maximum comfort.


Cébé was founded in France in 1892 and is considered a pioneer in the manufacture of sports eyewear. It was in 1940 when the brand started manufacturing safety equipment for snow sports. That year it expanded its catalogue with goggles and ski helmets. A few years later, in 1968, it broadened its focus and began designing goggles and ski helmets for top athletes such as Jean-Claude Killy.

Since then, the company has been recognised as a ski helmet brand. Today, it offers its customers helmets in innovative designs with visors, without visors and even including great technologies such as the MIPS® protection system.


The Dainese story begins in 1968 guided by Lino Dainese’s passion for motorbikes. At the age of 20 he decided that he wanted to dedicate himself to the design and manufacture of protection for riders. Although the company’s history began in the world of motorcycling, it gradually broadened its field of vision until 2000, when it produced its first ski helmet for competition.

Since then, the company has moved more and more into the world of alpine skiing and now has a wide range of ski helmets in its catalogue. All its products guarantee skiers high protection, style, advanced technology and customisation. A clear example of this combination of qualities is their NUCLEO MIPS PRO helmet.


Flaxta is a Swedish brand specialising in sports protection through a focus on performance, style and innovation.

The products they market are varied, including snow sports helmets, goggles and back protection. Founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, Flaxta was established with a genuine passion for skiing and snowboarding, and a strong commitment to redefining sports protection. Its line of snow sports helmets, award-winning goggles and innovative back protection has received widespread recognition, including awards and accolades from industry magazines, satisfied customers and athletes around the world. Recently, Sven Taube, Flaxta’s Global Sales Director has announced its expansion into North America and Canada. Flaxta’s most popular ski helmet is the Deep Space MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), using recycled EPS and a layer of Primaloft to provide warmth to the skier.


Giro was founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes with the goal of meeting the unmet needs of top athletes. Giro’s history begins in the world of cycling. The first helmet manufactured by the brand was the Advantage™ helmet in 1985. This was followed by other products such as the Aerohead™ or the Air Attack™, until the brand started to move into snow sports safety. In 2004 it introduced its first ski goggles and in 2016 the ultimate helmet for competitive skiing, the Avance Mips.

Since then, the brand has made available to snow enthusiasts many products manufactured under unquestionable standards of safety, comfort and innovation. Among its products you can find AllMountain ski helmets, racing helmets, freestyle helmets and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Glade is an American company that was born a few years ago thanks to its passion for skiing. This business idea came about in Colorado thanks to its founder Curt Nichols, a ski and mountain enthusiast. Under his values of community, courage, passion and building reliable, functional and safe equipment, Glade was born.

The company presented its first ski goggles in 2016 and, although it stands out for being quite new, it is characterised by offering top quality products designed by and for passionate skiers.

The Boundary MIPS Helmet, an award-winning product with a top-performance construction, is currently in its product catalogue.


Head was founded in 1950 through the efforts of Howard Head, a ski design enthusiast. Five years later, the company was able to position itself as a leader in the United States and Europe. This was achieved through innovation, moving from wooden skis to metal skis. After many years in the winter sports market, the brand began to move into the manufacture of many materials that surround this world. Skis, boards, boots, poles, goggles and, paying special attention, it started to be recognised as a ski helmet brand.

Nowadays, among its wide range of products, we find AllMountain helmets, competition helmets, helmets with visor and several products focused on the protection of children.

Head is an innovative brand that has gone in search of the best technology for the manufacture of its products. In particular, we want to highlight a range of ski helmets. The Rachel, ski helmets for women, and the Radar, for men. Revolutionary and award-winning helmets with visors, manufactured according to innovative technological and safety standards.

Today, elite athletes such as Abel Moga, freeride skier and participant in the FWT2023 in Baqueira, trust the brand and the safety they offer to perform at their best in each of their competitions.


Julbo has been in the sports market for 125 years, guided by its passion for outdoor sports. The company’s history began in 1888 in France with the production of its first glasses. Since then, the brand has had one concept in mind when manufacturing its products. Innovation.

It took its first steps into the world of snow in 1980 when it developed goggles specifically for the high mountains. Although its speciality is goggles, Julbo has not stopped researching new products until it also became a ski helmet brand.

Today, it has many high-performance helmet models in its catalogue. In addition, it has managed to apply its great experience in the manufacture of goggles by adding large models of helmets with visors to its catalogue.


K2 is an American brand founded in 1962 around the world of skiing and guided by the values of style and comfort. The company works in the manufacture of many products surrounding the practice of skiing. It is famous for its skis, for its boards and also, it is recognised as a brand of ski helmets.

It has been in the helmet market for a while, but this year 2023 has been a success for the brand regarding the manufacture of this material. It has managed to develop different models of innovative and customised helmets according to the type of customer. The K2 Diversion Mips Men’s Helmet 2023 for men, the K2 Virtue Mips Women’s Helmet 2023 for women or its range of junior helmets such as the K2 Illusion Youth Helmet 2023.


The Italian company Kask specialises in the manufacture of helmets to the highest quality and safety standards. Its history began in 2004 and since then its history in the manufacture of helmets has been marked by success.

