Before you hit the slopes, it’s important to have good eye protection. It is essential to choose comfortable ski goggles that will accompany you throughout the day, whatever the weather conditions. ILoveSki has selected (and tested) for you several models of ski goggles from Bollé, one of the most popular ski brands, for this 2022 season.

2 important criteria for choosing your Bollé ski goggles: the technology and the shape of the shield

The comfort of a ski goggle lies in its ability to be ignored, while providing serenity and breathability. This essential accessory for winter sports is undoubtedly one of the most complex to choose because it must meet many requirements: use, brightness, roughness of the snow, cloudy day, fog, the size of your face, etc.

To help you in your choice, ILoveSki has selected for you the best values of the Bollé brand, which will not leave you indifferent.

Choosing the right shield technology

Volt Lens

This year, Bollé has launched the Volt lens, a high-end product for demanding skiers. Bollé’s goal is to provide a high-contrast lens with enhanced colours, specifically designed to help the rider distinguish between fresh snow and footfall. Its R&D team used artificial intelligence to develop this lens by evaluating more than 4 million possible combinations. A formula that delivers an unparalleled experience, so unique it’s patented.

Phantom Lens

The Phantom lens is the result of the combination of several technologies: a lens of unrivalled resistance thanks to the NXT material, photochromic technology that allows the shield to adapt quickly and effectively to the outside brightness whatever the outside temperature, even in negative temperatures (down to -25°), unrivalled optical clarity, anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment that you will love.

Extremely versatile, it can be used on a sunny or cloudy day.

Phantom + Lens

The “Phantom +” version offers you, in addition to the technologies present in the Phantom lens, a polarisation that will effectively protect you against the reflection of the sun on the snow. Polarised lenses are now widely recognised for their ability to suppress sun glare on snow and improve contrast. A state-of-the-art technology that reduces annoying glare while allowing enough light through to differentiate ice from snow.

Choosing the right shape for your shield

Ski goggle shields are generally grouped into 3 categories:

Cylindrical: very comfortable, very flat, cylindrical shields are very common and cover the entire face.

Spherical: curved at the front and sides, spherical shields reduce the phenomenon of distortion. They are often used by freeriders looking for the most accurate view of the terrain.

Toric: Situated between the two previous categories, toric shields offer a high level of visual comfort. To illustrate this concept very simply, if we cut a doughnut in half, we obtain the toric shape. This extremely curved shape reproduces the shape of the eye for greater comfort.

For protection and style, all Bollé goggles feature innovative technologies to protect you from UV rays. All goggles are also equipped with ventilation systems and anti-fog treatment.

The choice of technology and the shape of the shield are essential to better appreciate the environment in which you are operating. A better understanding of the relief of the slope will allow you not only to detect obstacles, but also opportunities for slippage.

The Nevada NEO mask for those looking for “an all-in-one” goggles

The Nevada NEO model from the Bollé range is the first ski goggle to integrate a magnetic shield, locked thanks to the Bollé® EyeLatch system. That’s why this ski mask comes with an additional shield that allows you to change (even with gloves on!) the shield depending on the weather conditions. And don’t worry, the shield stays in place even if you fall.

Gafas de esquí Nevada Neo de Bollé para hombre y mujer
Bollé Nevada NEO Goggles

First of all, the Nevada NEO ski goggle is available with Phantom and Phantom+ photochromic lenses, which are suitable for all weather conditions.
Without a doubt, these goggles are the best choice for skiers who only want a single ski mask. The two supplied lenses offer 100% UV protection while maintaining unbeatable optical clarity thanks to their Phantom technology. They will give you precise visual acuity in all weather conditions, even the most extreme. And they are impact resistant!

The Nevada NEO ski goggles with Phantom+ lens are available with a matte black frame and a blue lens. For those who want something more colourful, this model is available with orange frame and lens (Phantom shield), and also with black frame and green lens.

At ILoveSki, we definitely recommend the Phantom+ lens version, which will allow you to optimise terrain reading while reducing eye fatigue. The yellow shield supplied with the Nevada NEO goggle will be your ideal companion on a white day.

In addition, the size of this ski goggle (180 mm wide and 97 mm high) allows you to check if this model will adapt well to the contours of your face, whether you are a man or a woman. The Nevada NEO ski goggles by Bollé are available on the brand’s website at a price between 180€ and 250€. What are you waiting for to buy yours?

The Mammoth mask for large faces

For those looking for a very wide goggle that fits their face, ILoveSki recommends the Mammoth ski goggle, which is currently all the rage on the slopes. This model stands out from the rest with its unparalleled wide field of vision.

