When we go skiing, we expose our skin to cold, sun and a lot of external factors that mistreat it. Therefore, as we show you in this post, it is very important to hydrate and protect our skin carefuly if we are going to ski. In today’s article, we present our favorite bio cosmetic products in order to take care of our skin and give it a much more beautiful and luminous appearance.

Why use organic creams

Our skin absorbs all the products we apply to it. Therefore, it is very important to try and avoid chemicals that can damage it. Manufacturers try to use Natural bio cosmetics instead of chemical products, as they are substances that are more similar to our skin and are absorbed easily without damaging the dermis.

We are able to find all kind of elements that are really good for the care of our skin in nature. For example, to get our skin hydrated after being in contact with the cold and wind that we deal with while we are skiing, we just have to look for organic products that contain banana or avocado. Snail slime or aloe vera are two other examples of natural elements that are good for our skin. They are good for healing wounds and burns, and also very powerful moisturizers, acne fighters, stretch marks healers, etc.

Benefits of using bio cosmetics and organic products

By using this kind of bio cosmetics that do not contain any type of chemical, we get a series of benefits. The most important ones are:

  • By applying small quantities of the organic product, we will experience a big change. Therefore, these type of creams last longer than conventional ones.
  • With these creams we will achieve a softer and less aggressive effect on our skin than chemical creams provide us with.
  • By not using chemicals, you can reduce the problems that other types of unnatural creams can cause, such as dryness, redness and irritation in certain areas.
  • Not only are they more beneficial for our dermis than those that have chemicals, but they are also useful at a mental and emotional level since their aromatic and medicinal qualities come from plants, so they have beneficial effects for our body.
  • They are more effective. By containing essential oils, they penetrate directly into the skin until they reach the bloodstream, therefore we will see the effect faster.
  • And, last but not least, these ecological cosmetics respect the environment.

How to know if the product is truly ecological

It is very important to be sure that bio cosmetics and organic products we are going to use are truly ecological. In some cases, we find creams that are called natural because they use products that actually come from nature, but they also make use of chemical substances, and therefore, they cannot be considered ecological any longer.

To not be fooled, we must take into account five aspects that will ensure that the product is ecological:

  • Cosmos Ecocert logo: the assembly responsible for certifying that a cream is organic is Ecocert. Cosmos is the logo that establishes the control parameters that creams must have so that they can be considered organic or bio. These two logos must appear together on the product’s label.
Logo ecocert
Image: Cosmos Ecocert logo

– Packaging:every product which is considered ecological must follow a strict packaging process. The packaging of these products must be environmentally friendly and must make use of recycled and recyclable materials.

– Ingredients:for a cream to be considered organic, 95% of its ingredients must be of natural origin, and in addition to this 95%, 20% must be obtained from an organic crop.

– Asterisks:what do asterisks mean when they appear next to the ingredients? When we look at the composition of our product, we need to make sure that those substances that come from an organic crop have an asterisk next to them. This is because those substances that have undergone a chemical process will have two asterisks next to the ingredient.

– Traceability:this section refers to the relationship that cosmetic companies have with the producers of their cosmetic substances. With traceability we can learn the journey through which the plants have gone from their cultivation to their processing, as well as if the trading conditions are fair or not.

3 brands of bio cosmetics

We present a series of brands that only work with ecological and sustainable products below:

Paradisi in Sole

It is a small brand that has 100% natural and organic cosmetics and is relatively new. Its products do not contain parabens, mineral oils (paraffins, petrolatum, petrolatum, silicones, SLG, etc.), or derivatives of animal origin, allergens, dyes, synthetic preservatives, or fragrances.

In addition, its containers are recyclable and made of violet crystal, which means they block the passage of light and prolong the preservation of the product, preventing essential oils from losing their effectiveness.

The organic hydrating cream of Paradisi in Soleo and the organic regenerating elixir are two of its star products.

Image: Paradisi in Sole.

Freshly Cosmetics

It is a brand that uses more than 99% of high-quality natural ingredients and active ingredients, in addition to being vegan and sustainable.

Some of the natural active ingredients that they use are plankton complex that increases elasticity and firmness, marula oil to treat stretch marks, chia seed oil with a high concentration of omega 3, rosehip oil for the treatment of scars and sagging, jojoba oil that provides elasticity, softness and firmness, or macadamia oil that prevents skin aging, among many others.

One of the products found in its top sales section is the Golden Radiance Body Oil.

It is a 100% natural body oil. Its composition includes high quality vegetable oils such as virgin marula, organic babassu, organic jojoba, rosehip, organic hazelnut, macadamia or virgin chia. In addition, it incorporates two microalgae technologies that act as a potent reducer, anti-cellulite, antioxidant and skin photo aging protector.


They use ingredients from organic farms such as sweet almond oil, organic chamomile and organic lily. None of its products contain parabens, SLS, phenoxyethanol, dyes, formaldehyde, phthalates, triclosan, or ingredients of animal origin.

It is a totally transparent brand that provides the information of the origin of the ingredients used for the preparation of their products.

In addition, they are members of the UEBT, a distinction that supports the high quality of their products and sustainable work throughout the value chain.

One of its most outstanding products is the Onagra Redensifying Concentrated Serum.

It is useful to strengthen, revitalize and fill the skin, making it visibly firmer, smoother and brighter. In addition, it activates cell renewal and reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles. It is an elixir of immediate tensor effect.

The evening primrose used to make this product comes from North America. Evening primrose flower was traditionally used by the Indians for its nutritional and therapeutic virtues.

So, if you are looking for an ideal and effective product for your skin still to look perfect after a day in the snow, organic cosmetic products should be a safe bet.

Thanks to them, you will obtain better results than the ones achieved using creams with chemicals. In addition, their properties will bring your body all kinds of benefits in a completely natural way… and you will be helping the environment!