With the arrival of winter, the OYSHO brand is making a grand entrance on the slopes with the presentation of its new OYSHO Ski collection 2023, a line combining elegance, comfort and performance. This ambitious collection symbolises the brand’s desire to position itself as a key player in the ski market.

OYSHO Ski collection is aimed at those looking for equipment that combines performance and aesthetics, paying special attention to the technicality of the materials, the comfort of the cuts and the elegance of the design, for an uncompromising experience on the slopes between functionality and style.

OYSHO Ski collection: technology and innovation

The OYSHO Ski collection for winter stands out for its technicality and innovation, and promises to transform the skiing experience. The garments are made with a new stretch fibre for greater flexibility and breathable fabrics for optimal comfort on the move. The collection is distinguished by the use of fabrics such as ultralight Sympatex®, which offers impenetrable and breathable protection in extreme weather conditions. The jackets incorporate RECCO® tracking devices, multiple pockets and thermal padding.

The 2023-2024 collection focuses on performance, with trousers and overalls that adapt to the body and movement, reinforced with waterproof linings to keep out snow and improve boot fit. The collection features a variety of designs, from flared to straight cuts, leggings with reinforced bottoms, and slimfit and straight overalls with practical details such as ski pass pockets and front zips.

Thermal resistance and insulation are laboratory-tested to withstand temperatures down to -17ºC, with materials such as 3M Thinsulate, incorporating 78% recycled polyester. The collection combines fashion and functionality, with some forty pieces with refined lines, from quilted jackets to accessories like hats, offering a range suitable for both sports and leisure.

Ladies, we have selected two iconic jackets from the OYSHO Ski collection to examine in detail, highlighting their unique features and the innovations that make them a must-have for winter sports enthusiasts.

Oysho Ski collection : the PRIMALOFT® SKI 10k padded jacket with textures

The PRIMALOFT® SKI 10k padded jacket with textures is a quilted jacket designed to provide performance and comfort in extreme winter conditions. It incorporates PRIMALOFT® padding that is lightweight and breathable, while offering superior thermal insulation. The jacket is equipped with a RECCO® reflector, essential in emergency situations such as avalanches, allowing rescuers equipped with detectors to quickly locate the person.

It features a water-resistant zip, a detachable waistband and side zips to adjust the silhouette. The pockets are designed with attention to detail, including a soft inner lining and an insulated compartment to keep your mobile phone battery charged. The hood is lined with faux fur for extra warmth, and the adjustable snap-in powder skirt keeps snow out. The inner cuffs are elasticated with a thumb hole, ensuring a snug fit.

Finally, the jacket is capable of withstanding a water column of 10,000mm and has been tested to withstand temperatures between +10° and -14° on the move, ensuring protection from the elements and snow. The retail price is 199 euros.

Oysho Ski collection: the Down from Minardi Piume Company SKI 10k crop padded jacket

This jacket is filled with a blend of 80% down and 20% feather from Minardi Piume. It is equipped with a RECCO® reflector so that rescue teams equipped with detectors can locate the wearer in the event of an avalanche or loss in an isolated area.

It has a waterproof front zip, fleece-lined side pockets, a pocket on the sleeve for the ski pass, an inner pocket with a transparent touch window for the smartphone and a pocket for glasses with a cleaning cloth. The hood is adjustable and removable. The adjustable, silicone-coated snow skirt with snap buttons is waterproof and prevents snow infiltration. The cuffs have a thumb hole and are adjustable for comfort.

The Down from Minardi Piume Company SKI 10k crop padded jacket is made from a breathable and windproof fabric certified to withstand water pressure up to 10,000mm. It has also been laboratory tested to withstand temperatures between +7°C and -19°C in active use.

This jacket stands out not only for its high-end technical features, but also for its stylish design, also available in print for those who want to add a touch of personality to their ski attire. This jacket combines functionality and fashion, making it perfect for those who want to stand out on the slopes.

Thanks to its versatile styling, the jacket can easily be paired with classic black ski trousers for a sleek, streamlined look, or with printed trousers for a bold and distinctive ensemble. This combination creates an outfit that suits all styles, while still offering the protection and comfort needed on the mountain.

The printed option adds a fashionable dimension to the jacket, making it a key piece of skiwear. It demonstrates that technical performance and style can go hand in hand, allowing skiers to enjoy their activities in confidence and style. The jacket is therefore a key piece for those looking to combine fashion and technical performance on the slopes, priced at 239 euros.

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