Baqueira PASS, a new ski pass, has arrived at the ski resort of Baqueira Beret, offering lots of extra value to its skiers. The resort, which plans to open its ski area the first week of December, has already everything ready and is just waiting for the cold and plenty of snow.

In Baqueira they’ve taken a diverse range of measures to ensure a smooth winter experience. The summer season served to introduce various new methods of control at the Val d’Aran resort. Its main objective has been to reassure their clientele in these times of unusual health concerns, putting in place all the necessary measurements to emerge as the ideal destination for this winter.

The 4 areas of the resort (Baqueira, Beret, Bonaigua y Baciver) should be open on the first week of December. Specifically, the provisional start and end dates of the season, if the weather conditions are permitting, are from the 4th of December 2020 until the 5th of April 2021.

Baqueira PASS: Bringing digital innovation to the ski pass amid SARS-COV-2

To offer the best speed and security when buying a ski pass, the Val d’Aran ski area continues to make great strides in transforming its processes into the digital domain.

The New Baqueira Beret Ski Pass: “BaqueiraPASS”

The mobile application has been improved and the “BaqueiraPASS” has made itself the essential component for this season if you want to enjoy Baqueira’s slopes. “BaqueiraPASS” is a ski pass which can be topped up online for either the entire season or just a single day of skiing. Thanks to its direct access to the slopes, the BaqueiraPASS offers an easy and comfortable way to avoid the ticket office and any possible crowds, creating a great solution to tackle the coming winter season, affected by SARS-COV-2.

Steps to getting your Baqueira PASS

You can apply for Baqueira’s new ski pass online and costs 10€. It will be home delivered in less than a week. The package includes a personal card valid for a minimum of three seasons, and will also allow you to make many other online consultations.

The new pass lets you review and update personal information, as well as check bills and top-up online your Baqueira PASS, or that of any family’s or friends’, all at reduced prices and without having to go to the ticket office. Additionally, you will enjoy a discount if you top-up day by day and benefit from exclusive offers from the app of the resort.

Price comparison plan of Baqueira Beret with the new BaqueiraPASS ski pass. Season 2021.

Sanitary measures established in summer

The summer of 2020 brought the mountain ranges into the spotlight, reaching good occupancy rates in the hospitality sector of the valley.  The Baqueira Beret ski resort worked intensely to better its ski slopes, as well as various sectors of hotel and food services, offices and its other departments, all in order to improve its level of customer service.

To fulfill the necessary changes needed to meet sanitary measures to deal with Covid-19, they carried out a diverse range of investments in restaurants, offices, sports equipment rental, etc…

Snow covered slopes at winter time
Some of the fantastic slopes from Baqueira Beret.

The resort also opened its Blanhiblar chair lift to visitors during the summer period, implementing social distancing protocols. The Blanhiblar chair lift, accessible from the Beret car park permitted its many users ascend as far as 2,245 metres, giving them some magnificent views of Baqueira, Val de Ruda and the imposing Aneto.

 It should be noted that in Baqueira they have established new hygiene safety standards for the use of the ski lifts and that the Baqueira PASS ski pass comes with a special guarantee, for more information consult their webpage. These same new measures will be in place this winter, along with the others, including sanitary protocols to be introduced by the local authorities.

Baqueira ski resort: the benefits of the mountain confirmed

 The mountain was one of the biggest winners this summer, with a noticeable increase in numbers of visitors. Sanitary circumstances and the appeal of great big open spaces that the mountains offer led to the mobilization of many local and national clients. Change of scenery, enjoy the outdoors, freedom, rejuvenation…were all slogans of the 2020 summer from around the world.

Photo of ski lifts and snowy mountains at Baqueira Beret
Great views where you can use the new BaqueiraPASS, available at Baqueira Beret

In the Baquiera ski resort, its technicians have been working tirelessly to improve a large part of its artificial snow production. The works on the Béret lake have been completed to ensure a full coverage of artificial snow over the resorts most popular zones.

In general, you will see the resort with many new developments and renovations. They have carried out maintenance jobs on the lifts, buildings, machinery and slopes. The works done will allow for Val d’Aran resort to assure a bigger start to the season and a more consistent distribution for skiers over the slopes. Weather conditions permitting, Baqueira Beret will be able to offer its visitors 167 km of slopes over the areas of Baqueira, Beret, Bonaigua y Baciver.