While the ski season finally opens in Italy after receiving permission from the government, the Aprica ski resort will be launching the longest night ski slope in Europe. In Aprica, the winter season will begin on 4 December, where we will be able to enjoy its 50 km of slopes.

While the Italian government banned the opening of ski resorts last season because of Covid, Aprica decided to start working on Europe’s longest night slope. Now, Italian resorts are reopening for the 2021-2022 season, and Aprica is coming back stronger than ever.

“Superpanoramica”, the longest night ski slope in Europe

The night ski slope, the “Superpanoramica”, has almost 6 km totally illuminated. It is expected to be open twice a week, on Thursdays and Saturdays nights. The skiers will be able to enjoy the nightly view from 19:30 to 23:00. However, for those who enjoy ski mountaineering the slope will be open on Fridays from 18:00 to 22:00.

In order for this project to become a reality, the investment was close to 1 million euros. The money was mainly used to illuminate the slope, although the chairlift was also improved. In addition, part of the money has been earmarked for the production of artificial snow.

In addition, the good news are that the “Superpanoramica” is a blue level slope, so the majority of the skiers will be able to enjoy it. Another characteristic of the “Superpanoramica” is its altitude of 1.972 metres. Therefore, we can enjoy a beautiful view of the Valtellina and the Rhaetian Alps. In addition, there is an intermediate station of the chairlift about halfway along the route, so it is possible to go up again without reaching the town.

The longest night ski slope in Europe
The longest night ski slope in Europe (Source: offical Facebook)

The evening ski pass and the promotions

And surely you are wondering how much it costs to ski on the longest night ski slope in Europe. The price of the evening ski pass is 19€ and, if combined with a day or a multi-day ski pass, the evening supplement is instead of 14€. Also, it is possible to buy a “night only” seasonal ski pass at 100€, and, if you already have a day pass, the price of the night one would be 80€.

The good news are that there are always some promotions during the season. Among these we can find the “free ski”, which can be enjoyed by those who stay at least 3 nights in the affiliated facilities. But, this pass will only be valid from the 9 to 26 of December, and then from 14 March to 18 April of 2022. During the holidays it will be available the “Magic of Christmas” promotion, where children up to 7 years and accompanied by two adults will have a free pass in the affiliated hotels.

Another discount is the “Family Plan”, in which the passes of the little ones of the family will have a 50% discount. This pass is only applicable when the family has bought at least two ski passes at full list price for 3 or more consecutive days. This pass is also valid for night skiing on the “Superpanoramica” with the same conditions.

Aprica ski resort map (Source: www.bergfex.es)