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    • The best stylish skiwear brands for women and men in 2022 

As you already know, at I love Ski, we are passionate about mountains, snow and everything that has to do with skiing. Also, we love fashion and we are always up to date when it comes to trends. For this reason, today we bring you the 100 most famous ski clothing brands and mountain sports brands. Being in the snow and ski resorts, doesn’t have to be at odds with style and comfort.
Here we provide you a list of all the winter sports clothing brands, and if you click on them, the link will take you directly to the clothing brand that you want to know more about. Here we go!


Alpina is a famous clothing brand within the ski industry that was created in 1980. The brand designs and develops exclusive world-class products, focusing mainly in accesories; being all of them equipped with advanced technologies that provide protection and a unmatched style. Alpina is recognized for its creative and innovative solutions.

Among the brand’s products you can find ski helmets, ski goggles and body protection snow clothing. In addition, each type of product from this ski clothing brand is complemented by specific technology that ensures not only your safety, but also your comfort.


Arc`teryx is a company with global design company based in North Vancouver, Canada. Created in 1989, Arc’teryx specializes in clothing, outerwear and high performance technical equipment. It is known for its leading innovations in skiing, climbing and alpine technology.

A curious fact: both the name and the logotype of the brand are inspired in the Archeopteryx Lithographica, the first reptile that developed feathers to fly thousands of years ago.


Analog is a clothing brand which has a collection that includes snow wear, urban clothing (t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, shorts, swimsuits, accessories, etc.). It was founded by Burton in 1998 as an exclusive collection of men’s outerwear. In fact, in that moment the collection consisted of only three pieces. Due to the incredible success of this collection, Burton decided to make Analog an independent brand.


The ski clothing brand called Aperture offers everything from socks to snowboards. All its products combine high quality with trendy and affordable designs. This brand’s winter sports clothing lines are available for both men and women.

Among its ski appareal, the brand’s jackets stand out above all else. Their technology ensures that while you can be totally protected from the wind and the weather while wearing an stylish outfit. In fact, their designs are inspired in a streetwear silhouette and they have adjustable hoods and snow guards to protect you from the snow.


Armada is a versatile clothing brand which encompasses a wide range of products, shapes and styles. From its ski and snowboard equipment collection to its models specifically designed for park, mountain and touring, through its technical underwear colletion; Armada offers a wide variety of products and colletions for women, men and teenage that are equally appropriate to to the street or to the mountains. In fact, this brand not only offers a range of winter sport clothes, but also offers a wide variety of products for summer.


In 1955, Alois Rohrmoser created one of the best ski clothing brands that, at that time, produced about 40 pairs a year. 10 years later, the brand had grown amazingly and had increased its offer of innovative products and alpine ski equipment. In 2013, 1.6 millions pairs of skis were made in its factories, becoming the first international manufacturer. Nowadays Atomic offers not only ski boots, poles, helmets, protectors but also a wide range of technical ski and alpine skiing clothing.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that its clothes have such good qualities that professional winter sports athletes have even worn them in competitions. Among them are the American Mikaela Shriffin, the Austrian Marco Odermatt or the French Tess Ledeux.

Aztech Mountain

Created in 2013 by David Roth and Heifara Rutgers in Aspen, Aztech Mountain is a brand of high-performance winter sportswear that its roots in ski appareal. This clothing brand specializes in the creation of clothes technically designed for adventure, and that not only satisfy the functional necesities of skiers, but also is elegant and comfortable for this sport.

Among their designs you can find classic and elegant pieces or the complete opposite, as there are also fun and colourful garments. Whichever style you prefer, Aztech Mountain is one of those ski clothing brands that guarantees elegance through its refined cuts and effortless fits.

Belong Designs

Belong Desings offers a wide variety of sports clothing and accessories of high-performance and innovative designs for men and women. It is a clothing brand that not only commercializes mountain products, but also sells running clothes (for either a marathon or some coffee with friends). In 2013, this brand was born in the Rocky Mountains by Mark Grubbs, Shamus McNutt and Ben Thomson.


Billabong is an Australian company created in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant in Queensland, Australia, which nowadays is present in more than 100 countries all over the world. The company started selling bathing suits in 1977, thanks to its success, it increased its offer and started offering a wide variety of sports and urban products with a surf influence. Despite bathing suits still being its flagship product, Billabong also offer a big winter sports collection.

In the brand’s collections dedicated to winter sports clothing you can find coats, trousers, accessories or even thermal clothing layers that will keep you totally warm. In addition, the wide variety of bright colours offered by this brand ensure fun adventures in the snow in a totally cool style.


Blauer was created in Boston in 1936 to supply technical clothing for the police, navy, military and many other armed forces. Nowadays, the clothing brand reinterprets the concept of the historical uniform in order to adapt it to current men and women, who are sensitive to quality and high-performance materials. You will be able to find in this brand adecuate clothing for every meteorological condition, innovative models, technical jackets and compact and ultra-light down jackets.


Willy Bogner Senior, cross-country skier and ski jumper, created the Bogner brand in 1932. Its story began in a small workshop in a backyard in Munich, but the ski clothing brand soon started having a great global success. Nowadays, it has become one of the leading companies in the sports fashion sector, and it is spread in more than 30 countries all around the world. Its wide variety of products and collections of luxury sports clothing are synonymous of sportsmanship, quality and exclusivity.

