The Gavarnie Gèdre / Hautacam ski pass, valid for this 2020 – 2021 season, is back in full force this fall! Building on last year’s success (+ 39% in sales compared to the previous season), the Pyrenean ski resorts of Hautacam and Gavarnie Gèdre have once again concocted the perfect season pass. Whether you are passionate about skiing or just a dabbler, this package is made for you!!!

When the winter approaches, most ski enthusiasts take an interest in a season pass and above all, wonder, is worth the money? For those familiar with the stations of Hautacam and Gavarnie, this question does not even beg asking, and even less so this year.

The season pass is a ticket designed for skiers who have grown attached to their resort. Gavarnie and Hautacam are small resorts, and skiing in the same place can sometimes be boring. That’s why, through this pass, we want to spice things up, and extend accessibility to other ski areas “, explains Vincent Tassart, President of STEM International.

A Season ski pass created by, and for 2 resorts

The ski resorts of Gavarnie and Hautacam are managed by the company STEM international, chaired by Vincent Tassart. STEM has been managing the operation of these two ski areas as a Public Service Delegation since 2016.

A Cradle of Pyreneanism and heir to a long mountain tradition, the ski resort of Gavarnie-Gèdre was created in 1971, and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this winter! The resort offers a grandiose high mountain backdrop unrivaled in the Pyrenees. Its exceptional panorama over the Brèche de Roland and the 3000 meters that surround it, include the Vignemale, the highest point in the French Pyrenees (3298 m). It will make you dizzy.

Gavarnie Gèdre Ski Station
Gavarnie Gèdre Ski Station

Suitable for all levels, the ski area offers 28 slopes. The bottom of the slopes welcome beginners with three ski lifts to learn how to ski gradually. Gavarnie Gèdre also offers beginners the opportunity to try out, with complete confidence, slopes on the mountains. There are reassuring routes, accessible via the Labas Blanc and Pic des Tentes chairlifts, to slide from the top to the foot of the slopes.

A natural and unspoiled resort, the Hautacam leisure park offers 20 kilometers of runs, totaling 16 routes. Whether a Beginner or an expert, Hautacam offers dynamism, plenty of scenery, ease of access & authenticity. It all begins in the Cardouet sector. At your disposal is an initiation mat with a secure slope for less experienced skiers. Two ski lifts offer learners the joy of taking a ski lift with ease.

Enjoy Hautacam ski pass at their leisure park
Hautacam leisure park

The Naouit sector is THE sector for the more experienced. Between forests, virgin snow and ideally groomed slopes, the advanced skier will find pleasure there. All with the added bonus of incredible views of the Pyrenees.

A ski pass in the Pyrenees… for the Pyrenees!!!

Beyond having unlimited access to the Hautacam and Gavarnie-Gèdre ski areas (subject to weather, snow and sanitary conditions), this package offers a host of advantages. A 10% discount will be given to you in stores selling accessories and equipment rental in Gavarnie and Hautacam as well as on food products.

Acquiring a season pass is, for some, synonymous with “being stuck skiing in the same ski area”. Rest assured, the Hautacam and Gavarnie-Gèdre ski resorts have understood this well and now give you the chance to discover other ski areas all along the Pyrenees chain.

The Hautacam / Gavarnie Gèdre ski pass, valid for the 2020 – 2021 season includes:

Laguiole ski resort
Laguiole ski resort
  • As a bonus, the Formiguères ski resort was added to this already long list. “Through this agreement, we wanted to give a nod to our former employee Vincent Daniel who has just arrived at the management of the Formiguères resort. Skiers will therefore be able to discover this resort this winter thanks to our Season pass”, explains Vincent Tassart.
  • The package also includes après-ski and provides free entry to the Gèdre ice rink throughout the winter.


Skiing in France and internationally

Thanks to this Gavarnie Gèdre / Hautacam “multi-resort” season ski pass, holders will also have access to 240km of slopes in Andorra for 6 days. There will be no time wasting either as holders of the ski pass will have direct access to the slopes. Thanks to the season pass, there will be no need to go to the ticket office, a significant argument in these times of COVID.

The 6 days in Andorra can be used as follows:

  • 3 days of free skiing, to be used consecutively or not on the Domaine de Grandvalira,
  • 3 days of free skiing in Ordino-Arcalis, under the same conditions.

In addition to these “skiing” advantages, a 10% reduction will be granted to those who use the Hotel Panda, located at the foot of the slopes in Pas de la Casa, off-peak, in low and middle seasons.

And if you prefer to explore unknown territories, the ski resort of Platak in Croatia, between sky and sea, welcomes you for 5 free days of skiing, either consecutive or not.

Platak ski resort - Croatia
Platak ski resort – Croatia

This international touch is above all the result of personal relationships. We have very good relations with these resorts and we wanted to share it with our customers. It is a dream opportunity to be able to discover other destinations. Especially far away ski areas”, explains Vincent Tassart.


Ambassador status for holders of Gavarnie Gèdre / Hautacam ski passes

Each year brings something new! The 2020 – 2021 season pass now entitles you to Ambassador status. This status allows two relatives to benefit from a reduced-price day pass (or two day passes for one person)!

– In Gavarnie: an adult day pass would cost € 21 instead of € 29 during school holidays / € 23 excluding holidays and a child day pass would cost € 18 instead of €24.50 during school holidays / € 23 excluding holidays.

– At Hautacam: an adult day pass would cost € 16.50 instead of € 21 and a child day pass would cost € 12.5 instead of € 17.50.

Multi ski pass hautacam & Gavarnie

Tic Toc! Only a few days left to take advantage of a 30% discount on the Season pass

Despite the health crisis we are going through, the announcement of a future vaccine brings some reassurance to the heart. What better way to enjoy the coming winter season with calm and take advantage of this period of special offers. This rings even more true since compensation arrangements have been provided for in the event of re-containment.

Sports lovers can purchase the season pass with a 30% discount before November 29, 2020.

To order your Gavarnie / Hautacam Season ski pass at the preferential rate before November 29, nothing could be simpler! Go to the Hautacam website or the Gavarnie Gèdre website to order online or contact the Hautacam sales department at: 0033 (0) 675.42.97.27 or Gavarnie-Gèdre at: 0033 (0 ) 685.57.65.90