Montgenèvre, jewel of the Alps, embodies the Dolce Vita with its cross-border skiing, offering a sporting, culinary and cultural journey between France and Italy. Since 1907, this station combines history and harmony of cultures. Here, each descent is a passage from French finesse to Italian elegance, where the pleasures of the table rival those of the slopes. Imagine enjoying an Italian espresso after a morning of skiing in France, symbolizing this sweet and exquisite life that Montgenèvre makes possible.

Succumb to the charm of Montgenèvre

The geographical position of Montgenèvre, on the border with the big boot, gives it a very easy access, with an entrance of the motorway connecting Lyon to Turin, and a TGV station (line Paris – Milan) only 20 minutes by car. The Fréjus Tunnel, located just 30 minutes from Montgenèvre, allows an easy and fast connection with the northern half of France.

Montgenèvre village station

The ski slopes of Montgenèvre range from 1,800 m to 2,590 m. They wind through a wooded and hilly landscape, offering a beautiful diversity both in difficulty and panorama. Montgenèvre, this international ski area unique in France, stands out as a family resort par excellence, with a starting area of more than 50,000 m² on the snow front.

Start skiing in Montgenèvre

As for the experienced skiers, they will fall under the spell of the fifty red and black slopes, adding a sporty character to the area.

Warm-up and stretch areas are accessible at the foot of the Durancia Balneo & Spa Centre (opposite the Télémix des Chalmettes sales point) and the Chalvet Gondola, which will allow you to get in your legs before your day of skiing. On the ski area, the varied slopes, running through forests of larch and pine trees, respect the natural morphology of the terrain, making skiing fluid and pleasant for all levels. A unique experience to enjoy skiing gently mixing French and Italian charms …

Montgenèvre, a «beautiful» escape to Italy

Since this season, access to Italy is facilitated from the resort of Montgenèvre. The new Rocher de l’Aigle gondola, a technical feat, strengthens its link with Italy and redefines the international skiing experience.

New gondola of the Rocher de l’Aigle

This innovation opens the doors to an extensive area, including the fascinating Milky Way area, spanning 400 km of tracks crossing borders. Imagine sliding from France to Italy, changing countries and landscapes, in unparalleled fluidity and freedom.

With 10 seats and a cruising speed of 7 m/s, this new gondola offers comfort and user-friendliness, and a journey time divided by three compared to the old aircraft.

The location of this gondola is highly strategic, with a clear improvement in the connection with the Italian area of the Monts de la Lune and the Milky Way, while promoting skiing at altitude.

La Dolce Vita in Montgenèvre: curl up in an Italian refuge

Skiing in Montgenèvre is an unforgettable experience, enriched by immersion in Italian culture. During gourmet breaks on the slopes, skiers can enjoy typical Italian specialties. Imagine tasting Italian antipasti, Bis di primi (Italian pasta), a soft osso buco or a creamy polenta, while admiring the snowy peaks.

Enjoying an exceptional pizza in a simple place is the essence of dolce vita. This philosophy, rooted in Italian culture, celebrates the pleasure of eating and drinking as an art of living. That’s when the charm works. Up there, warm in an Italian refuge, time no longer matters, you just have to live the moment and share it with your ski companions.

These culinary moments, combined with the warm atmosphere and cultural richness of Italy, make every descent to Montgenèvre not only a sporting pleasure, but also a celebration of the Dolce Vita in the mountains.

A stay package for a unique ski experience

Like a heavenly journey on the slopes, the resort offers a flagship product: a 6-day package including 4 days on the Montgenèvre and Monts de la Lune area, and two days on the Milky Way.

Ski resort of Montgenèvre

The Milky Way includes the ski areas of Montgenèvre, Clavière, Cesana, Sauze d’Oulx, Sestrières and Pragelato, or 400 km of slopes between France and Italy (5th domain of the World). With a Montgenèvre + Monts de la Lune package of 6 days or more, skiers enjoy 2 days of choice on the Milky Way, which is a very good compromise to enjoy both areas during your stay.

Nearly 5 months of skiing

Montgenèvre, with its opening from December 2, 2023 to April 20, 2024, offers a remarkably long ski season. Thanks to its altitude and its unique position on a border pass, the resort benefits from abundant and early snow.

This privileged location allows Montgenèvre to launch the ski season in the Southern Alps as soon as possible, generally in late November or the first days of December, offering ski enthusiasts nearly five months of uninterrupted skiing.

For many years, by guaranteeing quality snow early in the season, the resort of Montgenèvre has positioned itself as a destination of choice for skiers seeking to satisfy their desire to ski at the beginning of the season, or to extend their winter pleasure.

Montgenèvre, a beautiful escape to Italy

Montgenèvre is an invitation to experience the best of both worlds: exceptional ski slopes and the enchanting atmosphere of the Italian Dolce Vita. It is the ideal place for those looking to combine sport and pleasure, in a setting where each descent is a journey between culture, gastronomy and breathtaking landscapes.