In the heart of the Pyrenees, the winter season 2023-2024 in Saint-Lary promises to be a palette of novelties, mixing the bright whites of the snow with vibrant nuances of innovations. From 6 December 2023 to 1 April 2024, the mythical Pyrenean station of Saint-Lary, should delight the greatest number.

Saint-Lary, a setting of varied hues between Spain and France, offers a ski area with striking contrasts: green meadows, dark pine forests, pure white snow-capped passes and majestic peaks. A true natural rainbow extends over this area, the largest of the French Pyrenees, at the gates of the Pyrenees National Park.

Sunset on al station of Saint-Lary

Saint-Lary 2024, a ski area with reinvented nuances

As part of its public service delegation contract (DSP) for the ski area with SIVU, Altiservice embarked on an ambitious investment program of 25 million euros to give a new shine to the area. As a reminder, this project, divided into three phases, aimed to modernize and sustain the attractiveness of the Saint-Lary ski area. There are 59 slopes totalling more than 100 km on 700 hectares, served by 24 ski lifts and 350 snow guns.

The first phase, launched in 2020, saw the snow increase, like an extra touch of white on the canvas of Saint-Lary.

Altiservice has significantly improved its snow network in Pla d’Adet. This has doubled snow production capacity while optimizing water and energy consumption, thus ensuring reliable snow cover on the slopes.

Pla d’Adet, Saint-Lary station

The second phase was the modernisation of the ski lifts. 2022 marked a turning point with the replacement of the Portet gondola by a new generation model departing from Espiaube to reach the peak of Tourette. Meanwhile, in the Portet valley, the Tourette chairlift and the Merlans chairlift have given way to a new six-seater detachable chairlift linking Les Merlans to the Tourette peak.

Tourette chairlift

Finally, the third phase this year includes the creation of the Forêt chairlift and the optimization of the ski area. This new facility improves connections between sectors and streamlines the return of skiers to the Pla d’Adet.

The Forêt chairlift, a new shade of modernity in Saint-Lary

The new Forêt chairlift with its impressive technical characteristics, marks a significant step forward in improving the ski experience on the area. Concretely, it will improve the accessibility of the northern sector of Espiaube and facilitate the return of skiers on the Pla d’Adet.

This chairlift with a horizontal length of 1382 meters, extends over a total difference in height of 603 meters, which testifies to its ability to overcome the relief. It is supported by 19 pylons, ensuring a stable and secure climb.

The start of the chairlift is at an altitude of 1,597 metres, while the finish station is at 2,200 metres, offering skiers an exceptional view of the surrounding peaks. The chairlift allows fast and efficient transport of skiers to the upper slopes. It is equipped with 67 vehicles, thus managing a final hourly flow of 2,400 people per hour, significantly reducing waiting times and increasing accessibility to different parts of the ski area.

In 2024, Saint-Lary offers colour skiing

The Saint-Lary ski area is adorned in 2024 with a rainbow of slopes, promising skiing enthusiasts a palette of unique sensations. From dizzying blacks to playful blues, to exhilarating reds and green spaces enchanted for the youngest, each track is an invitation to discover a new nuance of the ski experience.

Whether you are a seasoned skier looking for challenges or a beginner looking for adventures, Saint-Lary offers an idyllic backdrop to paint your winter memories.

The Terranere black track: a legendary route and a breathtaking panorama

The Terranere black run, famous for its spectacular character, returned in December 2022 with its impressive elevation gain of 721 meters. This return to greatness was made possible thanks to the installation of the new gondola of Espiaube, rising majestically to the peak of Tourette at an altitude of 2,321 meters.

The Mirabelle red track: a tribute to Isabelle Mir and an exceptional course

The red track La Mirabelle, named in honor of Isabelle Mir, the local champion, is distinguished by its sporting character and south-facing orientation. It is particularly appreciated for its remarkable length of 3.2 km and its significant difference in altitude of 721 meters. A rare feature in the Pyrenees, which makes it possible to descend slopes with high elevation by taking a single ascent! Historically, this track has played a crucial role in the training of renowned skiers such as Jean-Claude Killy and Marielle Goitschel, as well as the entire French ski team, in preparation for their triumphs at the Olympic Games in Grenoble in 1968.

The red track «François Vignole»: a spectacular panoramic escape

Inaugurated on January 2, 2022, the red track «François Vignole» is a real wonder that winds along the ridges of Soum de Matte, offering skiers a breathtaking panorama of the Rioumajou and the splendid Aure Valley. Stretching over 2.5 km with an elevation difference of 500 meters, this trail majestically connects the top of the Soum de Matte chairlift to the lively snow front of Pla d’Adet, promising an unforgettable skiing experience.

The blue track Bouleaux Line: a fun odyssey in Freestyle

Nestled in the Pla d’Adet sector and beautifully visible from the Bouleaux detachable chairlift, the blue Bouleaux Line piste offers a unique adventure. Designed with care by the expert shapers of the snowpark of Saint-Lary, this fun track unfolds over 350 meters. It is lined with sharp turns and kickers designed to offer an exhilarating freestyle experience, accessible to all thrill seekers and creative sliding.

Kid Park: an enchanted green space for young skiers

Kid Park, a playful haven, offers a perfect opportunity for young skiers to develop their skills while having fun. This captivating course is embellished with a variety of obstacles, mini-whoops, a halfpipe, as well as interactive terminals and endearing animal characters. To add to the ease and pleasure, a covered treadmill is made available to allow young people to easily climb and chain descents. Access to Kid Park requires a valid ski pass.

Snowpark Freestyle Forever: a playground for Freestyle Aces

Located in the birthplace of the De Le Rue brothers, the pass’s snowpark is a true paradise for freestyle enthusiasts. Spread over a vast area of 5 hectares, twenty diversified modules await riders. With its lines of kickers, a multitude of rails and jibs, this snowpark represents a major challenge, even for the most experienced riders. However, far from discouraging enthusiasts, this place offers a unique opportunity for improvement. Freestylers can train intensely and run at high speed, facilitated by the pass lift that serves directly the snowpark.

Saboures Line: an initiation course to Freestyle in the Combe de Saboures

Nestled in the heart of the Combe de Saboures, just below the snowpark, the Saboures Line is a learning space dedicated to freestyle. This track has been specially designed for beginner freestylers wishing to progress in their practice. On a course spanning more than 600 metres, it offers a series of box and kicker sequences, perfectly adapted to develop and refine freestyle skills in a safe and stimulating environment.

Snowtubing: unique sliding sensations at more than 40 km/h

For snow lovers in search of new sensations, snowtubing offers an unforgettable experience. Imagine going down a specially designed slope, not in sledge, but aboard giant buoys! This activity promises laughter and pleasure in abundance, accessible to all from the age of 3 years. For a price of 14 euros, enjoy 10 thrilling descents, where the thrill of speed mingles with the pure joy of skiing.

As you will have understood, Saint-Lary in 2024 is a promise of a unique winter season, where each descent, each ascent, each turn is a new touch of color in the immense fresco of the Pyrenees.