In an outpouring of joy and gratitude, the young heroes of the “Sourire à la Vie” association recently shared their unforgettable experience in Val d’Allos. In this French resort in the Southern Alps, the magic of snow and adventure intertwined to offer moments of pure happiness. These young people, courageously committed to their fight against childhood cancer, found in this stay a source of inspiration and strength, and a breath of renewed life.

Over the course of six enchanting days, eleven young patients, aged between 6 and 15, discovered the joys of the mountains and shared a series of activities that were as enjoyable as they were rewarding.

From early mornings to warm evenings, every moment was an opportunity to create lasting memories. Between the ski slopes, cinema sessions, delicious meals, joyful snowball fights, gourmet snacks, evenings of sledging on rails and night-time rides on the snow groomer, the Val d’Allos was transformed into a veritable sanctuary of adventure and discovery.

The association Sourire à la Vie in Val d’Allos.

Triumphs and discoveries in Val d’Allos

This stay was an opportunity for these young warriors to push their limits, gain autonomy and discover new passions. Their pride was palpable, especially when they won medals from the French Ski School (ESF), symbols of their perseverance and their progress on the slopes.

These holidays were an opportunity for these young warriors to go beyond their limits, gain autonomy and discover new passions. Their pride was palpable, especially in the French Ski School (ESF) medals they won, symbols of their perseverance and their progress on the slopes.

But beyond the sporting feats and new experiences, what really marked these days spent in the mountains was the warm atmosphere and spirit of camaraderie that reigned. The laughter, conversations and sharing forged an unbreakable bond between the children, the supervisors and the organisers, creating a big family united by the shared experiences.

The children’s testimonies reveal the depth of their experiences and the intensity of their joy. From Mohand, 6 years old, who is already looking forward to returning to the mountain, to Daoud, also 6 years old, who dreams of sharing these moments with his mother, to Delmira, 11 years old, marvelling at the softness of the snow, each word expresses a unique facet of their adventure.

Gabriel, 11, compares his sled run on rails to a “ghost train without a ghost”, while Lina, 13, expresses her pride at winning her ESF medal. Lenny, 15, shares his excitement about his first night away from his parents, and Lenny, 9, celebrates his first chairlift experience.

Sourire à la Vie in Val d’Allos: an unbreakable bond

These moments of pure joy and self-transcendence show how Val d’Allos and its inhabitants opened their hearts and their mountains to these children with childhood cancer, offering them much more than a holiday in the snow: a window into a world where courage, joy and friendship triumph over illness. Val d’Allos was a true catalyst for dreams, hopes and smiles, engraving unforgettable memories in their hearts.


Their message of gratitude to Val d’Allos is a powerful reminder of the positive impact that generosity and kindness can have on the lives of people facing extraordinary challenges.

Sourire à la Vie 2024 stay in Val d’Allos

Sourire à la Vie in Val d’Allos: an alpine getaway to defy disease

The “Sourire à la Vie” children’s holiday in the Val d’Allos ski resort fully meets the fundamental missions of the Sourire à la Vie association. By offering these young heroes an exceptional skiing and mountain adventure experience, the association gives concrete expression to its commitment to prepare and accompany children in the trials of the disease.

Reinforced preparation and support

Like the athletes before the Olympic Games, these sick children benefit from preparation aimed at strengthening them physically and mentally. The stay at Val d’Allos reflects this mission by immersing them in a stimulating environment, where relaxation, physical activity and self-improvement go hand in hand. Outdoor activities, combined with relaxation and shared enjoyment, contribute to their overall well-being, strengthening their ability to cope with treatment and illness.

Positive experiences in the face of difficulties

The stay in Val d’Allos also responds to the association’s objective of breaking the chain of bad news through positive experiences. By experiencing exceptional moments, these young people find a counterbalance to the difficulties imposed by their illness. These adventures help them to project themselves outside their daily medical life, to overcome their difficulties and to dream of other possibilities.

Continuity of care and therapeutic education

The integration of this stay in the care programme underlines the importance of a holistic approach to health. In close collaboration with medical professionals, “Sourire à la Vie” ensures that these external experiences are part of a continuum of care, promoting therapeutic education adapted to each child. In this way, the association ensures that these moments of freedom and escape really contribute to the healing process.

Commitment and self-improvement

Last but not least, the trip reflects the association’s desire to offer projects that are truly attractive to children. Preparing and participating in this adventure in Val d’Allos allows them to become actively involved, reinforcing their desire to live fully despite their illness. These projects, such as the stay in Val d’Allos, are an invitation to adventure, requiring preparation and commitment, which transports the children away from their daily life in hospital, offering them precious memories and renewed motivation.

The “Sourire à la Vie” children’s holiday in Val d’Allos is a real escape into the world of hope, a journey in which each ski slope symbolises another step in their fight against illness.

This journey to the heart of the Southern Alps, orchestrated by “Sourire à la Vie” and the Val d’Allos ski resort, illustrates perfectly how adventure, friendship and mutual support can transform the ordeal of illness into a path full of hope and smiles…