Welcome to Ceillac, in the Queyras region, where woollen socks meet electronic tablets and ski hats become the new headgear for working children! Here, in the heart of the Southern Alps, a revolutionary concept is emerging: “Les cartables à la Neige”. Forget the stress of the classroom; here, “tele-school” takes on a whole new dimension, against a backdrop of snow-covered landscapes and irresistible ski slopes.

Schoolbag in the snow: when the blackboard becomes the piste Blanche!

Tick, tock, the clock strikes 8! Our young adventurers wake up, not to catch the school bus, but to get into their ski gear. Suit, hat, gloves and goggles: everything is ready to face the day, with more enthusiasm than for a surprise maths test!

The children, now transformed into intrepid little skiers, gather at the foot of the slopes.

Imagine: your children, dressed in their ski suits, at a morning meeting with the ESF (French Ski School) instead of a classroom. They’re greeted by the experts, special teachers who swap chalk for ski poles. The lesson is about to begin, and here you learn by making turns rather than by turning pages.

Learning to ski at Ceillac.®Michel Chavrot

The slopes of Ceillac become life-size classrooms. On the programme: two hours on the slopes, where the only possible fall is onto the soft snow, ski pass included. And for parents? Two hours of heavenly peace and quiet (or the chance to show your little ones that you’ve still got plenty left on the slopes).

The morning ends with a few last runs. The children, now more confident on their skis, set off with confidence. The progress is visible, and the smiles are as wide as the tracks they leave in the snow.

Homework with a view: Queyras reinvents home schooling

After a morning of hurtling down the slopes of Ceillac, our little skiers, transformed into snow schoolchildren, are getting ready for the second part of their day: school… but not just any school! Welcome to the Queyras version of school, where the blackboards have breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains.

Here, there are no shrill bells to announce the start of lessons, just the gentle silence of the mountains. The children are ready to delve into maths, the French language and the mysteries of history, all under the watchful eye of Sophie the teacher, who is on hand to guide, help and, why not, tell an anecdote or two about the surrounding mountains.

With 15 years’ experience in private French lessons and a career as a philosophy teacher, Sophie guides each student according to their level and the lessons planned for the week.

Three hours of tutoring where the children discover that gravity is not only what makes them hurtle down the slopes, but also a concept in physics. All this, without losing sight of the mountains, for a learning experience at altitude!

After school, the notebooks close and the smiles widen. It’s time for our little snow schoolchildren to enjoy their evening. On the programme: games, relaxation, perhaps a story or two about the heroes of the slopes, or simply getting ready for another day of adventures in Ceillac.

Prices and logistics for parents and little Einsteins of the slopes

Get ready, because for just €685, your offspring will be swapping the classroom for the slopes! That’s less than the price of a state-of-the-art smartphone, and we’re talking about education and skiing here, not endless scrolling on social networks.

This attractive price includes :

  • 7 days’ accommodation: a comfortable flat where wet socks and ski suits will be happily piled up.
  • 2 adult ski passes: because while the kids are learning, the parents are sliding!
  • Schoolbag in the Snow” pack: 5 days alternating between skiing and school, because you need a bit of seriousness between two descents.

    And best of all, all this is taking place outside the school holidays, so there won’t be too many people on the slopes.

    Charm and intimacy: the “Ceillac” recipe in the Queyras

    In the Queyras, you’ve got it: why choose between the slopes and the classroom when you can have both? Here’s the perfect opportunity for those who want to see their children hit the slopes and get on with their studies at the same time. All without breaking the bank.

    At Ceillac in Le Queyras, there’s no need to rush to get to the ski lifts. Here, the only queue you’re likely to find is for hot chocolate. And for beginners? This is paradise without the crowds. Imagine: ski slopes where you don’t have to play “dodge-em” with thousands of other skiers. And the joy of having the space to make your own tracks in the snow! Tucked away in the Queyras Regional Nature Park, a world away from home, the resort offers breathtaking scenery.

    Le Queyras. ®Léo Gayola

    The resort staff become almost an extension of the family. They take the time to pamper you, whether it’s adjusting your ski boots or advising you on the best slopes to suit your mood of the day.

    In short, don’t miss the chance to book your next holiday (outside the school holidays!) to Ceillac in the Queyras. It’ll be a bit like finding a virgin ski run on a powder day: a small miracle that makes skiing holidays outside school holidays as magical as they are financially astute!