In the brand’s skiwear collection, the motto “a winter full of colour” is present in all of its garments. It is also interesting that you can buy the total ski look, so all the pieces match, or you can buy the trousers or jacket separately as is often the case with other brands. In addition, they have separated in their web which products should be on the first, second or third layer, so you can be totally protected from the weather by followint the three-layers theory.

Black Crows

Created in 2005 by Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, Black Crows has become a reference among freeskiers all over the world. This brand focuses on designs with a simple but effective approach, proposing high-performing and versatile ski, that does not compromise identity or design.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Equipment is an equipment company for climbing, skiing and mountain sports. With its headquarters in Utah, United States, it was created by the mountaineer Yvon Chouinard. It is another brand that started in a backyard, since 1957 it represents the spirit of the mountain sports that we practice and live, its values ​​and goals, its past, present and future.


Bonfire Outerwear is a winter sports clothing brand that started more than 30 years ago and is deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest. The brand commercializes ski jackets and pants for both men and teenagers.

A curious fact: this brand owes its name to the passion for the mountains and snow of its owners. In fact, as they explain on their website: “Every year, we burn our boards in a great bonfire as a sacrifice for better snow”.


If you like snowboarding, you know the Burton brand. It was created in a Vermont barn in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter, one of the pioneers in this sport. Nowadays, it is an international empire that commercializes snowboards and snowboard bindings, boots, clothing and technical accessories. Since its creation, Burton have had a fundamental role in the growth of snowboarding as a world-class sport, and we can say Burton is without a doubt one of the greatest leaders in the market when it comes to snowboarding.


Coal history started in Seattle in 2002 when two friends believed that caps and woolen caps had become an essential piece in urban clothing and it weren’t an accessory limited to defend against the sun or cold. Inspired by culture and urban art, it offers a wide range of products including hats, headbands, caps, scarves, gloves, mittens and mittens for outdoor activities lovers or snow sports athletes.


Colmar was founded in 1923 in Monza, Italy, by Mario Colombo and his wife Irma. This clothing brand was a crazy idea of ​​some friends written on a pack of cigarettes in a bar, and that owes its name to its founder (Colombo Mario). Nowadays, it produces sportswear trying to satisfy the necessities of every skiers by basing on its three key pillars: technology, high-performance and comfort; but without never forgetting about innovation and advanced technologies, mixed with Italian glamor and style.

They are also fully aware that for maximum protection against the snow, you need to wear three layers. That’s why the brand offers minimalist garments for your comfort on the base and second layer, while focusing fun and original designs on the outer layer, which consists mainly of ski jackets and ski trousers.


With it headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Columbia Sportswear began in 1937 when Gert Boyle’s parents ran away from the Nazi Germany and settled in Portland. They started manufacturing hats in their small factory (Columbia Hat Company). After some time, the business was transfered from parents to Gert’s husband, and after that to Gert in 1970. Since then, this housewife turned the small company into a global brand focused on creating clothing, footwear and accessories with leading technologies in the industry for outdoor activities.

Among its skiwear, the brand offers a wide range of products taking into account the needs of different types of skiers. In fact, this ski clothing brand distinguishes between experts who love powder snow, skiers who want to have a good time with their family or those who simply want to enjoy the best of the snow. In addition, the brand is also aware that not everyone has the right knowledge about the equipment they should purchase, so their website fully orients the customer and explains the functions and benefits of all garments.


Jane Seim (founder and creative director) and Cody Seim (co-founder) created in 2016 this iconic skiwear brand for women. With each collection, Cordova and its creators pay homage to the mountains they love so much. Their clothes have the unique aesthetic of the 70’s elite, adjusting to the body like a second skin. With vertical stripes and classic colors, they give an exclusivity and glamor touch that your wardrobe shouldn’t lack.

In addition, the founders wanted to create a brand that had a more imaginative and tailored ski custome while protecting the mountains, which for them represent a sense of escapism, freedom and creativity. As a result, this skiwear brand has sustainability and social responsibility at its core, and is fully committed to the snowy environments.


In 1968, at the age of 20, Lino Dainese took a trip to London on a Vespa with some friends. There he discovered supermotos, driven by pilots who wore leather suits for the first time. After returning to Italy, he decided to focus on designing and manufacturing protections for motorcycle riders, and so he founded Dainese. Years later he began to produce a wide range of bike, motorbike and winter sports clothing and protection products, all for both men and women.

Due to its origins, this brand has among its ski clothing collections a very particular product, the back protectors. These products are ergonomically designed to protect you and, at the same time, maintain your comfort so that you can last long hours sliding down the slopes. In addition, they also have the best technology with regard to the helmets, that will ensure your safety at all times.


The history of Descente started in 1935, when the Ishimoto Shoten company created this clothing brand in order to sell men’s clothing. It wasn’t until 1954 that Kazuyoshi Nishimura (the first professional skier in Japan) became an advisor to the brand and started to introduce his ideas about skiing. After 50 years in the winter sports industry, Descente Ltd. offers clothing created with technical materials of great quality and last technology in its collections for women, men and children.


Dynastar was created in 1962, in Sallanches, thanks to the association of Starflex skies and Dynamic. The clothing brand is an emblem of French ski, as it is one of the most decorated all over the world in every disciplines, and nowadays, it still winning most international podiums. In addition to that, it offers a wide range of collections and women’s ski equipment; and it is the only national winter sports brand that has manteined all of its activities on French soil (since design to production).


