When going skiing, we love to feel comfortable and warm. However, we all know that we also love to glide down the slopes wearing quality and stylish ski clothing. In addition, it is a common fact that going skiing requires a large initial investment (quality clothing, equipment, forfaits, accommodation …). Therefore, today we want to show you several brands that you might already know (such as Lidl or Decathlon), ranging from the most affordable prices to the highest. Going skiing is accessible for all budgets, you just have to look for the option that suits you the best!

Young brands are here to stay

These brands are part of the wide spectrum of companies that have seen in winter sports a good opportunity to position themselves, in the same way as Salomón or Rossignol. However, the so-called “young brands” entered in the winter sports market ten years ago, thanks to the support of their extensive distribution network.


The German food giant Lidl has created Crivit. Faithful to its company philosophy and brand concept, its commercialization is based on flash sales, which we already talked about in 2015: “Sales start on a fixed day and end when there is no stock. The products on offer are subject to the most demanding quality controls, all our products guarantee the same quality as all other recognized brands in the ski sector, they are only marketed at lower prices thanks to the business model of Lidl” (Arantxa Conde from the communication department of Lidl Spain).

In this article, we have already told you which ones were our favorite options of the brand. Some of them are ski shirts, thermal underpants, ski jackets and even their specific technical socks for women, all at a very affordable price and made of very good quality.

Our favorites from Crivit (Lidl).


Wed’ze quickly gained notoriety positioning itself as the little sister of Quechua, the hiking brand of the giant Decathlon. Since 2006, the French brand Sport for All decided strategically to separate from the sports section, giving birth to Wed’ze, a ski and snowboard brand. Here we shew you everything about both brands!

Its distribution is totally different from Crivit’s. The products are in stock throughout the season and are integrated into the Ski / Sliding stores department. The brand develops a wide range of products, from textiles to equipment such as skis, snowboards, apreski footwear, etc.

Our favorites from Wed’ze.

Value for money, the strong point of view of both brands

The common ground of brands such as Lidl or Decathlon is, undoubtedly, their excellent quality-time relationship between quality and price. Thanks to their Research and Development department, which are committed to quality control, and due to their large-scale production process , they are able to offer prices that are difficult to improve through other distribution and sales channels. The retail giants are massively participating in the democratization of winter sports equipment by providing quality equipment, both in textile equipment and in hard material (skis, snowboards, poles, boots).


Brands we already know are also committed to ski fashion

Although it was thought that the democratization of skiing would come exclusively from the overcrowding of price-sensitive practitioners, the luxury sector is unexpectedly added to this phenomenon, and is also actively participating in its commitment to winter sports. and obviously, with the target set in a public with high purchasing power.

At its shows in June and July 2018, Chanel company launched its new Coco Neige collection, a range exclusively dedicated to winter sports, snow and après-ski.

Much more than ski

Bags, jewelry, afterski shoes, glasses, etc. Under the leadership of its artistic director, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel presented the Coco Neige collection for the first time. A logical continuation of Gabrielle Chanel’s attraction to outdoor activities and the regular presence of sportswear in Chanel collections. The house even released its own skis and snowboards several years ago!

Chanel skis. Image from Pinterest.

Coco Neige collection from Chanel

Coco Neige reinterprets the mountains atmosphere by adapting Chanel codes: masculine / feminine inspirations, tweed and leather and quilting work set the tone for this line with slim, sporty silhouettes.

Satin, wool, velvet tweed with fringes, both denim and leather are combined with water-repellent, waterproof and windproof materials, with sealed seams and reinforced protections to fully enjoy the snowy slopes and of course, the terraces afterwards of skiing.

Coco Neige infuses the attitude and style of Chanel through a palette of black and white colors. Camellia, braid, collar and pocket of the tailored jacket pass in a refined sobriety. Each garment is designed to be able to go skiing and surfing in a elegant way without compromising the suitability of these garments in situations of low temperatures and precipitation, providing maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Suede mittens, denim caps, nylon chapkas and wool berets add an urban touch to the collection. As for shoes, two-tone sheep wool boots, hiking boots with laces and tweed or nylon hooks, and leather boots with long bristles were designed for strolling in the station. Maison Chanel has taken care of all the details: bags, for example, will have pride of place on the altitude terraces. The glasses, finally, were designed for the mountains.

A pilot frame with 18-karat white gold lenses guarantees maximum protection against solar radiation and glare from snow. Its titanium structure guarantees great resistance to impact, hypoallergenic and protection of the skin against the cold.

coco neige
Image from www.chanel.com

Winter sports for all social classes

The Larousse defines the word “democratize” as the action of “making something accessible to all social classes, being available to all“. Currently, we are witnessing a true democratization of winter sports, with a demonstrated desire on the part of the main brands to reach all social classes, from the most to the least favored.

Snow holidays are an expensive hobby and not everyone can afford the investment of a ski holiday. Main brake: the budget. 29% report that the price is too high. 43% accommodation fee too expensive (source: francetvinfo.fr).

Ski for everyone: influencers joining this movement

As we tell you in this post, every year an increasingly number of influencers decide to spend their winter holidays in the mountains, sliding down the slopes and dressed up in the most chic and spectacular garments.


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As you have seen, anything goes on the ski slopes when it comes to fashion and trends. The most important thing is to choose both the option that best suits your pockets and that best suits your figure. If you achieve this, all you have left is to enjoy the snow, the mountains and the sun!