Michaela Gerg is a former German alpine ski racer with an amazing professional background. The 55-year-old former professional athlete, who is in perfect physical shape, has decided to spend her vacations at the 5 * Resort Las Terrazas de Abama (Tenerife), teleworking to carry out all the solidarity projects that she has in hand, including a charity golf tournament: we tell you everything!


Golf, Michaela’s other passion and her reason for being in Tenerife

Michaela Greg is not only a snow and skiing lover; she is also passionate about golf. In fact, this has been the main reason for her trip to Abama: the former alpine ski runner is planning to organize together with Abama Solidaria a charity tournament at the resort, giving all the proceeds to the Schneekristalle Foundation.

During her stay at Abama, in addition to enjoying the excellent temperatures and incredible landscapes, she has practiced another of her favorite sports with her partner Achim Winter.

The truth is that golf has become a very safe sport against COVID-19 thanks to the great distances between players and the fact that it is an outdoor sport. “Every two days we play golf in the fantastic facilities of Abama Golf, enjoying the views of the sea and the neighboring island of La Gomera. I am also doing yoga and pilates with a personal trainer, a great service offered by Las Terrazas de Abama”, says Michaela.

Michaela Gerg former alpine skier teleworking and playing golf in Tenerife
Image: Michaela Greg and another of her great passions: golf.


Michaela Gerg’ solidarity projects

Michaela Gerg created the Schneekristalle Foundation in 2012, which helps socially disadvantaged and disabled children. In fact, in its first year of activity, the foundation was already able to favor 500 children. Since then, this number has been growing and nowadays they can help about 6,000 children. “My life partner Achim Winter helps me a lot with the project. Also, his daughter Vanessa supports me in my search for donors.” This foundation is the tip of the iceberg of many other solidarity projects that she has on her hands.

Michaela Gerg former alpine skier teleworking in Tenerife
Image: Michaela with her partner and partner Achim Winter in Tenerife.

Besides, Michaela is considering organizing a golf tournament for the benefit of the  Schneekristalle Foundation with the help of Abama Solidaria, an initiative that Abama Luxury Residences launched after the COVID-19 health crisis.

“We have in mind that that this project will be released in 2022. The idea is to invite about 80 international golfers and have it held at Abama Golf. As I am passionate about golf, I have a great list of potential participants that can complement regulars of this wonderful field. I believe that together we can create a dynamic event, which in the end will benefit not only the participants, but also many children in need.”


Teleworking has come to stay, even for athletes like Michaela

Michaela is one of the lucky ones who can carry out part of her work from anywhere in the world thanks to teleworking. “I can do it perfectly well here from the terrace or inside the apartment here in Tenerife. The temperature is wonderful, the sun provides light. I am even more motivated in such a great environment, something I needed. In fact, we are even considering buying a property here We are looking at some promotions for sale in this destination, because we would love it to be our second home.”

“It is the first time that I am away from home in winter and it is due to COVID-19. I should be in Lenggries now, where since 2008 I have run a ski school that integrates 60 instructors”, says Michaela Gerg. “In autumn, I am usually busy for weeks preparing the next ski season, but I have the opportunity to come to Canary Islands to telework because the start of the season has been delayed due to the general shutdown caused by the worsening of the pandemic.”

Michaela Gerg teleworking in Tenerife
Image: Michaela Gerg has decided to spend her vacations at Tenerife thanks to teleworking.

A most successful career

Today, we wanted to update you on Michaela Greg’s incredible resume so that you can get to know her a little more as a skier and as a person:

Michaela has participated in the Olympics four times (from 1984 to 1994), she has won four World Cup races and, in 1989, she took bronze at the World Cup in Super-G. In addition, between 1980 and 1996, she was ranked among the top 10 in the world more than 100 times and in fact, on 41 of these times, she was ranked in the top three! Michaela has not stopped moving within the world of sports.

Shortly after her professional retirement as an alpine ski racer, she worked as a commentator on television channels such as Eurosport and ZDF. Furthermore, since 2008 she has owned a ski school in her hometown of Lenggries.

alpine skier
Image: Michaela Greg, the former alpine ski racer, sliding down the slopes.