DC Shoes is a Californian company specialized in extreme sports footwear (including skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, surfing, etc.) and urban clothing. It was created in the United States in 1993 by Ken Block, Danny Way and Collin McKay, it was acquired by Quiksilver in 2004. The brand has diversified its production for 18 years with incredible ranges of boots, snowboards, technical clothing and high-performance clothing equipped with the best technology to resist the mountain weather.


Ellesse is an Italian company of sportswear originally created in Umbria, Italy, in 1959. Ever since 1987 it has been British Pentland Group’s property. Its eighties style is the common denominator of every clothing lines they develop (both urban and sports), without leaving sophistication and elegance aside.


Ever since its beginnings in 1999, Empyre Clothing has offered a wide range of winter clothing inspired in skate such as jeans, jackets, knitwear, sweaters, etc. for both men and women. With its high quality technical designs you will be trendy without wasting a lot of money, as its prices are really affordable.

Erin Snow

This clothing brand is focused on producing luxury outdoor sportswear for women’s. Erin Snow‘s aim is supporting women so that they can be active, healthy and enjoy outdoors with clothes made of environmental friendly materials and respectful with the environment and the planet. This is all made without losing quality, design or excellent workmanship that allow their desings to fit the women’s figure perfectly.

Their skiwear is one of the most elegants among all brands that are currently in the market. Using classic colors such as white, black or red, the brand is able to create bright and minimalistic garments that are perfect for stylish women. And they even have an apès-ski collection!


Faction’s story begins in 2006 in Verbier with a group of passionate, freedom loving skiers that had a different view on skiing than the big brands in the industry. Although these skiers started out producing skis for powder and park snow, nowadays the brand meets freeski lovers’ every need. However, if we were to outstand a product from this ski brand, it will be their jackets.


Fusalp is a French brand born in the heart of the French Alps in 1952, created by two couturiers: Georges Ribola and René Veyrat. In fact, it owns its name to the contraction of the words “fuseau” (tube type pants, in French) and Alps.

The clothing brand started been known with its improved version of the famous ski pants. At the ending of the 60s, it started been used by big French ski champions: Jean-Claude Killy, Annie Famose, Guy Périllat, Léo Lacroix or the Goitschel sisters. In 2014 the brand is bought by Sophie Lacoste-Dournel and her sister Philippe Lacoste.

Fusalp designs sport-chic clothing combining tradition and modernity, elegance and innovation in collections for both winter and summer for the ski slopes and for the city.


In 1950, this clothing brand started in a small workshop that made knitted fabrics in Toyama, Japan. Its creator, Goldwin, was incredibly inspired by the ski clothing used in Europe (as it was still in development in Japan) and decided to create a line of colorful sweaters that would fill the mountains with color. Ever since, its functionality and high quality ski clothing has dressed a lot of national teams all around the world. In fact, Goldwin is currently the official supplier to the British Alpine National Team.


Grifone was created in the Pyrenees more than 30 years ago a group of mountain, snow, active sports and adventure lovers. It is a leading brand within the outdoor sector nationally and internationally, and designs technical products characterized by their comfort and functionality, their modern and refined aesthetics, and their commitment to nature and the environment.

Something curious: its logotype is inspired by a legend of the Gryphon, a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. This legend originates from Mesopotamian, Phoenician and Babylonian mythology.


Haglöfs was created in 1914 in Sweden by Wiktor Haglöf, and nowadays is one of the world’s largest suppliers of outdoor equipment. This brand commercializes more than 500 products in three product areas: hardware, clothing and footwear. Quality, sustainability, functionality and design are some of the synonyms for this brand.

The ski brand offers a wide variety of clothes and accessories for everyone: men, women and children. And the best part? All their products are made with sustainability in mind. In fact, as a brand that focuses its values on the outdoors, they are committed to protecting the environment and have a specific plan to become a zero carbon footprint brand.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen was created 140 years ago. Ever since then, the clothing brand has been dedicated to manufacturing professional quality equipment for extreme meteorological conditions. In 1877, ship captain Helly Juell Hansen and his wife Margrethe started a business by producing waterproof rubber jackets, pants and tarps made from thick linen soaked in linseed oil, as they found out it was a better way to protect their sailors from the harsh nordic weather. Their products were so successful they were adopted by the Norwegian Team at the 1952’s Olympics.

High Sierra

High Sierra is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling every type of backpack and bag. Its designs are perfect for both everyday use (laptop or school bags) and outdoor activities. In addition, they are specifically created to optimize space without losing functionality and quality.


In 2000, professional ex boarder Mikey LeBlanc and his team tried to put an end to the 80s mountain clothing and turn the clothing brand into a benchmark of modernity, elegance and technique, becoming the favorite of riders from all over the world when it comes to snowboarding jackets and clothing.

When it comes to the brand’s ski clothes, we can say that they are the new look of winter sports luxury. In fact, the ski apparel has been created as an exploration of modern proportions, vintage silhouettes and sustainable materials. The brand’s goal is to inspire confidence and to complement authentic mountain experiences.


Horsefeathers was born in 1989 by Canadians Stewart Carlson and Joel DeVille, who created their first collection in 1993, consisting of 50 t-shirts and 200 stickers. Then came jeans, sweaters, jackets, outerwear and bathing suits. In 1997, the brand created the winter sports clothing with the latest insulation technology and concern for the environment. In fact, their snowboard jackets and pants are made from recycled materials.

