List of ski resorts in the Jura.

Arc sous Cicon – Cret Monniot

Alt min: 800m – Alt max: 1140m

Arc sous Cicon – Cret Monniot offers an exceptional view of the Jura mountains and the Alps. The resort is a cross-country skiing and snowshoeing resort. These are the two main activities of the resort. There are 9 trails for cross-country skiing and 4 trails for snowshoeing.

In the summer, the ski resort offers many hikes at different altitudes, but always with beautiful scenery surrounding you throughout your adventure in the heart of the Jura mountains. There is plenty to see and do!


Alt min: 1035m – Alt max: 1285m

Bellefontaine is a mountain ski resort in the Haut-Jura. It offers a whole area dedicated to downhill skiing with 3 ski lifts and 4 runs. The snow on site is artificial snow. This area is ideal for learning to ski and for family holidays. The Bellefontaine area has no less than 60 kilometres of Nordic skiing. A wide choice of runs and itineraries is offered to skiers with the assurance of being in the heart of a unique and abundant landscape.

During the summer season, these tracks become the perfect hiking trails in the resort. Always in the heart of a spectacular nature, no longer white but green.


Alt min: 900m – Alt max: 1060m

Belleydoux is a small village located in the department of Ain in Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes and in the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park. In Belleydoux you will find ten kilometres of Nordic ski runs accessible to all levels, from beginners to advanced. The resort also offers a tobogganing area for young and old alike, there is no age limit for tobogganing!

In the summer, the cross-country ski runs become a hiking area for walkers, runners and cyclists! Many routes are available, always in a magical setting.

Chapelle des Bois

Alt min: 1100m – Alt max: 1274m

Like many ski resorts in the Jura, La Chappelle des Bois has cross-country skiing as its main activity. In fact, it has 120 kilometres of Nordic ski tracks for the greatest pleasure of lovers of the discipline!

In La Chapelle des Bois, you will also find no less than 8 marked snowshoeing circuits in the middle of the resort’s trees.

You will also have the opportunity to go dog sledding. Alpine skiing is also available 7 kilometres away. In summer, the resort becomes the ideal place for hiking.

Champagnole Nozeroy Jura

Alt min: 900m – Alt max: 1000m

Champagnole Nozeroy Jura is part of the Haute-Joux and Foncine ski areas. It is not a big resort, everything is on a human scale! You will find chalets and gîtes where you can spend your stay. The facilities are designed to be practical and accessible. In terms of activities, of course skiing is at the heart of the resort. For non-skiers, don’t panic! You will find no less than 28 trails dedicated to hiking, snowshoeing or walking. And we haven’t forgotten the Nordic ski lovers! The area offers 285 kilometres of pistes for your enjoyment!

Chaux des Prés (Nanchez)

Alt min: 900m – Alt max: 1050m

Located in the heart of the Haut-Jura National Park, the resort has 100 kilometres of cross-country ski trails for Nordic ski lovers! Every skier can find something to suit their level and desires: from the playful area for making your first cross-country ski tracks to the longer, technical black runs. There are also many marked snowshoeing routes: you can explore the areas on either side of Nanchez.

Other activities include sledging and snowtubing. There is also an area dedicated to snowshoe hikes with no less than 37 kilometres of itineraries for your enjoyment, always in the heart of the fir trees and the white snow of the Jura.

Domaine Haute-Joux / Vaux and Chantegrue

Alt min: 910m – Alt max: 1074m

Located between the Doubs and the Jura, the Haute-Joux / Vaux and Chantegrue area has 183 kilometres of cross-country ski trails for all levels of difficulty. You will also find 60 kilometres of marked Nordic itineraries, but not groomed, suitable for snowshoeing or backcountry skiing.

The resort also offers 2 free play areas which have been set up with the aim of learning to ski while having fun. There are also 5 km of multi-activity trails, accessible to pedestrians, snowshoers and dogs on a leash. They are marked and groomed regularly.


Alt min: 844m – Alt max: 900m

Frasne belongs to the Nordic domain of Haute-Joux. There are about twenty kilometres of Nordic ski runs in the resort. You can also find a long track dedicated to snowshoeing. Also, for after-ski activities, you can practice sledging, with friends or family, for the little ones as well as for the adults. Have a good time sliding!

In summer, the Nordic ski slopes become perfect trails for a good walk. There are numerous routes to explore the resort on foot or by bike.


Alt min: 865m – Alt max: 1083m

Gilley offers an alpine ski slope with the famous “Les Clochettes” ski lift, which is well known. A toboggan run is also located next to this ski lift.

Like all Jura resorts, Gilley has a Nordic ski area which consists of 3 trails, one green, one blue and one red, making a total of 26 kilometres of cross-country ski trails.

During the summer season, it is possible to do various activities such as hiking or cycling, fishing or quad biking. All with the aim of discovering the beautiful nature of the resort.


