Glenshee Ski Centre

Glenshee Ski Centre, the largest in the UK, is found at the southern end of Cairngorm national park. Of the three in that area it has by far the most skiable terrain, totaling around 40 km. 22 ski lifts help take you to the peaks. The slopes are comprised of 2 black, 13 red, 13 blue and 8 green. That makes the Glenshee centre ideal for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. The resort also offers plenty of room for Cross Country Skiing. As with all cross country skiing, it’s best to consult an on-site expert before setting off.

Prices at Glenshee

A day pass for an adult costs £32 while a junior will cost £21. There are different types of discounts available too for students and families. A family of 2+2 costs £90 for the day.

Glenshee piste map – ©Glenshee


Some rules have changed this year due to the same reason you’re probably reading this, Covid-19. For example, regarding day passes, they will only be sold online, with bookings being made at least 24hrs in advance. Date changes, for bad weather, road closures and other unforeseen circumstances can still be made, contacting:

Equipment hire is a little more unusual as online bookings must be made with at least 48hrs in advance. This is to allow for a 24hr cancellation period, which includes changes of dates too.

Where to eat at Glenshee?

On the slopes, Glenshee ski centre offers 3 cafes to provide some shelter from the cold. All are promising to be open, and there will also be a catering trailer with food. Expect the typical tea, coffee, hot rolls, sandwiches, soup, snacks, cake and drinks, burgers, hotdogs and chips!

We have received confirmation that there will be indoor seating this year, but limited due to social distancing rules. That means that holding a table for friends and family who are out on the slopes will not be allowed. People are being asked to wait in their cars. So make sure you have the car keys with you!

The three on-site cafes are:

  • Tea@The Shee Base Cafe, Located at the base of the mountain. It’s closed on Weds & Thurs. Open from 8:30am – 4pm.
  • Cairnwell Cafe, On the mountain. Licensed for booze. open during the season with the lifts until 4pm.
  • Meall o Dhar Cafe, On the mountain. open during the season with the lifts until 4pm.


Where to Stay in Glenshee?

Definitely the most amazing place to stay would be Dalmunzie Castle Hotel. The castle is just 13 miles away from the Resort and has incredible surroundings and views. They have a total of 17 rooms, typically ranging from between £80 – £125 per night, in the ski season, from January to April. Kids can share a room with adults for just £20 more, and even well-behaved dogs are allowed.

Glenshee probably has the fewest and most spread out housing options of all the ski resorts in Scotland. Other places to stay include Glenisla Hotel (17 miles away), Glenkilrie Bed & Breakfast (13 miles away), The Glenshee Treehouse (12 miles away), Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre (6 miles away). All the above have clickable links to their websites, and their prices are in the range of £960 to £1,402 for a family of 4.


Our search through AirBnb gave us the best results for Braemar, a town 9 miles away from the resort. There are about 13-20 options in this small village between January and March, February being the hardest month to book with only 13 options left now. Prices ranged from £96 to £278 per night for a full house or apartment for a family of 4.

What else is there to do in Glenshee?

Not a lot. Enjoy the outdoors. When you’re staying in a national park, the best thing to do is enjoy your incredible natural surroundings. Glenshee’s tourist information has put together this outdoor activity guide which has plenty of trails and routes for walking.

How to get there?

As you can imagine, around these parts it’s best to have a car. From the UK’s major cities, driving your friends and family from London, non-stop would take about 9 hours. That’s about as far away as it gets.  Birmingham would be 7 and a half hours, Manchester 7 hours, and Leeds 6 hours. If that scares you, you can also try and get to Dundee by either plane, train or bus and from there rent a car.

Most major UK cities have train and bus services that reach Dundee and might be more comfortable than a long journey by car. From there you can easily rent a car for the final stretch, Dundee to Glenshee, just an hour away.

In terms of flights, there are not many direct flights available to Dundee from major UK cities, so that’s something to consider whilst making you plans.

Need more information?

For more information and to contact Glenshee Ski Centre directly follow this link.

Before you to Glenshee Ski Centre

Check out our article about Skiing in Scotland and Covid restrictions.