Nobody said that skiing and having your hair combed and being comfortable were imcompatible things. For this reason, we need to look for ways that allow us to keep our look untouched until the end of the day. And in order to achieve this, what better than this braid hairstyles we offer you in this post. Enjoy!

One of the most harmed parts after a day of skiing is our hairstyle because of both the helmet and the wind. In a previous post we already went through some short hair hairstyles. Therefore, today we are suggesting you some ideas of braids for long hair in order to prevent our hair from either suffering and frizzing or simply to be comfortable and elegant in the cabin during your breaks.

French braid

This one is the most classic type of braid. We all have styled our hair like this since we were young. French braids are a very practical option when skiing, as they keep the hair well attached. This updo is pretty comfortable because it fits the helmet easily, and thanks to the braid we won’t need to worry about frizzy hair. You will have an impeccable hairstyle throughout the day.

At first, this hairstyle can resist us a little bit if we try to do it ourselves; but don’t worry, after trying it a few times, your fingers will already master the technique to perfection.

Imagen: french braid

In this case, we find ourselves looking at a very simple type of braid, quite similar to the previous one. If you don’t feel like doing a french braid and you are looking for a simpler and just as ideal hairstyle, we recommend you choose the side braid. It shows the same advantages as the french braid, but it is faster and easier. To make this hairstyle, we just have to choose the side in which we want to wear our braid. Once chosen, we pick a strand from each part of the head and start braiding it.

A classic, but effective tip to keep this hairstyle intact, would be to use a little hairspray in order to maintain it pretty thorough the day.

La trenza lateral
Image: side braid

Dutch braid

One of the best braid hairstyles ideas is the dutch braid. This is a long-lasting and fashionable hairstyle, as this firm braid will be able to withstand an intense day of skiing without any problem. Perhaps, this type of braid is a little bit more uncomfortable for wearing under a helmet than the next one we propose you: the boxer braid. Even so, if you decide to give this look a try, you can goodbye to frizzy hair too.

To achieve this hairstyle, we have to divide the hair in two parts from the center, and once we have the two strands, we divide each one of them in three equal parts. Then, we start braiding it, adding a little more hair from the sides each time. Once we have reached the bottom, we will only have to tie the end of the braid and flatten the entire braid a little to give it the finishing touches.

Image: dutch braid

Boxer braid (double french braid)

If you want to cause sensation with your hairstyle, we recommend you use boxer braids or double french braids. In hairstyle we get a fairly flat updo which will provides us with almost the same comfort as we can feel while wearing our hair loose when using the helmet. Besides, it has another advantage: with this hairstyle we won’t have our hair frizzed at all.

In order to make this hairstyle, we have to divide the hair in two. It may seem easy, but it is very important to make a very good division, because if not, the braid will be crooked and the hairstyle won’t look as good as it can.

To be able to do boxer braids, we have to master dutch braid making before, which we have explained previously. Once we have divided the hair and made the dutch braids, we will only have to give the hairstyle a diagonal direction to have it perfect for a snow day.

la trenza de boxeadora
Image: boxer braid

“Heidi” braids

With the “Heidi” braids we assure you that you can not be more both comfortable and beautiful while skiing because, by going over the head and being well fixed, they fit your helmet easily. It is the perfect braid to show that it is possible to enjoy a day of skiing comfortably without losing our elegance and style.

This braid will make us succeed and it has the advantage that is really easy to do. It is as easy as dividing the hair in two sections and begin braiding each section to have two braids on each side. Once we are done braiding them, we just have to take it over the head, as you can see in the photo below, and fit it properly with some hairpins so that the braids last thorough the day.

Image: Heidi braid

Fishtail braid

Another idea to show off an ideal braid: the fishtail braid. Although it may seem simple, getting it look good can become quite a headache. That is why we only recommend doing it if you have a lot of patience or if someone can help you in the process. We cannot promise that it will look good in your first try, but what we do promise is that once you master the technique of this braid, your hairstyle will be a hit and it will stay flawless after a hard day of skiing.

Making this hairstyle can be very difficult. Therefore, we leave you a video-tutorial in which how to do this type of braids is perfectly explained. Let’s see who dares trying to do them!

Image: Fishtail braid

Headband braids

With headband braids we can create many different styles. We can make it with our hair fully collected, half collected or loose. But if we collect it all we will be able to prevent the hairstyle from being damaged by the weather and the helmet.

However, if we choose a collected medium or to wear it loose, it may not be the most suitable hairstyle for skiing because we won’t be able to avoid frizz. What is true is that we can use it for apreski, at the end of the day, when we go to relax in our cabin or in the rest area.

In one way or another, we will cause sensation with it. This type of hairstyle is really easy to do. Before starting to braid, we must choose from which area we want our braid to start. Afterwards, we will separate that part of the hair into three sections that we will begin to braid. We must braid towards the back of the ear and always as close as possible to the scalp. When we have completely braided the hair, we will only have to finish it with a small hairband and hook the part of the neck with a hairpin to prevent it from moving.

La trenza diadema
Image: headband braid

Front braid

Not everything in our snowtrip is going to be skiing though. That is why we recommend you the front braid. A perfect look for apreskiing in good company. This braid is very similar to the headband braid, despite the fact that you will not be able to make a full updo.

For this type of braid, unlike the previous one, we must start from the beginning of the forehead, to get the braid to frame the rest of our hairstyle.

La trenza frontal
Image: front braid

Low braided bun

If you’re looking forward to adding an elegant touch to your winter trip, we recommend you the low braided bun. With this hairstyle, not only you will achieve great elegance, but you will also feel very comfortable while skiing. This is beacuse the the shape of this updo will allow us to use the helmet without any hair malfunction. In addition to that, it is perfect for any occasion.

At first glance, it may seem like a complicated braid hairstyle, but if you try it, you will realize that it is actually quite simple to do. To achieve this, we must divide our hair into five even sections. After this, we only need to join the strands of hair that we have braided before between them, always starting with the ends. This type of hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair and long hair.

Image: Low braided bun

As you can see, skiing and having your hair beautifully styled do not have to be at odds. With all these best braid hairstyles possibilities, you can say goodbye to frizzy and tousled hair at the end of your snow trip!