Like the previous model, the Mammoth ski goggle is available with different types of lenses, although in this case we recommend the Volt. In addition to 100% UV protection, these lenses enhance the colour by 30%, making the field of vision of the Bollé Mammoth ski goggles unbeatable. With this model, you can enjoy the snow to the fullest and have an extraordinarily wide field of vision!

Gafas de esquí Mammoth de Bollé para hombre y mujer
Bollé Mammoth Goggles with a classic and elegant design for stylish skiing

The frame of the Mammoth ski goggles varies between black and grey depending on the lens, giving them the most classic Bollé design. The lenses, depending on whether Volt, Phantom, Phantom+ or Classic, are available in a range of red, blue or mainly grey colours. In short, the colours of Bollé ski goggles will allow you to complete your equipment in a classic and elegant way, as they are particularly easy to combine!

These goggles are slightly narrower than the previous ones (173 mm), but are taller (103 mm), which allows for a wider field of vision. Because of their height, Bollé Mammoth ski goggles are recommended for men. And if you, women, like this model, you can always check if they fit you before wearing them. They are also cheaper, ranging from 80 to 170 euros, so head over to the Bollé website to buy them!

The Torus mask for those who value comfort above all else

Without a doubt, the Torus ski goggle is the most modern and eye-catching model in the entire Bollé range. But it’s not just the design that stands out, the performance is also exceptional. Like the Mammoth, the Torus offers an extra wide field of vision, with the difference that this model maximises airflow and therefore prevents fogging better. This model is available with Volt lenses. A perfect combination when you want the best possible vision.

The frame is available in white, black or grey, classic colours that match the eye-catching lenses. Accompanying the white frame, the shades are a perfect combination of pink and blue tones. With the black frame, you can choose an all-black or pink shade. Finally, the grey frame comes with an all-blue shade, so don’t think too long before you buy them!

Gafas de esquí Torus de Bollé para hombre y mujer
The Torus ski goggles for men have the most striking and modern design in the Bollé range

The Torus ski goggles by Bollé are especially suitable for women’s faces. But they are wide enough (180 mm) and high enough (106 mm) to be considered as men’s ski mask as well. They can be found for between 100 and 140 euros, depending on the type of lens, and are a big hit this winter.

The Nevada goggle for the toughest skiers 

The Nevada is undoubtedly the best-seller of the Bollé brand. It is also the most colourful model in the Bollé ski goggle range. Its bold, rimless design complements many looks on the slopes. This model is available in several types of lenses, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs, without giving up your favourite design.

For starters, this model is available with Phantom and Phantom+ photochromic lenses, which, as you know, is our recommendation for those who prefer an “all-in-one”. This model is also available with Volt lenses, totally suitable for those who want unbeatable vision. And for those who want a lighter standard ski goggle, this model is available with a Classic lens.

Bollé Nevada Ski Goggles for men and women
Bollé Nevada ski goggles for men and women are the perfect companion on the slopes

The strap of the Nevada mask is available in classic colours such as white, black or grey, or in more striking colours such as blue, pink or yellow. The choice between shield and strap is infinite, as this model is available in 23 different colour combinations.

Overall, the Nevada model is truly unisex and suitable for both men and women. It is smaller than the other models (width 172 mm and 96 mm) and is therefore more suitable for women. However, it is also classified as a men’s model. All you have to do is decide which is the perfect size for you. It is available for between 90 and 80 euros. So don’t think twice and buy your Nevada mask.

The Alexis Pinturault goggles for those who want to be like the great ones 

Bollé’s DNA is, above all, performance. To perfect its products, the Bollé brand works hand in hand with athletes during all stages of goggle design. This concern for perfectionism leads the brand to tweak certain details to better meet the needs of these particularly demanding skiers.
So, for all lovers of alpine skiing, why not treat yourself to the Bollé Nevada goggle in the colours of the champion Alexis Pinturault?

Ski goggles BOLLÉ Alexis Pinturault Signature Series – Phantom Lenses

The Alexis Pinturault Signature Series is a real gem. Equipped with the Phantom lens, a photochromic shield stable down to -25°C with optical clarity and unrivalled resistance thanks to the NXT material, it offers 100% protection against UV rays. Its blue, white and red colours will immediately immerse you in the world of ski racing.
The champion Alexis Pinturault wears the Nevada model in all his competitions. This is irrefutable proof of the quality of this product.

Performance, comfort and design are the main factors that make Bollé ski goggles —for women and men— stand out from the rest. Comfort is a strong point of Bollé goggles (IloveSki has tested it and confirms it!) thanks to the triple density foam with fleece lining (Mammoth goggles have a double foam), a thermoformed foam that allows to adapt perfectly to the shape of the nose and ventilated shields (Flowtech ventilation system).

It’s always said that it’s the accessories that complete a good outfit, so don’t wait any longer to choose the Bollé ski goggles that will complete yours!