Val Cenis, located in the heart of the Vanoise National Park in the Maurienne, has been recognised as the first resort to receive the Flocon Vert label, a mark of its commitment to sustainable development. This recognition underlines the resort’s ongoing efforts to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices into its operations. As a concrete illustration of this commitment at Val Cenis, the “Nature & Ski” event will be held for the third time from 8 to 12 April 2024. This event demonstrates Val Cenis ‘ commitment to promoting environmental awareness and sustainable tourism among its community and visitors.

The “Nature & Ski” event aims to promote eco-responsible skiing practices through a themed week combining education, entertainment and active participation. The programme includes stands dedicated to raising environmental awareness, guided mountain excursions and film screenings followed by talks and debates focusing on preserving the environment. In addition, a workshop entitled “Plant your tree” will be held in collaboration with the Office National des Forêts (ONF), encouraging participants to contribute directly to reforestation. Access to all the activities on offer is free, encouraging broad participation.

Plant your tree” operation in collaboration with the ONF. @Romane-Salles

Did you know?

50% of Val Cenis is in the protected area of the Vanoise National Park – the 1st National Park created in France – and only 1% is devoted to its ski area.

“The aim of the event is to raise our customers’ awareness of the exceptional natural heritage in which they live. We’ve noticed a real interest in the subject: they want to know more about the mountain environment and how they can help us to protect it,” explains Yves Dimier, Director of the Val Cenis resort.

Val Cenis “Nature and Ski”, an initiative demonstrating the resort’s commitment to the environment

A number of initiatives testify to the resort’s commitment to the environment:

  • Val Cenis has the distinction of being the first fully electric snow groomer in France, confirming its position as a leader in the adoption of clean technologies in winter sports. The resort has been awarded the Flocon Vert label, demonstrating its deep commitment to sustainable development.
  • It is also at the forefront of experimentation with HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), a biofuel produced from vegetable oil, reflecting its constant quest for renewable energy alternatives.
  • Val Cenis is contributing to the European Birdski project, aimed at protecting the Black Grouse, an emblematic species of the region, underlining its active role in the conservation of biodiversity.
  • The Maison des Enfants is a family-oriented initiative focusing on waste minimisation, illustrating the integration of sustainability principles into visitor services.
  • The resort has implemented a wastewater treatment plant using phytodepuration with local plants from Mont Cenis, an environmentally-friendly method that demonstrates its innovative approach to natural resource management.
  • Supporting local agriculture through the GIDA, Val Cenis encourages the diversification of agricultural activities and the improvement of irrigation systems, thereby promoting the economic and ecological sustainability of the region.
  • Since 2014, an environmental observatory has been in place to monitor and study the impacts of human and climatic activities, underlining the resort’s commitment to environmental research.
  • Raising visitors’ awareness of the need to protect the environment is at the heart of Val Cenis’ activities, through educational events and activities that promote collective awareness.
  • Finally, the resort optimises the energy consumption of its ski lifts and the production of artificial snow, by adapting the speed of the lifts to the number of visitors and using software to measure snow depths precisely, thus guaranteeing efficient and responsible management of resources.


Val Cenis Nature et Ski. @Romane-Salles


Val Cenis is offering a reduction of – €20/person on ski passes for 6 days or more for all bookings made on (train + bus only).

Ski pass prices from €178/adult or €148/child

Please note: the 6-day or more Val Cenis ski pass gives access to the Alpine and Nordic ski areas of all the resorts in the Espace Haute Maurienne Vanoise, i.e. 350 km of Alpine skiing and 200 km of Nordic skiing (one day of Alpine skiing at Valfréjus, 1 day at La Norma, 1 day at Aussois, 1 day at Bonneval sur Arc + unlimited access to the Nordic areas of Le Monolithe and Le Planay in Val Cenis and to the Nordic area of Bessans).

The Val Cenis “Nature and Ski” programme

Monday 8th April

2pm-5pm: guided snowshoe outing (registration required at the Tourist Office, places are limited)

8-10pm: screening of the film “Le Pari”, in the presence of director Baptiste Deturche, followed by a talk and debate on the European Bird Ski project (protection of black grouse in the ski area) – At the Laurent Gerra Auditorium

Tuesday 9th April

1.30pm-4.30pm: village of stands – At the top of the Vieux Moulin cable car in Val Cenis Lanslevillard

Wednesday 10th April

2pm-5pm: guided snowshoe outing (registration required at the Tourist Office, places are limited)

8-10pm: screening of the film “À l’ombre des glaciers alpins”, with co-director Mathieu Crétet and glaciologist Jean-Baptiste Bosson. Presentation on the evolution of glaciers in the Haute-Maurienne and discussion with the public – At the Laurent Gerra Auditorium

Thursday 11th April

3pm-6pm: village of stands – Front de neige de la Ramasse in Val Cenis Lanslebourg

Friday 12th April

2pm-5pm: “Plant your Tree” workshop: a nature walk supervised by ONF and Vanoise National Park staff, during which each participant plants a tree. It’s a great way to leave your mark on nature! (Please register with the Tourist Office, places are limited)

6pm-7.30pm: après-ski for children and families with screening of short films from the Vanoise National Park, discussion and quiz – At the Laurent Gerra Auditorium Every day from 9am to 12pm: ski lessons with the ESF (30 minutes free with a different theme each day on the mountains, nature, fauna and flora).