In a plot worthy of a James Bond mission, the Pyrenees recently witnessed a meteorological phenomenon as spectacular as it was extreme. The former storm “Yue” underwent a clandestine transformation over the Mediterranean, becoming a “cut-off” – an isolated phenomenon, separated from the main atmospheric flow, remaining practically stationary and acting under its own code of influence. The forces of nature, overcoming the orographic barriers, left their mark in the form of heavy snowfalls, reaching more than a metre in some places.

With 130 cm of fresh snow at the top of the resort, Peyragudes now offers an ideal playground for skiing enthusiasts, reminiscent of the most memorable James Bond action scenes, set against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery.

The resort has a special resonance in the world of the James Bond films. This exceptional relationship was established during the filming of “Tomorrow Never Dies”, one of the iconic adventures of the British spy, in 1997. Discover how Peyragudes became a legendary place to host Britain’s most famous spy.

Peyragudes in the James Bond panorama

The choice of Peyragudes as the setting for “Tomorrow Never Dies” was not trivial. Its unique geography, with its diversity of slopes and breathtaking scenery, combined with first-class infrastructure, offered an idyllic setting for James Bond’s cinematic exploits.

Since then, the resort has attracted numerous James Bond fans and film buffs eager to ski in the footsteps of their favourite spy.

The echo of James Bond in Peyragudes

In recognition of his role in the James Bond epic, Peyragudes has named one of its blue pistes “piste 007”. This tribute goes beyond a simple name: it invites skiers and Bond fans to follow in the spy’s footsteps, reliving a part of film history that took place on these pistes.

The 007 Peyragudes piste leads to the Balestas sector, the location of the opening scene of “Demain ne meurt jamais”, which shows a dramatic explosion in Afghanistan. The name is obviously a nod to the film’s story, but also an invitation to ski fans and James Bond fans to relive some of the epic action of the film.

The skiing conditions in Peyragudes are exceptional thanks to the latest snowfall. The resort boasts 130 cm of fresh snow at the top of its ski area and 70 cm at the base of the slopes, guaranteeing an unrivalled quality and skiing experience. The Serre Doumenge sector is open and offers privileged access to the Cap des Hittes thanks to the “téléski des 1000”.

The James Bond piste, emblematic of the resort, is also open thanks to the exceptional snow conditions. Skiers can thus enjoy unique and unparalleled panoramic views of the resort and the surrounding valley. From the ridges, the view extends over the Boum lake and the Balestas ridge, offering breathtaking scenery.

Celebrating James Bond and innovating: the Altibar 007

In 2017, the 20th anniversary of the filming of “Tomorrow Never Dies” was marked by the opening of the Altibar 007, enriching Peyragudes with a themed space dedicated to James Bond.

The Altibar 007 in Peyragudes is an exceptional stop at the top of the ski area, at the intersection of the Les Agudes and Peyragudes slopes, offering a tribute to the famous secret agent James Bond.

“Your mission, should you decide to accept it, will be to find the best spot in the sun on the deckchairs, while keeping an eye on the slopes: you never know when a “villain” on skis might try to overtake you.

Imagine ordering a “martini, shaken, not stirred” while admiring the snow-capped peaks. While sunbathing on the panoramic terrace, you can easily imagine yourself keeping an eye on a gathering of mischievous international skiers, or perhaps on a mission to discover the secret recipe for the delicious galettes they serve at the bar.

And of course, as a good secret agent, make sure you leave no trace… except perhaps the tracks of your skis in the snow and your shoes in the relaxation area of the Altibar 007 and its new Rooftop.

This ephemeral bar, equipped with sun loungers and an open-air DJ bar, adapts to the weather conditions and opens mainly at weekends and every day during school holidays. It offers a variety of outdoor events where visitors can enjoy local beers, Virgin cocktails made with organic French @necence plants, tea, hot chocolate, as well as delicious cheesecakes made with Pyrenean sheep’s cheese or trout from Lake d’Oo raised in the valley next door. All with breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks.

Altibar 007. ®Paul Quintana

Peyragudes is no slouch when it comes to good offers. With the Famille Plus label, Peyragudes is offering a 6 or 7-day pass for children aged 5 to 17 for the week of 9 to 16 March at a 50% discount on the price of an identical pass for adults. It’s the perfect week to get together, with an extensive programme of activities for children and families, including a dance party, musical games and choreography, a torchlight descent and a treasure hunt.

Another offer is the dynamic Early Ski pricing. The idea is that the earlier you book your day pass, the cheaper it will be, with discounts of up to 40%. It’s a great way to enjoy yourself at a lower price. Not forgetting, of course, the shuttle bus service every weekend from Toulouse. The Ski’Zy offer (shuttle bus + day pass) allows you to arrive on the slopes at 9am and leave at 5pm after a good day’s skiing. All for 42 €… Visit

When you leave Peyragudes, don’t forget to set your multifunction watch – or rather your smartphone – so that you don’t miss the next adventure on the Peyragudes slopes. After all, every descent is a potential mission and every lift could well be the lift to a new adrenaline-fuelled intrigue.

Of course, the real job of a secret agent in Peyragudes is to navigate the slopes, the gastronomic delights and the breathtaking panoramas, while maintaining the legendary 007 style and phlegm. It’s a tall order, but we’re convinced that visitors to Peyragudes and the Altibar 007 are more than up to the challenge, dinner jacket or no dinner jacket.