Imperial Motion

At the age of 19, 19 and 14 years old, Eric, Steve and Spencer created in 2002 the Imperial Motion clothing brand with its headquarters in Tacoma, Washington, without knowing anything about clothing production, having contacts with the industry and only with their credit cards. High quality male and female clothing and accessories with original designs both for winter and summer, characterize this international brand. In our opinion, the brand’s winter clothes that stand out are their jackets, although they also have some beautiful trousers.

Kari Traa

The history of this clothing brand begins in Voss (Norwegian Fjords), where its founder was born and raised. Between training and racing, Kari knitted hats and customized her own ski clothing. Her designs were so popular between friends and fellow skiers all around the world that in 2002 she decided to turn her hobby into a business, and that is how Kari Traa was born.

The Kari Traa collection went from being a small selection of women’s hats to a sportswear brand designed to meet the needs of an active, sporty and adventurous lifestyle, without contradictions between style and performance.

A strong color palette, a design perfectly adapted to the female figure and the highest technical quality are found in every item, from underwear to outerwear. “For girls, for girls”.


The brand was created in 1975 by a group of local climbers in the mountain village of Åre as a small DIY workshop to build technical solutions for the challenges encountered on the hill. That is how Klättermusen became a supply business for outdoor enthusiasts with high-performance and ecofriendly equipment and designs that combine utility, comfort, safety and extreme durability.

Krimson Klover

Krimson Klover was founded by Rhonda Swenson with a focus on empowering women through the creation of athletic apparel that inspires women to express their individuality, go on adventures, and make bold choices. All this using natural, sustainable fibers and responsible manufacturing. “We are women designing for women, in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.”

Besides, its sustainable Slow Fashion style entices women as versatile as its founder: active and athletic, adventurous and travel-obsessed, sophisticated and urban, or all three.


This clothing brand was created by Olympian Jean-Claude Killy more than 25 years ago. Killy is represents personality, love of sport and passion for open spaces, the mountains and the freedom of its creator. Its snow collections combine sophistication with comfort, applying the latest technologies to achieve technical clothing of indisputable quality.


The first Kjus collection was launched in 2000 by Lasse Kjus (Olympic ski champion from Norway) and Didi Serena (businessman from Switzerland). Kjus is a sports brand that uses innovative and high-performance material with unique designs based on the freedom of movement, elasticity and comfort. Every single piece of clothing is designed by sports experts and tested by great professional athletes.


Light Snowboards was created in 1996 by Gerd Weisner and Jens Höppel. The German brand offers snowboards manufactured with a quality and care that makes them differentiate in this segment. Light snowboards are manufactured in Austria and have been the first to be vacuum molded without wet lamination. In 2003 Light BoardCorp launched a Light Surfboards line starting in the surf market.

Lowe Alpine

Lowe Alpine was founded in Utah by Lowe brothers Mike, Greg and Jeff, who are among the best mountaineers of their generation. However, his major obstacle were the backpacks of the time, too heavy and unstable. That’s why in 1967 Greg Lowe conceived the Expedition backpack, which managed to revolutionize the market, making his company a benchmark for technical backpacks worldwide. It is currently owned by the British company Rab.


Maloja‘s history began in 2004, and since then, the clothing brand has been commercializing mountain clothing, footwear and accessories. For its founders, the word Maloja symbolizes the feeling of wanting to share beautiful moments with friends and loved ones. The name of the brand comes from a beautiful story that its creators tell on their website. If you want to know more about its history, click here.


Mammut is a Swiss brand created in 1862 by Kaspar Tanner in Dintikon. Nowadays, the mountain brand is owned by the Conzzeta Group after being acquired by Zurcher Ziegelein in 1982. The small family business is a specialist in mountain equipment, clothing, backpacks, shoes, accessories and sleeping bags; and also has subsidiaries in Germany, Norway, the United States and Japan.


Matador began its activity at the beginning of the 70’s in Elche, Alicante. This Spanish company owes its existence nationally and internationally to the passion of its two creators and partners. Matador started manufacturing high-quality footwear exclusively for women. In 2000, they created Matador Store dedicated to footwear selling for both men and women, as well as introducing street and formal wear, only for women. Its products, 100% manufactured in Spain, follow strict production standards with high quality materials.


In 1921, Marc Millet and his wife began manufacturing shopping bags and muskets in their workshop in Saint-Fons, near Lyon. This way, the Millets gave life to their first underwired backpacks. When her husband died, Mrs. Millet continued her activity with her two sons René and Raymond. After World War II they supplied backpacks to the Resistance. Furthermore, for the next several decades, Millet equipped the most famous expeditions of mountaineers who towered peaks over 8,000 meters in the Himalayas.

Nowadays, Millet is owned by Lafuma, based in France, and even though the company  is specialist in mountain backpacks, it also manufactures climbing bags and sleeping bags.


Moncler is a luxury sportswear brand known for its ski wear. Moncler’s collections combine the extreme necessities of the mountain with everyday life, basing its business model on a distinctive and exclusive style. The clothing brand was created by René Ramillon and André Vincent in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, a small town in the mountains near Grenoble; and it owes its name to the abbreviation of the name of this town.

In 2003, Remo Ruffini bought the brand however, the Company was in great economic difficulty. Since then, the brand is commited to development and ahs a more distinctive and exclusive style. Therefore, all their garments, including ski clothes, represent the brand’s style.


