The French ski resorts of Corsica always attract the curiosity of visitors, given their geographical position in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Located 12 kilometres north of Sardinia, Corsica is a French territorial collectivity and is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. It is 180 kilometres long, 82 kilometres wide and covers an area of 8,680 square kilometres. The island is wooded and mountainous, its coastline is made up of high cliffs. Corsica’s land and maritime environment is relatively unspoilt. It is home to an international marine park, a regional nature park, communal bird sanctuaries and numerous nature reserves.

French ski resorts in Corsica benefit from a climate conducive to winter snowfall.

The climate of coastal Corsica is Mediterranean, while the mountainous massifs have a mountainous to alpine climate. Corsica’s island climate has a strong influence on snowfall and humidity. As a result, snowfall tends to be higher in February/March than between December and April.

Like its climates, Corsica has three main types of flora: Mediterranean, mountain and sub-alpine. As for its fauna, it has a great diversity of bird species, many of which are protected.

Three French ski resorts in Corsica, between 1400m and 1870m altitude.

Corsica is famous for its waters, beaches and wild coastline, but there are three small ski resorts, located between 1400m and 1870m: Ghisoni, Val d’Eze and Vergio. There is also the Haut Asco resort, which was closed in 1991 due to damage, and could perhaps be reopened. The island is also planning to create a new ski resort, with 30 kilometres of slopes at an altitude of between 1,550 and 2,400 metres, near Corte.


Altitude: Minimum 1580 m – Maximum 1870 m

The Ghisoni-Capannelle ski resort is located in the department of High Corsica, in the heart of the Corsican regional natural park, in the municipality of Ghisoni. It is situated on the slopes of the third highest peak in Corsica: Mount Renoso (2,352 metres above sea level) and offers a breathtaking view over the eastern plain.

This small family ski resort in Corsica offers three kilometres of skiable slopes, divided into five runs.

Its geographical location and slopes are known for the large amount of snow that falls during the winter. It has three ski lifts, one of which is reserved for beginners, two car parks, a ski equipment rental service and restaurants.

Haut Asco

Altitude: Minimum 1420 m – Maximum 1520 m

The Haut Asco ski resort is located in High Corsica, in the commune of Asco, at an altitude of 1450 metres. It offers four slopes: two 600-metre slopes and two 100-metre slopes for beginners. It has a chairlift, a conveyor belt and a state-of-the-art cable car.

The Haut Asco resort has an International Ski School (ESI) which offers lessons in small groups (maximum 8 people) and activities such as biathlon and snowshoeing. There is also a ski rental service and a hotel restaurant: Le Chalet.

Val d’Ese

Altitude: Minimum 1620 m – Maximum 1825 m

The Val d’Ese ski resort is located in the commune of Bastelica, in South Corsica, on the Ese plateau, between the valleys of Prunelli and Taravo. Val d’Ese offers six kilometres of skiable slopes, i.e. about 20 hectares, spread over eight pistes between 1600 and 1750 metres above sea level. The resort is 51 kilometres from Ajaccio and its slopes extend through the municipalities of Bastelica and Ciamannacce. In Val d’Ese you will find: shops, a Ski School (ESF), a chalet and a restaurant, as well as a rental service (skis, snowboards, sledges, etc.).

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