Due to the celebration of Turism International Day last Sunday on September 27th, we want to bring great news from I love Ski for every turism and snow lover: there will not be any restraints between the EU’s countries so we are going to be able to go skiing abroad.

Ever since September 25th, there will not be any travel restraint between the EU’s countries: great news for the ski industry.

Border closure, restraints, international travel restrictions… Covid-19’s health crisis carries quite important traffic limitations, and those are even bigger when it comes to international travelling. Since the summer, it can be particularly difficult to know and understand if a citizen from an european country could or could not travel to another country from the Schengen space. Therefore, the turism industry has been severely affected by the sanitary measures taken throughout Europe. Differences between countries have caused confusion and difficulty when travelling.

Who can go where? Which countries are accesible? PCR tests, risk of being quarantined…?

It is hard to get one’s bearing when we talk about accessible countries ever since the tightening of anti-Covid measures. After September 25th, things are clearer and there will not be more restraints. The European Commission has decided that no country can forbid travelling to another country or region of the European Union.

And since September 25th, this measure is not only applied to the countries, but also to every european region due to proximity (cross-border areas) or virus’ hotspots.

This is long-expected news by citizens, their families and cross-border workers. It is also great news for every member of winter turism, which attracts many clients each winter. This is particularly the case for the Alpine massif and its Swiss and Italian neighbors, and also for the enormous Pyrenees, a quite desired destiny for Spanish clients.

Countries and regions classified in three colours

Nowadays there is a classification of countries and regions in three colours: green, orange and red. This classification, which is really important from health’s perspective, will not stop traffic at all.

Countries and regions from the green zone: travelling is allowed. These are the areas where the circulation of the virus is low.

Countries and regions from the orange zone: travelling is allowed but keeping your guard up is recommended. When coming back home from any country in the orange zone, quarantining will be recommended but not imposed.
Countries and regions from the red zone: travelling is not forbidden, but not going to these places with high risk of contagion is highly recommended. When coming back home from the red zone, quarantining for 14 days and getting a PCR test done will be recommended.

The European Commission has just launched the Re-open EU web, which facilitates precise information about the development of the health situation of each country and region in the European Union. From I love Ski, we can only advise that you stay attentive to the individual measures taken by each country, as they correct their recommendations very often.

And you? Are you planning to go to skiing abroad during this season? Tell us!