Baqueira Beret has taken the first step and formalised their kick off to this year’s winter season. The Val d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu ski resorts will open from second week of December, while advance ticket purchase will begin even sooner. Weather permitting, based on the levels of snow, it will open the Baqueira area while adhering to the sanitary measures established by the local authorities.

It should be noted that in Catalonia, the current epidemiological situation continues to steadily improve. The Generalitat de Catalunya, local government, made public its de-escalation plan in several phases last Thursday. The first phase is set to begin on Monday, the 23rd of November while the second phase should come into effect on December 7th. Regarding mobility, the weekend confinement should change from being municipal to being regional. However, the closure of the Catalonian perimeter and the current curfew will be maintained. The good news is that Catalans and locals will be allowed to ski in the Baqueira area.

Baqueira Beret, at an altitude of 1,500 & 2,510 meters
Image: Baqueira Beret, at an altitude of 1,500 & 2,510 meters

Baqueira Beret will open the 2020-2021 season the second week of December

Winter 2020-2021 will officially begin in Baqueira Beret on December 11th. During these first weeks, the Aranesa ski resort will manage the maximum capacity numbers in a flexible way. It will adapt to the regulations as well as to the operational capacity of each moment.

Tickets will only be able to be purchased at the on-site ticket offices if the daily capacity has not been exceeded: advance purchase is recommended.

BaqueiraPASS holders with a seasonal pass (General Rate) will have guaranteed access. This will also apply to advance sale customers of the daily BaqueiraPASS and BaqueiraTICKET who recharge their passes online. At the ticket office, ski passes can only be purchased if the daily capacity limit has not been exceeded, so advance purchase is recommended.


Starting from November 30th, Baqueira suggests that customers recharge their ski passes online. Recharging online will help customers ensure their winter holidays due to capacity restrictions on the slopes. The station will update regularly through its website about the kinds of passes available for sale and their different dates.

Image: preparation for the slopes in advance of the 2020 winter season opening.

Limited spaces available, first come first served

The number of ski passes for sale will be limited based on several factors, including:

  • Operational plan
  • Local regulations
  • Weather conditions
  • History of visitor rates

In this way, the team at Baquiera can estimate the safest number of skiers to accommodate physical distancing rules. The opening of the season at one of the flagship resorts of the Pyrenees will be gradual and progressive, providing quality and safety to all skiers who come enjoy the resort. Remember in order to guarantee your ski trip to Baqueira Beret this season, purchase your ticket in advance.

Gradual opening of the Baqueira Beret areas

The gradual process begins in the first week where they are planning to only open the Baqueira area. Then from the 21st of December and on, the station will open all areas of the skiable sectors, as long as weather conditions allow them to do so.

On a practical level, the accesses to the station that will be put into operation as of December 11 will be Baqueira 1500, Ruda, Tanau and Orri. The restaurants in operation will be the Baqueira Bar 1500, the Bosque cafeteria in 1800, the Moët Winter Lounge in Orri and the Haägen Dazs in Ruda.

Get ready for the opening of Baqueira Beret: Advance tickets available from Nov 30th
Image: Get ready for the opening of Baqueira Beret: Advance tickets available from Nov 30th

This season, think about the purchase of your ticket in advance

 The rechargeable support for BaqueiraPASS is available now to skiers and snowboarders who want to enjoy the slopes of Baqueira Beret. Once requested, it will arrive to your house within a maximum period of 72 hours. From November 30th on, the online rechargeable process will operate on a day by day basis. Users who opt to use the ski resort’s mobile APP will enjoy exclusive services. Most importantly they will be able to easily recharge their ski pass. Alternatively, the official website of the station can be used:

If you want to know more about the BAQUEIRAPASS, here is an article that explains its characteristics and prices: Technological news in Baqueira: the arrival of the BaqueiraPASS.

Special advantages of using the BaqueiraPASS 

The BaqueiraPASS, which can be recharged both seasonally and on a daily basis, is the star of any winter as it offers many advantages. In addition to its online request and receive using home delivery, it allows the client to obtain and manage exclusive benefits, available through their own private area. From your digital device, you can make a reservation at the station’s restaurants, benefit from a special daily charge rate and enjoy a discount on box office prices, etc.

The physical support sent to your house is valid for 3 winters and the online recharge can be done seasonally or daily, buying from 1 to 7 days of skiing, always consecutive, offering cheaper rates than the general ones.

On the other hand, the transferable ski pass of the station is the BaqueiraTICKET is valid for the entire season. The BaqueiraTICKET can be collected at the Val d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu ticket offices as well as other affiliated establishments of the area. From November 30th you can recharge online between 1 to 7 days, whilst always being consecutive days. The most practical way to do it will be through the Baqueira Beret APP by scanning the integrated QR code or barcode. It is very practical for families and groups of friends because now multiple BaqueiraTICKETs are rechargeable from the APP in one go and by a single person. You can also recharge using the Baqueira website, although, for now, only individually.

Finally, at the station ticket offices you can purchase special rate passes (afternoon visits, walking visits, beginner level passes). In the case of day passes, BaqueiraTICKET’s will be delivered already recharged to offer the customer the possibility of recharging online on their next visit.