The company behind Montec is Ridestore, a Swedish outdoor store created more than 10 years ago. They have commercialize the first Montec snow collection with clothing for all types of weather. This collection is created with the best materials and high-technologies without raising prices to the level of traditional high-end brands.

Moon Boots

Moon Boot was created in the early 70s by Giancarlo Zanatta, who was inspired by the boots of the Apollo 11 astronauts who stepped on the Moon for the first time in 1969. This way, the design of its boots is inspired by the shape and technology of astronaut boots with a vintage touch, but without losing their efficiency and their elegant and urban style. Since 1978, Moon Boots have been manufactured by the Tecnica Group in Giavera del Montello, Italy; but since 2011, these boots are manufactured in Ukraine. Nowadays, their boots are a sign of style and luxury in the slopes, as Moon Boots is considered to be one of the best skiwear brands.

Mountain Hardwear

This clothing brand was created in 1993 by a small group of iconoclasts from the outdoor industry to meet the needs of not only outdoor athletes, but also for less technical athletes. Mountain Hardwear creates high-performance clothing and equipment using the highest quality materials and technologies.


Nevica is one of the best brands when it comes to ski jackets are a great option for a skiing day. The clothing brand sells high-quality products with a 90s’ retro style and colors that will fill the slopes with joy. Appart from their jackets, the brand also offers ski clothes for the base layer, accesories and trousers.


Nikita is an iconic women’s clothing brand created in the 1990s by Heida Birgisdottir, who has been designing fashion for girls ever since. In fact, her very first handmade collections were sold at her own snow and skate shop in Reykjavik. With time, this brand has grown and internationalized creating different ranges of snowwear, streetwear, boots, snowboards, bindings, etc.

North Face

The North Face owes its name to the coldest, hardest and most unforgiving face of the mountain. However, ironically, his story begins on San Francisco’s North Beach. In 1966 Douglas Tompkins and Susie Tompkins Buell, two hiking lovers, opened a small mountaineering shop there. In 1968, The North Face began creating their own designs for technical mountain clothing and equipment; but it was not until the early eighties that the brand started creating ski clothing. Finally, The North Face expanded internationally in the nineties.


Norrona is a family business of Norwegian origin founded by Jørgen Jørgensen in 1929 dedicated to mountain equipment and outdoor clothing. The brand started by producing (on a small-scale) cotton clothing and technical backpacks. In 1930, the clothing brand decided to diversify and start selling tents and sleeping bags; and in the 60’s, it started in the camping market. However, it was not until the seventies and thanks to his commitment to mountaineering, that Norrona earned its great reputation in the mountain world.


This brand was founded by Klaus Obermeyer in Aspen in 1947 when he was a ski instructor at the legendary Colorado ski-resort. Since its founding and for more than 70 years, Obermeyer has been known for its dedication to technical high-performance, functional design and elegant style, always innovating with its ski wear collections..

Off White

Off-White is an Italian and American luxury streetwear fashion brand founded by Virgil Abloh in Milan. In 2013, he created his first brand (Pyrex Vision) as an artistic project of expression through fashion. In September 2013, he founded Off-White. The clothing brand specializes in high-end lifestyle and streetwear for both women and men and has 24 stores around the world. In addition to that, it is sold in large supermarkets and luxury stores.


O’Neill was founded in 1952 by young surfer Jack O’Neill when he opened his first beachside surf shop in a garage in Santa Cruz, Colorado. O’Neill invented the first wetsuit to be able to surf all year round in the waters of Northern California. Thus, he created a company that sold wetsuits, surf clothing and material. Then came the world’s first seamless swimsuits and snow and mountain products. Today it is a prestigious surf, snowboard and urban clothing brand that, following its origins, is always looking for innovative, attractive and functional designs.


In 1954 Yoneichi Onda, the founder of Onyone, was working in his parents’ shop, traveling and selling cotton fabrics to farmers. One day, while he was working, it started to rain and he was wearing a cloak, having to drag it in the rain. At that time, he started in the waterproof nylon market and developed a new fabric with waterproofing and warmth. In 1974, he founded Onyone CO., LTD. Nowadays, it commercializes from ski and snowboard clothing to outdoor clothing and other sportswear, offering innovative products to the sports world.


Orage has been commercializing outerwear, casual clothing and accessories since 1989, inspired by its passion for the mountains and its dedication to equip those who want to experience diverse outdoor sports. Its founder, Évelyn Trempe, born in Montreal, just wanted to design outerwear for her friends and the college ski team. Nowadays, its popularity has grown incredibly and we can find Orage in stores all over the world. In addition to that, it has a team of renowned athletes and a wide range of products to satisfy all types of skiers.


In its early days, Ortovox created a revolutionary avalanche victim rescue device to help locating mountaineers in rescue operations. Founded in 1980 south of Munich, nowadays Ortovox offers a wide range of mountain clothing, climbing and skiing backpacks. Its products are sold in 1,770 stores around the world and its clothing combine functionality, comfort and protection necessary for the mountain thanks to its innovative materials.

Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research was founded in 1981 by a scientist and adventurer called Ron Gregg. Throughout its history, Outdoor Research has grown from an experimental apparel company to a leading brand specializing in outerwear and gear for mountaineering expeditions, alpine and ice climbs, and cross-country skiing trips. Nowadays, the brand has a wide range of skiwear that consists of jackets, bibs, pants, baselayers, headwear and globes.


