To build an igloo, walking with llamas, sledging on rails… The Hautacam leisure park is innovating once again to offer its visitors the opportunity to experience snow in all its forms. For an afternoon, become an Inuit and learn how to build an igloo. Or set off on an expedition, feet in the snow, accompanied by a rather unusual friend: a llama. And if you are looking for thrills, try your hand at rail sledging.

Dive into Inuit culture and learn how to build an igloo

The Hautacam leisure park offers you a unique experience, namely, to experience a life-size construction game : to build your won igloo. You will learn the different construction techniques in order to obtain a perfect result whilst having fun.

Image : igloo construction – Hautacam

Its dome-shaped form gives the construction a very solid foundation: each brick supports its adjacent bricks. The Inuit connected several igloos with each other to create large living spaces. Each small hut had its own purpose: kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Once your igloo is built, you will discover how it feels to be inside this ice shelter. You will test for yourself the insulating capacity of the snow against the cold. A physical phenomenon called “thermal conductivity” related to the fact that snow contains almost as much air as water.

Building an igloo, a suitable activity for the whole family!

Image : igloo building activity

Let’s go for a walk in the woods with a lovely llama!

Winter holidays are an opportunity to play outside, and the snow naturally creates an incredible playground. This is the perfect time to gain height and enjoy a walk in the woods in the company of a llama!

Image : having a walk in Hautacam with some llamas

Gilles and his llamas know the area perfectly. Under the friendly eye of Tio, Tchupi, Névé and Nahual, you will observe nature and progress to the rhythm of these charming quadrupeds.

Rail sledging: thrills and laughter guaranteed!

A holiday in the snow would not be a holiday without a good downhill sledge ride. Over the years, sledging has become an important part of winter activities. Fun and easy, it allows you to enjoy the snow without having to get on a ski board.

In the Hautacam leisure park, you can indulge in classic sledging but also experience the thrill of the Moutain Luge.

Image : Mountain Luge ride in Hautacam


The Mountain Luge is a sledge on rails to try out with the whole family for guaranteed thrills and laughter! The 700-metre-long descent is completely safe thanks to a two-seater sledge equipped with safety belts that runs on steel rails.

Using the brake handle, you can easily control your speed, the sledge can go from 10 to 45 km/h! Comfortable and safe, the Mountain Luge is accessible to children aged 3 and over – accompanied by an adult up to the age of 7 – and to people with reduced mobility.

Unusual family activity – Walking with llamas at Hautacam