Spring and summer months are usually the ones chosen by couples to celebrate their dream wedding making sure that they are going to have a nice weather. However, getting married in winter season has a special charm, especially if you organize a wedding in the snow. Today we want to dedicate this post to all those couples who love skiing, mountains and snow.

Winter season always leaves us incredible landscapes covered with white snow creating a very romantic atmosphere. In addition, the beauty of a wedding in the snow, with the sensitivity that characterizes them, will not leave your guests indifferent.

We are sure that organizing a wedding in the snow is complicated, but it will be worth it. In addition, it will be much cheaper as it is the low season in the wedding sector!

However, due to the pandemic, outdoor weddings are increasingly being sought in order to breathe fresh air and maintain safe distances. Definitely, this is a perfect option for those who want a fairytale wedding.

For all these reasons, today we want to bring you here some ideas so that you can be inspired and organize the wedding of your dreams in the snow.


A wedding can be extended as long as the couple wish. It can last from one afternoon to three days and thus, enjoy even more the special meeting with family and friends. If you want to organize a wedding in the snow, you have to make your guests feel the special atmosphere of the mountains.

If your wedding guests are going to arrive the day before the wedding, you can organize an activity so that they can enjoy the charms of the high mountains.

The vast majority of ski resorts offer many other activities apart from skiing or snowboarding. You can opt for a ride with a dog sledge through the snowy forests. You can also organize a mountain dinner in a charming typical place either in the ski resort or in the village.

If you have the opportunity, another great idea is to have dinner or sleep in an igloo. In countries like Finland, there are hotels built in the shape of igloos with glass roofs to sleep under the stars.

Spectacular Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Hotel in Finland.

And if you are lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, your guests will be amazed!

Arctic Tree Hotel, Finland. The perfect hotel to see incredible Northern Lights.


When the big day arrives, surely you have been preparing for months so that everything goes perfectly.

It is preferable to celebrate a wedding in the mountains during the day in order to take advantage of the most beautiful hours of sun and higher temperatures.

In addition, celebrate an outdoor wedding sure to be a hit, but it is important to have a plan B in case there is a blizzard or snow, to take advantage of the majesty that snowy landscapes offer us.

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After the ceremony comes the banquet and the party. The ideal would be to serve typical gastronomy of the area. As for the decoration, the ideal would be to give it a mountainous and rustic style, but very romantic at the same time.

In this section, we want to leave you some wedding decoration ideas that you can use to create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding in the snow.


If the wedding cannot be celebrated outdoors due to weather problems or because you want to opt for a more sheltered and cozy place, there are a thousand decoration options to create a unique and special atmosphere. Here, we leave you some ideas:



Lighting always plays a very important role in any wedding. Use warm lights, candles, lanterns and winter elements to decorate the ceiling of the room, chairs, tables, etc. bringing a warm touch to the cold environment outside.



Try to follow a chromatic range that contrasts with the brown tones of the wood and the white of the snow (the main color), applying colors in green, reddish and ocher tones. You will be able to introduce elements of these colors into decoration, bride’s bouquet, gusts gifts and a long list that can range from the simplest to the most original!

Image 1: Details for the guests in ocher tones. Image 2: Rustic candy bar in reddish tones

Wedding decoration

Make use of elements that are reminiscent of the mountain to give the perfect touch to your centerpieces, invitations, etc. For example, a very original idea is to put seat indicators hooked to a pineapple or written on a small piece of wood.


You can enable different points where you can take photos to remember. There are a thousand options for mountain wedding decorations: decorate it with winter motifs and colors to make it look beautiful!


We are sure that within this great community of ski, nature and mountain lovers, many couples would like to celebrate one of the most important days of their lives this way. If we have inspired you for your big day, do not hesitate to tag us on social media so that we can see the beautiful photos of your wedding in the mountains.