We all know we need to wear a face mask! Since COVID-19 first appeared in our lives, we have all asked ourselves many questions. Especially when it comes to playing our favorite sport. For example, how will the ski industry adapt to the health measures required by COVID-19? What will the health protocols be in ski resorts? Will we be able to ski abroad?

However, what undoubtedly concerns us all is to choose the right kind of sport’s face mask… and ski face mask! How often should I change the filter? What material should I buy? What degree of protection does it offer? How often should I wash it? Does it protect me when I play sports? etc.

The ski season is fast approaching and in the face of COVID-19, all the resorts have established their own health protocol. Some good news is that most ski resorts will open this winter. The practice of snow sports is indeed compatible with COVID, as long as the sport is practiced outdoors and social distance is adhered to.

Compulsory face mask-wearing is subject to the regulations of each country. In France, we already know that its use will be compulsory, both inside commercial premises and in certain specific areas of the resorts (bars and restaurants, equipment rentals, queues and ski lifts).

One thing is certain: wearing a mask will be mandatory at the resort, and each of us will have to wear one. So, how do you choose the right sport’s mask… and ski goggles?

The sports face mask: an accessory made to last …

COVID face masks have made their appearance in our lives, and have become the star accessory of 2020. The face mask is as essential as the mobile phone or the keys before leaving home! In this current health situation, it is not surprising that clothing and accessory brands have competed through ingenuity to manufacture their own face masks suitable for sports and skiing.

While some critics see the face mask as a constraint on breathing, others see many benefits. Wearing a face mask during our day of skiing will protect us above all from the virus (which is the most important) but also from the winter cold. Approved and adapted for sports, it takes into account the obstacles practitioners face, including wearing it with the helmet.

mujer pista nieve covid

The best face masks for sports and skiing

We have compiled a list of sport’s face masks with which you can ski safely and comfortably.


Our big favorite is without a doubt the BUFF mask. The brand has launched a range of masks (BUFF Filter Tube and BUFF Filter Mask) that have been designed to provide comfort throughout the day of skiing, and act as a barrier against the spread of COVID-19. They are reusable and 95%-made from recycled plastic bottles.

In particular, we love their BUFF Filter Tube, a mask with a protective neck strap. This mask incorporates a three-layer filter, achieving a 98% bacterial filtration efficiency and maximum breathability for a filtered mask. Designed to be actively worn all day, BUFF has rethought the fit and tightness of their original chokers.

mascarilla buff
Image: BUFF Filter Tube

Under Armor Sport’s face mask

It is a reusable performance sport’s face mask specially designed for maximum breathability. It is made with a three-layer system: the first layer is designed for better air circulation. The second prevents moisture and perspiration. And the third offers an antimicrobial formula to prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition, its moldable nose bridge allows for a more secure fit.

under armour's sport's face mask
Image: Underarmour


Adidas’s face masks are created from primegreen, a high performance soft and breathable recycled fabric, polyester and elastane. Although this product has not been certified as protective equipment, it is washable and reusable.

adidas sport's face mask


Stratos Mask (La Sportiva)

The Stratos face mask is an ergonomic face mask composed of technical fabrics and an interchangeable internal filter. The Italian brand, specializing in mountain equipment, has been selling its sports face mask since May. However, it is not approved as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), PS (medical device), or FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3.

Stratos sport's face mask


This face mask is made of a quick-drying material that helps cool the air that circulates inside of it. It is specially designed for runners, and its breathability and comfort have been celebrated by it users.

Asics sport's face mask


El Corte Ingles UYN

The three-dimensional fabric technology of this El Corte Inglés face mask makes it breathable while the incorporation of Texlyte Nano allows very fast drying.

El Corte Ingles UYN sport's face mask

Lurbel Faz (Lurbel)

Lurbel Faz clothing manufacturer of technical sportswear has developed its own range of face masks as part of a line of sanitary products that it has been marketing since 2015.

The face mask is made with the patented Regenactiv technology, which prevents moisture, does not irritate the skin and allows it to be washed and sterilized. Lurbel Faz’s face mask does not incorporate an internal filter, but its composition prevents the spread of covid-19 because it has a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 95%.

Lurbel Faz's sport's face maskOnce you’ve chosen the most suitable sports face mask for your sport, it’s time to worry about your style. Nothing prevents you from being fashionable, not even with a face mask! Black is always in, whether for a complete look or just for a specific accessory. Choosing a black mask is a safe bet.

amigos esquiando montaña

However, you can always choose sport’s face masks with more fun designs that suit your personality. In the streets, you can come across any kind: from flowers and stripes to prints with Disney characters or superheroes.

The essential accessory: the mask holder suitable for ski helmets

Designed and manufactured in Chazelles-sur-Lyon (Loire) by a young 23-year-old engineer, Nicolas Bruyère, the 3DN mask holder prevents the user from having to remove their helmet after each descent to put on his or her surgical face mask. The result is simple and affordable. Two tabs that are stuck on each side of the helmet, from which it is very easy to hang the elastic of the mask.

“I am a skier. As soon as the obligation to wear a face mask became official, I looked for a solution that would prevent me from having to take off my gloves, take off my helmet or wear a neck strap all day. The answer was simple and it makes it possible to maintain the same level of safety of surgical masks ”, explains Nicolas Bruyère.

Val Cenis's face mask support for ski helmets
Image: Val Cenis’s face mask support for ski helmets

“The initiative is original and useful. We have chosen to make the mask hook a little less exclusive by adding the Val Cenis logo. The objective of the process is to generate support so that wearing a mask and respecting personal space become more of a reflex. Our goal is, as soon as we have the authorization to open, to allow our customers to have a good time on the slopes, while minimizing the constraints, “said Yves Dimier.


Sport’s face mask: the latest recommendations …

Remember that it is very important to wash your sport’s face mask at 60 ° after a day of skiing. Change filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions or change the face mask at the end of its lift cycle.

The BUFF brand have created a video in which the manufacturers explain just how easy it is to change the filter on your face mask.

We also recommend that you bring spare face masks. This is an accessory that we are not completely used to yet. Sometimes we lose it or drop it on the ground and have to change it. Further still, it is good to take an additional face mask for when you enter a cafeteria or an enclosed area as with condensation the face mask can get a little damp and become really uncomfortable.

Finally, we recommend that you take a special hygienic bag or box with you so that you can keep it safe when you take it off. It is very important to keep it clean and to avoid any contact (especially the inside) with external agents that can contaminate it and therefore infect us.

We didn’t want to end this article without reminding you of the importance of taking care of the environment. With that, it is strongly recommended that you discard your sport’s face masks once their life cycle has ended responsibly. This means putting them in suitable bins. Never throw them on the ground!

Take care of our health: of course! Take care of our planet: that too!!

Badly disposed face masks pose a threat to the environment
Image: Badly disposed face masks pose a threat to the environment