Skijoering, cross-country skiing, snowga (a mix of yoga and snow) .. Although the opening of the ski lifts is still uncertain, many visitors did not hesitate to climb to the heights during these Christmas holidays to discover the incredible sports offer in Les Saisies… and it’s not about skiing!

Also, participating in physical activity promotes well-being and is good for morale. And the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly reinforced that sentiment. During the successive periods of confinement, teleworking has contributed to the increase in sedentary lifestyle by reducing active trips related to professional activity. French people seem to feel a greater need to move, to get fresh air and to discover new practices. And the example of the Les Saisies station confirms this.

In Les Saisies, winter sports offer is so wide that there is always something for everyone. “We have seen the emergence of a new public looking for large spaces and Nordic activities,

This crisis has had the merit of attracting new customers”

, confesses Noémie Marescal, Head of Communication at Les Saisies ski resort.

Cross-country skiing: an anti-COVID remedy

Usually, cross-country skiing is a relatively stable discipline in terms of participants, but this winter it is experiencing a new popularity. During these Christmas holidays, Les Saisies ski resort saw the arrival of new practitioners to its Nordic area.

Snow, sun and reception conditions certainly have something to do with it. The station is also a benchmark in terms of Nordic activities, since in 1992 it hosted the cross-country skiing and biathlon events of the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games.

Image: Cross-country skiing ©B.Bernaert-LesSaisies

Les Saisies cross-country ski area, known as the 4 Firs of Nordic France Site of Excellence, has 17 routes and 120 km of slopes.

Regardless of your level, there are several techniques to learn cross-country skiing and Nordic sliding at Les Saisies. In “classic” or “skating” mode, cross-country skiing is a complete sport that allows body and mind to move on and off.

Introduction to ski touring: the new Leash slope

The lack of available ski lifts has reinforced, once again, the growing enthusiasm for this discipline. In order to meet the voracious demand of these new practitioners, the Saisies ski resort offers a track with a drop of 350 m. The free access track “Leash” is ideal for exploring ski touring in white paradise.

This trail, accessible from the Gentiane chairlift, allows you to climb at the pace of each skier in complete safety. Once at the top, there are several routes to choose from to go down!

Ski touring immerses the skier in a completely new experience. Learn to handle seal skins (100% synthetic): stick and remove them, perform various maneuvers and no climbing or conversions… new explorers are able to discover the secrets of this practice before undertaking the attack on the great forests of Les Saisies. Part of the route that runs between pines, the arrival at the top, the sunset over Mont Blanc… it is incredibly special and magical! The descent is made by a blue slope to finish the initiation.

To enjoy this new practice, it is recommended to be supervised by a professional to learn the technical bases and essential safety rules in the mountain: equipment and rules for the use of the avalanche transceiver, weather conditions, etc.

Skihok: combined gliding at Les Saisies

Skihok is a discipline that will make you a “nature backpacker”! Reviewed by Canadians, this new practice combines ski touring and snowshoeing to get off the beaten track.

This new discipline will allow you to explore the great outdoors. The equipment is made up of short and wide skis that are highly maneuverable on which sealskins (100% synthetic) can be glued.

With skihok, you no longer need ski touring boots! With simple walking shoes and a free heel, it has never been so much fun to venture onto groomed slopes, between snowy forests and mountain pastures.

Aerial image of the Saisies resort

What is the goal of the game? Combine descents, climbs and long crossings. Day and night, this activity can be practiced from 10/12 years old. Les Saisies ski resort organizes initiation sessions or walks according to the skier level. Sports offer at Les Saisies is very wide!

Skijoering: a Scandinavian air blows in Les Saisies!

Skijoering, a discipline historically practiced in the Nordic countries, is offered to all nature lovers from the age of 4.

If you practice horse-towed skiing, you will be filled with unexpected sensations combining riding and sliding, even if you are not a rider. Skijoering is an excellent way to have fun, to enjoy the winter landscapes and get to know this great equine (which is a symbol of freedom). This activity can be practiced in baptism, course or walk.

Imagen: Les Saisies – For more information, click HERE.

“Snowga” (yoga and snow). Take time to recharge the batteries

Doing yoga in the snow and in the heights is a timeless experience to let yourself be completely carried away. With Hélène Durand, mountain guide, the “snowga” begins with a hike with snowshoes, in a snowy Beaufortain landscape.

A warm-up to calm your mind and become aware of your body. Then, you will need to remove your snowshoes to perform breathing exercises and yoga poses. The fresh and healthy air of the altitude multiplies by ten the benefits: better balance, concentration, fluid breathing and strengthening of the immune system.

Image: Snowyoga Les Saisies

Sports offer and sliding activities is still long in Les Saisies, with fatbike, twister mountain slide, sled dogs and tree-climbing route for an adventure in an exceptional environment.

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