Oysho was created in 2001 as part of INDITEX (Amancio Ortega’s Group) present in 44 countries with more than 600 stores around the world. This brand has different product lines such as lingerie, sleepwear, beachwear, accessories and women’s footwear. In addition to that, the clothing brand commercializes sportswear and several lines of specialized ski clothing. We are looking forward to seeing its new collection for skiers


In 1953, Yvon Chouinard (a passionate climber of the most mythical cliffs in the United States) at only 14 years old, began to manufacture reusable hard steel pythons by hand since the soft steel ones were not suitable for use on the walls of the gigantic Yosemite. Soon, his creations began to have great success thanks to word of mouth. This way, he had to upgrade his production tool and in 1965 he was joined by Tom Frost (aeronautical engineer) to mass produce quality equipment with refined design and created the Chouinard Equipment company. Nowadays, Patagonia designs and manufactures the best products for climbing, surfing, fishing, skiing and running.

Peak Performance

The talented skiiers Stefan Engström, Peter Blom and Christer Mårtensson, reunited in 1986 to search answers for their questions: why not making the clothes people wanted to wear? Is there a way of staying in Åre ski resort for longer periods of time? As an answer to this, they created Peak Performance. At the beggining, they only wished to make enought clothes for them and their friends and make a living with it.

Thirty years later, the world-famous brand combines its modern designs with functionality and quality in its golf, skiing, training, running, everyday wear and ski clothing lines.

Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment was founded in the Chamonix mountains in 1984 by Thierry Donard, a famous extreme sports filmmaker and professional skier. Donard designed clothing for his team of expert freeride skiers and surfers for his production company. He also created designs characterized by quality, style and performance using his personal experience. He was focused on the ultimate goal of each athlete: experiment that perfect moment. For more than 20 years, the brand has been designing high-performance, retro-inspired and technical skiwear for the most extreme skiers.


Phenix was founded in 1952 by Kazuo Tajima, a Japanese skier dedicated to create world-class ski apparel for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The successful Japanese sports brand is constantly innovating and embracing the latest materials, technologies and fashion. In addition to that, the brand has been the official equipment supplier for teams such as the Japan Ski National (2007-2010); the alpine team of the Norwegian Ski Federation (2009-2014); the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the Sports Confederation (2009-2012).


In 2008, three skateboarders and snowboarders who grew up together on the streets of Clermont-Ferrand, founded Picture in the offices of a motor vehicle inspection. The clothing brand created by Julien, Jeremy and Vincent, nowadays is a benchmark when we talk about technical and eco-friendly ski clothing, combining technology, comfort and style in its products. Here, you will be able to find ski jackets made from recycled materials, caps with a cork visor, pants, gloves, helmets or jackets, etc. made with responsible materials.

A curious fact: Picture recycles 50 plastic bottles to make a ski jacket!


Point6 is a family business created in 2007 by Peter and Patty Duke. Ever since, the brand commercializes outerwear and accessories for outdoor sports. However, Point6 is famous for its socks. As experts in this type of clothing, they adopt the latest technologies to offer their customers the best in terms of mountain socks trying to reduce their environmental footprint as much as possible.


Quechua designs and commercializes products focused on mountain sports activities, from classic hiking to mountain races, through Nordic and cross-country skiing, snowshoe mountaineering, camping or bivouac.

The brand, which was owed by Oxylane group since 1997, was founded in the town of Sallanches (France). In 1998, Quechua was launched in Decathlon stores and, 5 years later, it became a reference brand. In 2007, the ski equipment was separated from the rest of outdoor clothing lines and the Wed’ze brand was born. Nowadays, Wed’ze commercializes hiking, mountaineering and camping products. 


Quicksilver was created in 1969 in the city of Torquay (Australia) under the leadership of John Law and Alan Green. These two creative local surfers designed the first boardshort for surfing, leaving the traditional buttons behind and creating much more ergonomic snap closures. In 1976, Quiksilver USA was founded having an immediate success.

The brand arrived in Europe 4 years later. In 1991, Quiksilver took an interest in the female market and created the Roxy clothing brand. Today, its products are recognized all around the world for their technical expertise and impeccable manufacturing quality.


Juan Martínez Núñez was diagnosed in 2008 with a brain tumor at the age of 31. This made his life change forever. Juan had to quit his job to fight his disease, so he decided to join skiing and take advantage of his passion for the snow sports to create his own clothing brand, which he called Reforcer. Their designs are entirely manufactured in Europe and are characterized by their high breathability, impermeability, thermal insulation and extreme lightness.

In addition, the goal of the brand was to create ski clothes of high-end matertials to offer products that meet the demands of the highest quality standards in fabrics, design, patterns and finishing to guarantee premium skiwear.


Rome is a small brand born in 2001 in the United States. The brand managed to gradually extend its distribution and become the fourth brand in the US market in just 10 years, being a benchmark for quality, cutting-edge technology and design of its snowboard boards, bindings and boots.


Since its creation, more than a century ago, the ski brand is one of the world leaders. Under the direction of its creator, Abel Rossignol, Rossignol has always been associated with the great French skiing names such as Emile Allais or the young stars of the 21st century like Haerty Marion or Candide Thovex.

