Baqueira Beret ski resort has recorded a record number of visits since its inauguration in 1964, with a total of 1,055,041 skier days, surpassing all previous annual visitor figures. This performance is all the more remarkable given the region’s drier-than-average winter.

Baqueira Beret : 135 days of uninterrupted skiing

Winter operations began on 25 November and continued until its closure on 7 April, a total of 135 days for the Baqueira and Baciver sectors and 125 days for the Beret and Bonaigua sectors. During this period, the resort did not have to interrupt its activities due to adverse weather conditions, although some lifts or specific areas were temporarily closed on specific dates. This enabled visitors to enjoy a large part of the 2,273 hectare ski area.

Strategic investment in snowmaking systems and infrastructure improvements in recent years have proved decisive. They have made it possible to provide skiers and snowboarders with an adequate quantity and quality of runs right from the start of the season, despite a winter characterised by a lack of rainfall and average temperatures above the seasonal norm.

The ski craze confirms the growth of the Spanish resort

It is worth noting that the resort has recorded historic visitor figures since the post-pandemic period, with a previous record set in the 2021-2022 season, totalling 1,033,453 ski days sold, and in the following season, 2022-2023, which was its second-best performance to date, with 990,032 days sold. This finding reinforces the observation that outdoor tourism activities have grown in popularity since the 2020 containment measures, indicating sustained vitality for winter sports.

Innovation and adaptation: Baqueira Beret’s winning strategy

This winter season was characterised by mild temperatures and a drop in precipitation during the central part of the winter. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the teams responsible for producing artificial snow and maintaining the slopes, combined with the weather disruptions that occurred in December and early January, and particularly in March, resulted in a cumulative snowfall of around 5 metres. Snow depths of up to 150 cm were recorded at an altitude of 1800 metres in the Baqueira sector, where the minimum temperature recorded was -9°C.

Against this backdrop, the resort was able to open 65km of pistes during the Puente Inmaculada (Constitution Bridge), and by mid-December had opened more than 100km of pistes, making it possible to open up to 120km over the Christmas period. Following the heavy 80 cm snowfall during the Reyes festivities at the beginning of January, and thanks in particular to the rainfall in March, the resort was able to offer skiers up to 160 km of pistes, with all 36 lifts in operation.

Sunshine key to record numbers on Baqueira Beret slopes

This ski season was not particularly notable for the depth of its snow cover, but rather for the variability of snow quality, influenced by temperature fluctuations. A key factor in the number of skiers and snowboarders was the number of sunny or partly cloudy days, which totalled 96, offering favourable weather conditions for winter sports.

During the 2023/2024 winter season, 25 days of snowfall were recorded, bringing the total to 36 days since October.

Peak visitor numbers were recorded on 30 December, with 18,000 skiers on the slopes

The daily average over the winter season was close to 8,000 skiers.

®Baqueira Beret

Baqueira Beret offers a wide range of events: skiing, music and more

The resort enjoyed an extremely rich calendar of activities, which was greatly appreciated by its visitors. Baqueira Beret hosted 39 sporting competitions and 11 cultural and leisure events. Among the sporting events, the Marxa Beret was particularly noteworthy, bringing together more than 700 participants. The 16th edition of the Jesús Serra Trophy, organised by the Occident Foundation, awarded substantial scholarships to the winners. In addition, the Baqueira Race, sponsored by Movistar, offered a fun experience based on discovering the resort.

As far as competitions under the aegis of the International Ski Federation (FIS) are concerned, the Marxa Beret stands out as an international long-distance cross-country skiing event. There were also the Spanish Sprint, Classic and Freestyle Cross-Country Skiing Championships, the Top CAEI Alpine Skiing competition and the SBX-SX Movistar Spanish Cups.

The much-anticipated Freeride World Tour Pro competition was cancelled due to snow conditions, at a time when the resort was offering 120km of pistes for leisure skiing. Nevertheless, it is important to highlight the Júnior and Qualifier categories of the event, as well as the entertainment at Beret, including concerts, DJ sets, and a spectacular ski test that saw the participation of up to 25 brands from the sector.

Freeride World Tour 2023 on Baqueira Beret

In terms of concerts, the highlight was the Polar Sound season finale on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 April, which attracted festival fans with 16,000 tickets sold. Other highlights included performances by Marlon, Smile and regular DJ sessions at the Moët Winter Lounge, as well as the growing popularity of the Baqueira Bar 1500.

Baqueira Beret: a taste of hospitality

Throughout the winter season, the resort offered a range of high-quality catering services at more than 25 venues. These included themed restaurants such as Refugi San Miguel in Bonaigua, Restaurant Grill 5 Jotas in Baqueira, Moët Winter Lounge in Orri and the Pla de Beret restaurant.

In addition, the Baqueira Store, located in the Ruda shopping centre, offered an exclusive ski hire and ski deposit service via the Ski Service network, accessible to visitors through its six shops dotted around the resort.

Summer 2024 in Baqueira Beret

Over the years, the summer season has become increasingly important at Baqueira Beret. As a result, the resort will open its doors in July, coinciding with the organisation of the Val d’Aran trail running event by UTMB. Operations will begin on Monday 1 July with the opening of Hotel Montarto.

Services dedicated to summer activities will also be launched, including the operation of the Tsd. Bosque in Baqueira and Tsd. Clot der Os in Beret, providing access to a vast network of trails suitable for mountain biking and hiking.