Are you looking for an unusual activity to do this winter? Are you looking ideas of ​​some activities to practice with the family? Discover the tour: walking with llamas on the Hautacam ridges.

An unusual activity to enjoy with the family

 Cows, horses and sheep stay all summer on the Hautacam mountain. Crisscrossing between heather and juniper trees. The cattle roam freely through a curvaceous summer pasture as one gazes over the wide open spaces of the Gavarnie valleys.

The heights of the Hautacam area are easily accessible and offer an incredible view over the Argeles-Gazost valley and the Pyrenean peaks.

This easy, high-altitude walk offers a large-scale panorama of the valleys and summits of the territory, the opportunity to dream of future discoveries in Val d’Azun, in the Argelès, Cauterets or Gavarnie valley.

Walking with llamas is an amazing family activity, easy and fun for all, where you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of the Gavarine valleys. The perfect way to enjoy a sunny day.

Panoramic views of Hautacam walking with llamas
Image: Panoramic views of Hautacam walking with llamas

Discover Nature through the eyes of animals

In these turbulent times, what could be more precious than learning (or relearning) the essentials. Taking part in this unusual family activity offers you a free-spirited walk, away from the hassle of everyday life, suitable for all ages and walking paces. Nature offers us a range of landscapes that we rarely take the time to see, rich and calming.

Step into a “Animal-Nature-Human” triangle and discover nature through the eyes of these animals. You will get to enjoy the llama in its natural habitat, and find a sense of balance between nature and your place in the landscape.

The llama is a calm animal, sensitive to this happy medium between the wild and the domestic. He is unlike any other and his presence very quickly becomes evident by our side. Funny, peaceful, athletic and a good companion, they win the hearts of all.

A family walking with llamas on a Hautacam ridge
Image: A family walking with llamas on a Hautacam ridge


Walking with llamas, the details:

For an afternoon, discover Mother Nature through the gaze of the camel family, and the Hautacam massif accompanied by Tio, Tchupi, Névé and Nahual.

  • Walks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. during school holidays.
  • Walks on Wednesdays and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. outside school holidays.
  • Make a reservation at: (+33) 626 23 83 24
  • The price includes the walk + 2 mountain toboggan tours.
family walking with llamas at Hautacam
Image: An unusual activity: Walking with llamas at Hautacam

A real open-air playground, the Hautacam leisure park offers many activities for the whole family. Fans of Nordic activities can practice cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, while beginners can make their first turns on the beginner slope accessible by the magic carpet. The igloo building activity will also be up and running as well as the iniciation of the biathlon. Not to mention, the secure toboggan area and of course the Mountain Luge.

As a reminder, wearing a mask is mandatory as well as respecting distances.

Rental shops will be open and they will be selling hot drinks, sodas, pancakes and waffles to take away throughout the day.

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