We know that hair, whether we wear it short or long, exposing it to humidity, the cold and snow, we are not going to get very far. Add to that when skiing or snowboarding we have to stuff our hair into a hat, flatten everything down, and stay like that for the day. Well with that in mind, today we’ve prepared some comfortable hairstyles for those of us with short hair.

Above all else, comfort: Short hair!

When combing our hair, we are looking, above all, for comfort so that you can put on your hat, glasses and helmet without problems and that it does not get into your face and bother you all the time. In a previous post, we told you that braids are one of the best solutions to go skiing. But what about those of us with short hair? Don’t worry, today we are here to show you which hairstyles are perfect for your short hair.

Short haircuts are all the rage, styles like the bob, pixie or even lob style. Celebrities like Jessica Chastin, Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens have all been seen with bob haircuts. Others like Katy Perry, Michelle Williams or Úrsula Corberó have bet on the pixie style. While the lob style is being worn by actresses like Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone.

A few months ago, the influencer Alexandra Pereira also joined this latest trend and cut her hair short. A few weeks later she left us a video on her IGTV where she explained how she made the waves to always wear her short hair perfect. It is an ideal hairstyle, very simple, comfortable and practical, great for taking to the snow.

Accessories to succeed with your short hair

Another way to style your short hair is by using accessories such as scarves, bandanas or turbans. They are the perfect accessory for skiing because they allow you to remove the hair from your face without having to tie it back.

In addition, as it covers your forehead, it keeps you warm, something always appreciated when skiing.


Another ideal hairstyle for short hair is braids, but instead of the boxer style, using all the hair, you can make the braids just at the fringe. This way you remove the hair just from your face and eyes, so that it does not bother you, not to mention making you very cute.

women's short hair with braids
Image: braids with short hair

You can also do a semi-updo. Wild bows are all the rage and it won’t take you long to get one together. You just need a scrunchy and lots of bobby pins.

Hairstyles for short hair: pixie style

If you wear a more pixie hairstyle, there are two ways you can wear it. One, using a styling product, combing your wet hair with your fingers, giving it a wild touch.

Pixie hair-style with hair gel
Image: Tousled Pixie Hairstyle

Or, two, you can blow-dry all your hair forward, leaving it straight.

pixie hair-style
Image: short hair pixie style hairstyle

With these ideas for hairstyles, whether your hair is short or long, you no longer have an excuse not to be comfortable and comfortable skiing.