Alt min: 900m – Alt max: 1545m

Giron is a mountain ski resort located in the southern part of the Jura mountains. It is known to be a real paradise for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, and lovers of these disciplines will be delighted! You will find 57 kilometres of cross-country ski trails divided into 9 tracks. For the snowshoeing area, there are 4 trails covering 33 kilometres. The resort also offers a number of après-ski activities such as a play area, a multi-activity slope where you can snowtubing and airboarding. You also have the possibility to go dog sledding if you book well in advance.


Alt min: 900m – Alt max: 1234m

The resort of Hauteville has 11 downhill ski runs and 4 ski lifts. It is one of the few Jura resorts where cross-country skiing is not the main activity. Here, it’s all about downhill skiing. Hauteville is a family resort where you can find various après-ski activities such as the children’s garden, the snowpark and many other surprises. For snowshoe lovers, don’t worry, there is a trail dedicated to snowshoeing.
In the summer, you can play tennis and have fun with the various facilities available to you to spend a good time in Hauteville.

Haut-Jura Granvaux

Alt min: 900m – Alt max : 1000m

The resort of Haut-Jura Grandvaux is located within the Haut-Jura National Park not far from the resort of Les Rousses. You will enjoy skiing in the middle of this wild nature, discovering frozen lakes and forests of ecrins. The resort comprises 4 communes: Nanchez, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Laurent en Grandvaux and the Lac des Rouges-Truites.

For non-skiers, you will find 16 trails in the resort dedicated to snowshoeing.
For après-ski, the resort offers many activities such as sleigh rides, horse riding, sledging and dog sledding! There is something for all tastes and ages and you will not have time to get bored!

Haut-Jura Morez

Alt min: 650m – Alt max: 1302m

The resort of Haut-Jura Morez belongs to the Bellefontaine, Longchaumois and Morbier domains. The resort is known for offering all kinds of skiing, although alpine skiing is the main activity. 7 lifts and 11 runs, 4 green, 5 blue and 2 red make up the resort for maximum skiing pleasure. You will also find 22 trails reserved for snowshoeing or walking. The Jura is a paradise for cross-country skiing, with no less than 190 kilometres of slopes available in the heart of the Jura forests and snow.

Many après-ski activities are available in the resort, such as an introduction to biathlon, snowtubing, tobogganing and dog sledding. There is something for everyone!

Haut-Jura Sainte Claude – Hautes Combes

Alt min: 1100m – Alt max: 1222m

Haut-Jura Sainte Claude – Hautes Combes is made up of 4 separate ski resorts: Lajoux, Septmoncel/Les Molunes, Les Moussières/Bellecombe, La Pesse/Les Bouchoux. 6 ski lifts and 7 runs are available for downhill skiing. 19 snowshoeing trails (99 kilometres) are reserved in the middle of the Jura landscape for non-skiers. In Haut-Jura Sainte Claude – Hautes Combes there are even 38 kilometres of slopes reserved for dog sledding!

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the traditional sledging activity! Young and old are welcome for a moment of sliding with family or friends!

La Combe Saint Pierre

Alt min: 880m – Alt max: 1035m

Situated at an altitude of between 880 and 1035 metres, the family resort of La Combe St Pierre is made up of 3 ski lifts, including a baby lift, offering 4 runs (one baby and 3 runs of between 800 and 1050 m). Of modest difficulty, these runs are ideal for beginners, those who want to improve their skills or simply spend a pleasant day with the family.

For cross-country skiing enthusiasts, the Nordic area of the Maichois plateau is situated at an altitude of between 820 and 1000 metres, and extends over 37 kilometres of trails designed for both alternative and skating skiing.
In summer, the cross-country ski trails are the ideal place for hiking and biking to discover the landscape of the Combe Saint Pierre.

Lac des rouges truites

Alt min: 930m – Alt max: 1150m

The Lac des rouges truites resort offers groomed runs for skating and classic skiing at Lac-des-Rouges-Truites: 5 green, 2 blue, 1 red, 1 link with Foncine le Haut / Chapelle des Bois. Of varying difficulty, there is something for everyone, from beginners to experienced skiers. This corresponds to almost 50 kilometres of Nordic ski runs. You can also find 5 snowshoeing trails representing 31 kilometres.

In the summer, the cross-country ski trails give way to a variety of hiking trails and itineraries, both for pedestrians and for bicycles, all of which allow you to discover the resort in greater depth.

Le Larmont

Alt min: 950m – Alt max: 1323m

Le Larmont is a small village located above Pontarlier where it is possible to practice alpine skiing. The resort has a ski lift, but also a play area which will allow the youngest to learn to ski in complete tranquillity and still have maximum fun. For young and old alike, it is also possible to snowtubing, the same principle as sledging, but on a round buoy! It goes just as fast and it’s just as much fun. The Jura ski resort also offers cross-country skiing trails that link several villages, resorts and communes. You can also practice snowshoeing on the Larmont domain.

Les Fourgs

Alt min: 899m – Alt max : 1242m

For a successful winter holiday in the Doubs and on the Swiss border, discover Les Fourgs. It is in a natural and warm setting that you will be able to enjoy exceptional moments with your family.

