There’s nothing better than a life-changing super adventure. But nowadays, you don’t have to go round the world to be one of those great adventurers! The Pays des Écrins invites you to discover the “micro-adventures” format in the mountains.

You will be surprised at how rewarding these micro-adventures are. In the Pays des Écrins they are exciting, fun, refreshing and a fantastic way to get to know this unique area of the Hautes-Alpes better.

Snowshoeing in the heart of the Pays des Écrins. ©Thibaut BLAIS

Micro-adventures in the Pays des Écrins, a format suitable for all ages

Micro-adventures are small adventures that can be undertaken any day of the week and at any time of day.
And, above all, they are simple, quick, accessible and achievable by everyone.

In the Pays des Écrins, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of ice for an “ICE” evening. The warm-up consists of an approach on snowshoes which will lead you to the ice bar, where hot drinks and a snow sculpture competition await you.

Discovering ice sculpture in the Pays des Écrins. ©Marie LACHAUD

In each micro-adventure, the challenge is to discover the unknown among the known. Micro-adventures are usually local and do not require special equipment or intensive preparation. Spontaneity is the key, fun is the goal, interaction is the route and reconciliation with everyday life is the condition.

Christophe Lebreton accompanies you on a half-day discovery of nature, from a naturalist’s point of view and in a good mood. This micro-adventure, called “À pas de loup”, will plunge you for an afternoon (3 hours) into the heart of the most beautiful part of nature: its native fauna.

Discover the local fauna and enjoy the incredible landscapes of the Pays des Écrins. ©Thibaut BLAIS

In the Pays des Écrins, animal lovers can also be seduced by a canine-snowshoeing escapade organised by Watogla. A unique opportunity to learn about canine adventures. For half a day, live the experience of an adventurer: you will learn to communicate and interact with your Nordic dog with the aim of going on an expedition while pulling a pulka sledge and enjoying a trapper’s meal.

Adventure is not just for the adventurous

For some people, adventures have to be grandiose, sublime, epic, transgenerational… Until you realise that adventure exists close to home.

Among the micro-adventures to be experienced in the Pays des Écrins, happiness is experienced on the way down! Cyril Mahout accompanies you on an endless descent and helps you discover the mountain chalets, a beautiful promontory overlooking the village, the chapels and the resort. The “90% downhill” micro-adventure lets you experience the joy of the descent… without the inconvenience of the climb! The powder is yours!

Discovering the mountain chalets in the heart of the Pays des Écrins. ©Thibaut BLAIS

For those who are short of time, come and enjoy an accompanied fondue evening at the Chalet Hôtel d’Ailefroide, in Ailefroide. The hamlet of Ailefroide in the heart of the Ecrins National Park is cut off from the world during the winter. Accompanied by a mountain professional, you will go up on snowshoes to share a fondue in this hotel with the charms of yesteryear, with family or friends, before coming down with the headlamp!

Fondue evening. ©Thibaut BLAIS

And if your micro-adventure cannot last more than an hour, rest assured: the professionals of the Pays des Écrins have thought of you. And for the beginners, you can learn cross-country orienteering in Vallouise in one hour. Olivier Broumault will introduce you to cross-country ski orienteering, which is suitable for families as well as for the more athletic. An original and fun way to discover or rediscover the Nordic area of Vallouise-Pelvoux.

Introduction to cross-country ski orienteering. ©Marie LACHAUD

A life of adventure meeting local people, eager to share their passions

To live a micro-adventure is above all to live a human and relational adventure in an extraordinary setting. The feat may be physical, but it will above all be centred on surpassing oneself.

Put on a pair of snowshoes for example and go on an adventure for a day! Reconnect with nature, and enjoy a hike with a moderate difference in altitude, a 360° panorama for a picnic facing the Ecrins summits. Certainly the best restaurant in the world, especially if you are in good company!

Discover the joys of snowshoeing in a unique natural setting. ©Thibaut BLAIS

XXL day at Puy Saint Vincent, next 20th March

Puy Saint Vincent will offer an XXL day on March 20th, with the opening of the Crête des Bans chairlift at 7am, and a breakfast offered at the top of the chairlift to admire the sunrise over the resort.

Through all these activities and the promotion of these micro-adventures, the Pays des Écrins Tourist Office integrates a participative dimension, mixing culture and nature.

The objective is to involve the public not only in the enjoyment of the animation, but in its realization, in the heart of the action! Several participative actions will be proposed: giant collaborative ice sculptures, illuminated participative night skiing… without forgetting the hashtag #acteursdevosvacances!

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