Michel Polnareff didn’t think he was getting it right when he chose the title of his song, which sums up this winter’s big trend at La Rosière! This winter, the charming resort of Espace Saint Bernard is inaugurating a mountain bistro concept, i.e. a little corner (of paradise) where you can enjoy a gastronomic experience at an altitude of 2,000 m, relax and admire the sunset over the Tarentaise Valley.

Welcome to PARADiS de La Rosière!

The first season of Paradis is off to a great start in the heart of the ski resort. Skiers are invited to sit down, enjoy the panoramic view, the musical atmosphere and share a moment out of time. On the menu, sublimated comfort dishes and the inescapable mountain dishes revisited: Savoyard fondues with Beaufort cheese to share, tartiflettes and other dishes typical of the region. A gourmet menu based on local, fresh and seasonal produce.

La Rosière resort, Paradis. Photo: ILoveSki

It’s time to take the time to eat well

Up there (at PARADiS!), no frozen or semi-prepared products, no pizza or fast food.

Regional products feature prominently on the menu, and dishes are shared with gourmandise. The cheese boards come directly from La Bergerie du Genièvre and La Coopérative Laitière de Bourg Saint-Maurice, an institution in the valley since 1964. And to accompany it all, cured meats (Savoy ham, Coppa de Savoie, dried meat from the Alps, Spianata and Lardo di Colonnata) from Maison Rullier – “Le Père Rullier” – add a savoury note. And to accompany it all, how about a craft beer brewed with pure crystal clear mountain water, brewed by the Brasserie du Petit Saint-Bernard?

As for the dish, you will love the reblochon made with raw milk and roasted with Génépi from the Chartreux Fathers, accompanied by mitraillette potatoes. You won’t eat it anywhere else in the resort and your taste buds will be begging for more.

PARADiS, between tradition and modernity

Ideally located on the slopes and easily accessible by the Lièvre Blanc chairlift, PARADiS has become in just a few weeks the trendy place to have lunch or finish the day’s skiing in style before heading back down to the resort.

Paradis terrace at La Rosière resort. Photo: ILoveSki

All clad in wood and stone, it offers a clever blend of tradition and modernity. Its 300 seats, 120 of them inside, allow you to enjoy the light at the end of the day and the long days… Its panoramic terrace invites contemplation and relaxation. Sipping a drink, in front of a breathtaking sunset and in good company, here is a certain idea of happiness…!

The letters “PARADiS” symbolically placed on the outside of the establishment are a must for Instagramers, but also for all those who want to keep a souvenir of their visit to Paradise!

Letters “PARADiS” in the ski resort. Photo: ILoveSki

And if that wasn’t enough, it is also the only high-rise building to use a pellet boiler to produce hot water and heat the building. Rainwater will also be recovered to irrigate the golf course in summer. Not to mention waste management and compost, which is reused during the summer to improve the golf course.

Portrait of Frédéric Possoz, Chef… of PARADiS!

Who wouldn’t dream of holding this title? It is with pride that this son of the country has been entrusted with the reins of Paradis since its opening. In love with his native country and “his” resort of La Rosière, now, at the age of 49, he is fulfilling a dream, that of being able to offer visitors gastronomic experiences. “For almost 12 years, I have been dreaming of being able to run an establishment at altitude and, what’s more, at La Rosière. I had made many sketches of what this establishment could be. When the resort decided to embark on this project, I was lucky enough to be involved from the very beginning. I am very happy”.

Frédéric POSSOZ, manager of PARADIS in La Rosière. Juliette Rebour

Smiling, spontaneous, he is truly driven by his passion for cooking. In his dishes he conveys his love for the region and the resort. The twenty employees and the two sous chefs work hard to provide the best conditions for skiers and walkers who come to “have a good time around a plate”.


What is life like here?

This is a big question that many of us ask ourselves. At 8.30 am, the resort’s ski instructors gather for the traditional coffee before going to teach on the slopes of the Espace Saint Bernard. The atmosphere is warm and the pellet cooker warms the hearts. Then, little by little, the snack bar and the restaurant take over to offer a moment of gastronomic relaxation, well deserved for skiers.

Paradis terrace at La Rosière resort. Photo: ILoveSki

At the end of the day, skiers take a break to recharge their batteries and have a hot chocolate or a beer while admiring the sunset, which fills the Haute Tarentaise sky with ochre colours.

From the end of the season, the PARADiS will be organising musical events during the day, from 2pm to 5pm, to enjoy the end of the day with music. DJs and local groups will liven up this place that has become a must-see in the resort of La Rosière.

With one of the best locations in the resort, the PARADiS mountain bistro is part of a real development policy for the resort. It contributes to the resort’s luxury image in several ways. A high altitude restaurant in winter, it is transformed in summer into the clubhouse of a 9-hole golf course approved by the FFG (French Golf Federation). In itself, it symbolises the diversification of the mountain resorts, with a promise anchored in its name: “Paradise, the promise of happiness”.