The Fourgs ski resort offers an ideal ski area for all kinds of skiing: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, sledging… Les Fourgs is also the leading resort for families with children. There is definitely something for everyone!
The Jura resort has 12 downhill ski runs with different levels of difficulty, and 7 ski lifts.

Les Rousses

Alt min: 1120m – Alt max: 1680m

The ski resort of Les Rousses is located on the Swiss border. It comprises 4 villages: Bois d’Amont, Lamoura, Prémanon and Les Rousses. The activities and ski slopes are numerous, you will find everything you need whatever your level or age may be. The 4 massifs include 32 ski lifts. If you like cross-country skiing, there are 200 kilometres of slopes at your disposal. There are 3 ski schools on site where you can take lessons at different levels for children and adults.

If you don’t ski, no problem! There is no shortage of snowshoeing and walking trails, with 78 kilometres of itineraries in the resort. Boredom is not on the agenda in Les Rousses!


Alt min: 1015m – Alt max: 1430m

Métabief is located in the Doubs department. The Métabief ski resort has 37 kilometres of alpine slopes, including 10 green slopes, 13 blue slopes, 12 red slopes and 6 black slopes: there is something for all tastes and levels! The resort is equipped with 40% artificial snow.
Freestyle enthusiasts will be delighted: there are 3 freestyle areas in the resort. It is composed of 19 lifts!

During the summer season, the main activity in Métabief is mountain biking. The area has many trails and paths dedicated to mountain biking. You will also find a wide range of other summer activities such as rail sledging!

Monts Jura

Alt min: 900m – Alt max: 1647m

The Monts Jura ski resort is located on the highest ridges of the Jura Mountains with a view of the Swiss city of Geneva and the peaks of the Alps. You can practice traditional alpine skiing in 3 different areas: Crozet-Lélex, Mijoux-La Faucille and Menthières. In a few figures, Monts Jura is 42 kilometres of alpine runs: 10 green, 13 blue, 13 red and 5 black. The resort is composed of 21 ski lifts.

During the summer, the ski resort of Monts Jura offers many cultural and sporting activities, most of them in the open air. Camping, museum visits, hiking, cycling… There is something for everyone and boredom is definitely not part of the resort’s activities!


Alt min: 925m – Alt max: 1080m

The resort of Morbier is located in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. This commune is classified in the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park.

The Nordic ski area of Morbier has about a hundred kilometres of marked trails divided into slopes of 4 different categories. In Morbier you will also find 6 snowshoeing runs for non-skiers.
In the summer, the slopes give way to numerous hiking trails. Take advantage of this to discover the resort on foot, by bike or otherwise and admire the Jura landscapes.

Prénovel / Les Piards

Minimum altitude: 910m – Maximum altitude: 1050m

Like many other Jura ski resorts, cross-country skiing is at the heart of the activities at Prénovel / Les Piards. But not only! You can also practice biathlon, ski jumping and Nordic combined, enough to become a real Olympic champion!

Non-skiers are obviously not forgotten. Walking and trail running are de rigueur at any time of the year. You can also try telemark, ski joëring or ski orientation. Many activities are available for young and old and for all ages in the Prénovel resort! Don’t hesitate and go and put your bags down.

Saint-Laurent en Grandvaux

Alt min: 900m – Alt max: 1050m

The Grandvaux offers a large domain accessible to all with 4 Nordic sites: Nanchez / les Piards, Saint Laurent en Grandvaux, Saint Pierre and Lac des Rouges Truites.

On each of the sites, you will also find snowshoeing itineraries, a few sledging trails and dog sledding outings. Whether you are a sportsman or a lover of beautiful walks, everyone can have fun and enjoy the sensations of this winter activity!

In summer, go hiking, horseback riding, walking or cycling, you won’t be disappointed. Admire and enjoy the nature that surrounds you.

Val de Morteau

Alt min: 910m – Alt max: 1310m

Located in the north of the Jura Mountains, in the Doubs department, the Val de Morteau offers many possibilities in terms of Nordic leisure activities. Its easy access and its numerous services make it a family resort, ideal for first times in the mountains. The Val de Morteau is also the ideal place to enjoy other winter activities: snowshoeing, play areas, toboggan runs, downhill skiing, on the slopes of Le Meix-Musy, Le Chauffaud or La Bonade, an alpine domain for beginners to the most experienced. There are 80 kilometres of cross-country ski trails for all levels and 50 kilometres of trails for Nordic snowshoeing.

Val de Mouthe

Alt min: 980m – Alt max: 1300m

5 ski areas as vast as they are enjoyable, with almost 340 km of groomed and marked itineraries, offering a variety of difficulties and landscapes between coombes, lakes, forests and valleys…

Skiers of all levels, whether classic or skating, will find what they need.
A real Eldorado for Nordic skiing, the favourite land of champions such as Fabrice Guy, Olympic gold medalist in Nordic combined in Albertville in 1992!

During the summer, the cross-country ski trails become paths and tracks offering several hiking routes. Take advantage of this to admire the landscape around you!

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