At the beggining, the brand was specialized in alpine skis, bindings, ski boots or special equipment (masks, helmets, poles …). However, Rossignol has expanded its production to offer a wide range of snowboarding (boards, bindings, boots …), cross-country skiing and textiles products.


Created in 1991 in Australia by Quiksilver, Roxy is a sports brand dedicated to women that has been a revolution in the fitness world with its surf and snowboard lines. Its products, originally designed for female surfers, have multiplied and diversified. Nowadays, Roxy is famous for its collections specialized in winter sports, streetwear, fitness or surfing; in addition to its ski equipment and its wide range of snowboards.


The brand was founded in 1947 in a small workshop for the manufacture of wooden saws and ski edges in Annecy, Haute-Savoie. Nowadays its products are distributed in no less than 160 countries. Salomon offers products for outdoor activities such as skiing, trekking , hiking, trail running and all the material inherent to winter sports. The brand’s passion for winter sports is reflected in a constant innovation with new fabrics and technologies.


This Spanish company was founded by José Santoyo. The brand started creating its products in 1981 in a 30m² workshop, producing anoraks and ski pants in a completely handmade way. At the beginning of the 90s, they moved to the Segovian town of Riaza, and at the end of the decade, they computerized their pattern making and cutting processes to automate production. True to its roots, Santoyo maintains its entire production in Spanish lands, and its main objective is to make functional, technical and stylish clothing of the highest possible quality.


The history of the Schöffel started 200 years ago. Nowadays, is one of the oldest family businesses in Bavaria. Since 1804, the merchant Georg Schöffel has been offering Swabian tights, socks, nightcaps and hats. Over time, the weight of the company was passed from generation to generation, and in 1967, Hubert Schöffel invested in the construction of a new factory with the aim of specializing in sportswear. Four years later, Schöffel became the market leader for trousers.

From socks to high-tech ski and outdoor clothing, Schöffel focuses on what women and men really need outdoors: maximum freedom of movement, functionality and protection against any weather.


Charley French was a highly talented engineer and a competitive skier from Sun Valley, Idaho, USA. French invented the first conical ski pole made of aluminum in 1958, replacing the previous bamboo and steel poles. With this revolutionary invention, the Scott brand was born. Since then, the brand has stood out with its inventions within different sports such as motocross or cycling. However, it was not until 1997 that the brand introduced a line of technical clothing for winter sports, and a year later, it began manufacturing skis.


SkiDress was founded in the 1930s and owes its origins to France Sport, a company created by Charles Muller and Charles Diebold in Strasbourg, France. At that time, the company was selling ski wax, ski touring climbing skins and winter sports clothing. In 1948, during the Winter Olympics Games, the brand increased its fame thanks to Henri Oreiller’s podium (who was wearing a SkiDress sweater) and, in the 70s, the brand expanded internationally. However, in 1980 the brand went into hibernation and in 2013 it was awakened by the 19cent48 company, which revived it as “Chic French Sportswear”.

Nowadays, the brand is true to its roots. With a sporty-chic design, the collection takes up the mountain lifestyle and recalls a bygone era. Reinvented classic cuts, technical fabrics, elegance and refinement is what you will be able to find in this brand.


Superdry was born in the UK in 2003 from the merger of two talented minds: Julian Dunkerton (founder of “Cult” in 1985) and James Holder (founder of skatewear brand “Bench” in 1992). Nowadays, Superdry is present in more than 100 countries around the world and through its 21 international websites. Besides, Superdry is an original brand that mixes American vintage style, Japanese graphic art and British fashion with its products.


Shinesty was founded in Colorado in 2013 by Chris White, Jens Nicolaysen, Michelle Frey-Tarbox, and Drew Wyman. From underwear to ski wear to streetwear, college wear and swimwear, the clothing brand was created to bring the world’s most extravagant clothing collections. Their website is a great show, take a look!


Smartwool was created in 1994 in America by two ski masters who started making socks because they wanted to be able to ski longer without having cold feet. It was then they discovered the benefits of merino wool as a performance fabric. Its main products are thermal, functional and antibacterial merino wool underwear, socks and caps, especially suitable for outdoor activities. 11 years later after its founding, the brand would be adopted by Timberland.

Solo Climb

At the end of the seventies, Francisco Aguado (founder of Solo Climb), designed mountain clothing and items for the main firms specialized in this sport, as well as carrying out intense mountaineering work.

For the clothing brand, outdoor activities are part of a men’s life in the 2000s. This way, Solo Climb has been producing men’s clothing, sleeping bags and specialized items for mountain and climbing, with designs and fabrics for more than 30 years.


The footwear brand Sorel was founded in 1962. The brand creates lines of high-end footwear and handmade breaks. For more than 50 years, Sorel boots have been a reference for anyone who enjoys winter outdoor activities but wants to maintain both comfort and a modern look. Nowadays, the brand combines artisan tradition with the latest trends in its footwear, outerwear and accessories collections.


Snowlife is one of the leading Swiss brands of ski and snowboard gloves. The brand was created in 1979 and since then, it has been in continuous improvement of its products, focusing on quality, technical details and comfort, always giving a great importance to design.


David Jacob, a professional skier who won the title of alpine ski champion in Canada in 1957, accompanied his sons to competitions for 20 years. Thanks to this, he had the idea of ​​creating his own clothing line. This ways, he founded his small company called “David L Jacobs, Incorporated.”