Safety, innovation, technology and attractive design are kept in balance in all their helmets to meet the needs of skiers of all levels. All their products are manufactured according to the standards required by high competition athletes to ensure the highest quality. The Omega ski helmet, chosen by River Radamus, three-time gold medalist at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), stands out from their line.


Leo Lacroix, a skiing enthusiast and athlete, was driven by his ambition to start making his own equipment for his competitions. Thanks to his efforts, the Lacroix company became a reality in 1967 and specialised in luxury skiing as early as 1996.

Now considered a French manufacturer of high-end products, it is known for producing not only skis, but also ski helmets. Despite not having an extensive range of products, the helmets they offer are of the highest performance. For example, we would like to introduce you to the Artemis helmet, a product that combines elegance, protection and technological innovation.


Marker was founded in 1952 in Germany by Hannes Marker, inventor of the first safety ski bindings. Since then, the company has focused on making skiing as safe as possible.

Today, under the motto “master the mountain” the company has become a key player in winter sports safety. Its catalogue includes bindings, protections, ski goggles and it is also recognised as a ski helmet brand. Its helmets, which have been protecting skiers for seventy years, combine innovative design, performance and safety.


Movement was founded in 2000 and has made sure that you remember it whenever you think of the mountains and skiing. But its story begins a few years ago. In 1980, three friends founded the snowboard brand Wild Duck. Driven by innovation and a passion for snow, the company thrived until the freestyle renaissance of the late 1990s changed its business perspective to become what it is today.

It is a company that is by and for skiing. It has in its catalogue skis, boots, clothing and great safety equipment to which its range of ski helmets belong. If there is one thing that stands out, it is the lightness of their helmets, you can wear them for hours and it will seem as if you are not wearing anything protecting your head.


Oakley began to be known worldwide as a brand of eyewear. Its first steps date back to 1986 with the Oakley Razor Blades. These sunglasses were built with safety in mind. Gradually it began to open a niche in the construction of ski goggles, developing highly innovative and remarkable lenses for eye protection.

The snow world opened up a new path for the brand and it eventually established itself on the market as a ski helmet manufacturer. The brand’s range of helmets ensures comfort and safety at the same time. In many of their products they have opted for the MIPS® protection system, an innovative system in terms of safety.

Oakely is a brand that ensures the highest quality in each of the products it offers, regardless of the sport and the objective.


Poc was founded in Sweden in 2005 and is known as a leading manufacturer of helmets, goggles, protection, clothing and accessories for winter sports and cycling.

Under the slogan “protecting lives and reducing the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone who aspires to become one” the company, accompanied by its scientific approach, seeks maximum safety and innovation in its products.

A brand of AllMountain ski helmets, racing and freeride ski helmets. It is also a brand that stresses the importance of protecting the youngest skiers. It offers many junior products and, among all of them, we would like to highlight the Pocito Fornix Mips helmet, a safe, comfortable and intelligent helmet that speaks for the little ones thanks to the twICEme® NFC medical identification.


Pret is an American company focused on the production of ski helmets. Many elite athletes belong to the Pret team, choosing the brand to ensure their safety and peak performance in competition. Freestyle professionals like Tess Johnson or Kai Owens protect their heads with Pret while performing a thousand and one jumps and stunts.

Each Pret helmet offers the best combination of performance, durability and safety. Their helmets combine the MIPS® protection system and HALEO antimicrobial foam, pushing the limits of safety in helmet construction.


Rossignol was founded in 1907 in the French Alps and today has more than 100 years of experience in the industry. It is a brand renowned in the snow sector for the quality of its materials. Skis for different types of skiing, specialised clothing, ski boots, protection and ski goggles. There are many materials in the product catalogue, but we want to focus on its recognition as a brand of ski helmets.

The brand offers helmets for big athletes, helmets with built-in visor, ultra-light helmets for ski touring and helmets for the little ones. All helmets are built according to innovative standards, with the implementation of IMPACTS technology being a highlight. This system makes the brand’s helmets durable and resistant to any unexpected impact that may occur.


Salomon started out in a small workshop manufacturing wood saws and ski edges. This all happened in 1947 in Annecy, a village in the southwest of France, and today it distributes its products in 160 countries around the world.

The company is recognised worldwide as a clothing brand, but it is much more than that. The company decided to specialise in winter sports and began to expand its catalogue with many snow-focused products, in particular, it began to specialise as a ski helmet brand.

Today Salomon has a wide range of innovative ski helmets. Ski helmets for adults and children focused on different types of skiing. For example, we would like to highlight the MTN LAB helmet model for its lightness and ventilation, perfect for ski touring.


The Scott brand, a reference in the practice of many sports, was founded in the United States in 1958. Charley French, the recognised name behind the first steps of the brand, was a great innovator and passionate about sport and the design of sports equipment.

The company is renowned for cycling, running, motor sports, but also for winter sports. It was in 1958 that the world of skiing underwent a revolution thanks to a technical innovation by Ed SCOTT, a talented engineer and competitive skier from Sun Valley. The first conical ski pole made of aluminium came along to replace all that had gone before. Following his path into the sport, he introduced a line of winter sports apparel in 1997 and Crusair skis in 2009.

