The ski resorts in France welcome thousands of visitors every year, and it’s no wonder, as each one has its own special charm. Moreover, France is Europe’s most popular ski destination, with resorts in most mountainous areas. In the Northern and Southern Alps, the Pyrenees, Corsica, the Massif Central and the Vosges, there are thousands of kilometres of skiable terrain. Across these terrains, which sometimes intertwine, the ski resorts in France form an impressive snow paradise.

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Given its geographic position in Europe, France has a variety of climates that make up the country’s winter season. While in the western regions the climate is oceanic, favouring precipitation, in the east of France there is a continental climate, so that many winters are accompanied by sub-zero temperatures. In addition, the south of France has a Mediterranean climate, which allows for stable winters that favour tourism.

Its more than 200 resorts offer opportunities for all skiers, regardless of their level. Beginners will find kilometres of French slopes where they can learn to ski, while experts can enjoy the ski resorts in France chosen by professionals. The latter include the ski resorts of Tignes and Val d’Isere, both located in the French Alps.

Indeed, the ski resorts in the Alps are considered the most majestic in France, although the reality is that the others are not far behind. The ski resorts in the French Pyrenees offer vertical drops of up to 1,100 metres, as well as being surrounded by beautiful natural parks. And of course, don’t forget the Vosges or the Massif Central, ski destinations in France with almost unrivalled scenic beauty in the heart of mountainous terrain. Finally, the resorts of Corsica also attract many visitors thanks to their strategic position in the Mediterranean. If you want to discover all the ski resorts in France, you can do so below!

Ski resorts in the Northern Alps

During the winter season, the French Northern Alps become the destination of choice in France, especially thanks to its more than 60 ski resorts. But it is not only skiers that are welcome here, its natural beauty also attracts hikers. It is no wonder that destinations such as Chamonix attract large numbers of tourists. In particular, visitors’ favourite areas tend to be those around Mont-Blanc, where there are several ski resorts.

Ski resorts in the Southern Alps

Separated from the Northern Alps by the southern boundary of the Vecors, the Croix-Haute pass, the Dévoluy ridges, the Bayard pass, the Écrins ridges, the Lauteret pass and the Galibier pass; are the Southern Alps in France. With a relief made up of hills, plateaus, pre-alps and internal massifs, the Southern Alps have the perfect conditions for the winter season. That’s why, mainly in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, you’ll find 23 French ski resorts that are a must-see!

Ski resorts in the French Pyrenees

ski resorts-france-pyreneesThe Pyrenees mountain range stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Bay of Biscay, forming the natural border between France and Spain. Only on the French side, there are 35 ski resorts surrounded by a fantastic natural environment. Due to its orientation, the Pyrenees area has two major climatic zones, one oceanic and one continental, which form the habitat of more than 4,500 species of flora. Another way to enjoy nature is on the three hiking trails that cross the Pyrenees. But if you want to ski in France, don’t wait any longer to discover all the ski resorts in the French Pyrenees!

Ski resorts in Corsica

Thanks to Corsica’s strategic position in the Mediterranean, its ski resorts welcome thousands of visitors every year. Just 12 kilometres from Sardinia, Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. Its forests and mountains form an enchanting landscape, so it’s not surprising that these ski resorts in Corsica are the choice of those looking for a peaceful atmosphere.

Ski resorts in the Vosges


The Vosges are located in the north-east of France, separating the Alsace plain and the Lorraine plateau. The Grand Ballon, at an altitude of 1,423 metres, is the highest point of the massif. It is divided into three parts: the sandstone Lower Vosges, the sandstone Upper Vosges and the crystal Upper Vosges. It has a cool climate all year round.What are you waiting for? Discover the amazing ski resorts that you can enjoy in the French Vosges!

Ski resorts in the Massif Central 

ski resorts in Massif Central in FranceKnown for being the fourth highest massif in France, the Massif Central is home to several ski resorts. With its 85,000 km², this massif represents almost 15% of the French metropolitan area. In addition, the Massif Central is known for being the largest volcanic area in Europe and for its great biodiversity. Its ski resorts include, for example, Le Lioran and Super-Besse, two ideal destinations in France.

Ski resorts in Jura

ski resorts in france JuraThe Jura massif is a small mountain range located in the northern part of the Alps. This massif is home to many French ski resorts that attract the attention of snow lovers. The highest point of the massif reaches an altitude of 1,720 metres. Moreover, the massif is bordered to the south by the Rhône basin and to the north by the Rhine, thus serving as a watershed between the two rivers. In fact, it covers territories of France, Switzerland and Germany. If you want to discover all the ski resorts in the French part of the Jura, click on the image below!