His fame grew incredibly in 1978 after creating blue running pants with yellow protective bands that skiers called “spider pants”. At that time, Jacob changed his company name to “Spyder“. Then the brand started to commercialize specialized skiing and racing clothing and accessories for both men’s and women’s.


Stio is a functional, but not technical, ski clothing and accessories brand with its headquarters in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Among its products, you can find jackets, fleeces, insulating layers, base layers, hats, socks and more. Your options cater to the whole family: men, women and children.

Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection begins its story in 1988, in Trysil, Norway, when a group of river kayakers lacked adequate protection to push themselves even harder in their sport.

This way, Ståle N. Møller created the Bushmade Skateboards company, which was characterized by the creation of protections to skate illegally (skateboarding was banned in Norway until 1989). In the mid-1990s, Ståle and his entire team were skating, kayaking, snowboarding, skiing, and making the necessary clothing and backpacks for their expeditions.

In 1999, Gøran, a member of the team, came up with the idea of ​​establishing a new company: “Sweet North”. Shortly after, half the name was dropped and Sweet Protection was born. The company was founded in 2000 and signed snowboard legend Terje Håkonsen. Thus, Sweet Protection went from a local garage to the international scene.

The brand sells technical clothing for free skiing, snowboarding and paddle tennis; as well as helmets created with cutting-edge technology to allow action sports enthusiasts to benefit from the properties of high-tech materials and manufacturing methods.


Ternua was born in 1994 and ever since, the clothing brand dresses those people with an adventurous soul and an outdoor spirit who seek to connect with nature. The brand is committed to innovation and offers products for all types of outdoor activities with high-technical performance, versatile and unique design, and sustainable and respectful with the environment.

Toni Sailer

The Austrian brand was founded by Hans Taubenberger in 2004. The name of the brand comes from Toni Sailer, the idol of Austrian skiing. All its collections for men and women have in common a simple and elegant design, as well as the use of the best technical fabrics and the latest technology for the development of ski clothing. Since its inception, Toni Sailer has been one of the most important and prestigious brands of alpine ski clothing on the international scene.


ToreadOutdoor, with its headquarters in Glasgow, UK, is the authorized distributor of Toread Outdoor clothing for UK and France. Since its inception in 1995, its founders Sheng Faqiang and Wang Jing have combined multi-functional design concepts with high-quality materials to provide professional protection for mountaineering, hiking, travel, and other outdoor activities.

Trango World

In 1928, Narciso Hidalgo and Álvaro Artiach, two friends and nature lovers, founded Sport Radio in Zaragoza, where they designed and manufactured prototypes of canoes and tents. In the 1940s, they began to sell pants and anoraks, tents, helmets, gloves and accessories for all sports. Later, in the 1950s, Casa Artiach S.C. was born, which became the leading Spanish company in the camping sector in the 1970s. In 1986 TRANGO was born with new product ranges (clothing, fabrics and materials) for outdoor activities. Finally, in 2000 Artiach and TRANGO came together to create TRANGOWORLD (The World of TRANGO).

Trew Gear

Trew Gear is a company born in Hood River specialized in outdoor equipment. Nowadays, the brand has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Since 2008, Trew Gear has been manufacturing technical equipment for ski touring and snowboarding. In particular, the brand gained their reputation after creating one of the bests ski pieces of clothes ever seen, their snow bib. Moreover, every ski garment that the brand designs is meant to use in extreme weather conditions, even windy environmets.


Tsunami is a Spanish clothing brand with its headquarters in Barcelona. The brand commercializes technical ski clothing for women, men and children. Tsunami was born in 1985 in the Aranese mountains, and its philosophy is clear: combining design and technology for maximum comfort and performance, without forgetting the latest fashion trends.


Vist has been producing and commercializing skis of all kinds (for example freeride skis, skicross, slalom, junior, high-end multipurpose, etc.) since 2005. Also, the brand offers a wide range of ski clothes, outstanding their jackets and trousers that have eye-catching designs.


Volcom was born in 1991, under the initiative of Richard Woolcott and Tucker All, on the United States west coast. The clothing brand, that offers urban and snowwear collections and accessories, is inspired by snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, the three sports that its creators most enjoyed (snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing).


Völk was founded in 1914 in Straubing, Germany. At the beggining, the brand only made skis, but their products have spread to snowboards, ski outerwear, and tennis gear since then. Nowadays, Völk occupies the first line of sale with about 90,000 pairs of skis sold per year (1/5 of its production).

Wear Colour

This young Swedish brand was founded in 2011 and its collections personify the Scandinavian lifestyle, unifying nature and modern urban culture elements. As a result, Wear Colour produces multifunctional clothing combining supreme quality with simple but eye-catching designs, that are as good for the mountain as they are for the streets.


In 2007, Decathlon decided to separate the product lines of the Quechua brand, and that is how Wed’ze was born. Since then, the brand has sold products for piste skiing, freeride or freestyle, snowboarding and sledding at Decathlon. As a result, the brand has high quality skiwear that fits men, women and children needs alike.


Mikaël Akira was a passionate skater who discovered snowboarding in 1985 and fell in love with the sport. In 1992 he created 686, a clothing brand specialized in technical snow clothing, urban clothing and accessories. 686 was created to offer technical but modern articles with innovative design. Akira was inspired by the urban culture of Los Angeles (punk, jazz, rap) and his own taste for vintage clothing to create original collections.

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