Over the years it expanded its career as a manufacturer of winter sports equipment. Clothing, ski goggles, boots, ski poles and even ski helmets. Today, the company’s catalogue includes several high-end ski helmets. Many of their helmets have been awarded prizes and have been developed and praised within the helmet manufacturing industry, such as the MIPS® system or adjustable ventilation systems.


The Shred brand was born out of the dream of two friends who are passionate about mountains and sport. Carlo and Ted Ligety. They met in 2005 and started working on the creation of equipment prototypes. This led to the creation of Slytech Protection, a brand that began to be recognised in the world of competitive skiing. After this success, they both felt that they didn’t want to be recognised only in the racing world. They wanted to expand their product range to other disciplines such as freestyle.

With this in mind, in 2006 they launched Shred with the aim of developing innovative, high-performance products for different types of skiing. They started by launching ski goggles and ended up manufacturing high performance helmets as well.

Nowadays, their catalogue includes many helmets focused on skiing. One of their most outstanding models is the Notion Noshock. A hybrid case with 16 vents for unparalleled cooling and the 360° Smart Impact Protection System™.

This brand combines performance, innovation, style and safety in each of its products.


The Smith story begins in 1965 with the manufacture of ski goggles. Bob Smith, spent his time hand-building goggles that he would then sell on his weekend getaways to the snow. The story continues with goggles being made more and more professionally.

The brand’s history in ski helmet manufacturing did not begin until 2006, but from that point on, its career has been unstoppable. Since then it has launched helmets of unequalled design and protection such as the Nexus helmet or the Level helmet. In addition, its catalogue presents helmets for different modalities. From AllMountain, competition and freestyle helmets to high-performance products for the youngest riders.


Spy+ was founded in San Diego in 1994 and although it is known as a manufacturer of goggles, it also has a long career as a manufacturer of ski helmets. If there is one thing we would like to point out about the helmets of this brand, it is that they combine high performance with a very economical price.

They are helmets with a classic design but very elegant. Even with the same design, you can find helmets in more eye-catching colours so that the little ones can choose their favourite. The style is combined with outstanding technologies in the world of helmet construction, such as the MIPS® protection system.

Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection’s history as a ski helmet brand began with a completely different, yet equally safety-conscious sport. The story of the brand began in Trysil, a mountain village in Norway, in 1988. A group of river kayaking enthusiasts noticed the need for more protection to achieve maximum performance in their sport.

The helmet design started as nothing more than a few scribbles on paper and a set of innovative ideas from one of the brand’s founders, Ståle N. Møller. Ståle’s first products were carbon fibre helmets for his friend Erik and his kayak world championships.

It wasn’t until 2000 that Sweet Protection started to be talked about. At that time, the brand had the brilliant idea to approach snowboarding legend Terje Håkonsen. With him and the Grimnir Helmet, the brand became an internationally renowned ski helmet manufacturer.

Today, the brand has many products in its catalogue and has been awarded many prizes for innovation and quality in helmet manufacturing.


The history of TSG began more than 30 years ago in a small town in Germany called Münster. The business idea started in the world of BMX bikes and skateboards. At that time, those passionate about the sport protected their limbs with self-made pads and helmets.

Driven by the desire to offer quality technical equipment to the riders, they designed their first helmet in 1990. Since then, the brand has stood out for bringing to the market some of the most revolutionary and original helmet designs.

Today, in keeping with this ambition, the company has broadened its horizons and has also become a ski helmet brand.


The Uvex company took its first steps in Germany in 1926. Its history began with the design of protective eyewear, but as the years went by, it began to take its first steps in the design of cycling helmets. The brand introduced its first helmet in 1987. The Airtech cycling helmet was characterised by its lightness and safety thanks to its construction with EPS and ABS materials. The brand continued to make its way in the world of helmet construction and started to launch its first ski helmets on the market.

It was in 2013, following the values of safety and sustainability, when the brand presented the Uvex Plus helmet. This product is remarkable for providing both safety and lightness at the same time.

The brand has continued to evolve over time, producing ski helmets with revolutionary designs. Today, many of its products feature innovative technology such as the octo+ system, the first fully automatic adjustment system for helmets.


Wed’ze is Decathlon’s ski, snowboard and sled brand and was created in 2006 with the aim of making skiing accessible to everyone. If there’s one thing we have to highlight about this brand, it’s that you won’t find more affordable products than theirs.

In their catalogue you will find a wide range of ski helmets for all ages, with or without visor. In addition, you can choose between ABS helmets, In-Mold helmets or helmets with the MIPS® protection system. Their helmets also offer different adjustment systems so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Wildhorn is a very new American shop in the world of snow sports. Founded in 2015, this company, although currently focused solely on mountain sports, was inspired by the beach and snorkelling.

Following the idea of offering the products that its customers need and improving their snow experiences to the maximum, the company has brought out different safety products. Among them, it stands out as a brand of ski helmets. High performance helmets with MIPS® protection system, adjustable ventilation, adjustment system and maximum comfort.