When you are enjoying the ski slopes, you may forget that you are also doing exercise. However, an hour in the slopes means that 300 to 600 calories are being burned. In addition, we expose our body to extreme conditions such as low temperatures. Therefore, it is very important to take care of our body before, while and after skiing. Today we will explain you how to cover your needs in a healthy way.

What to eat to recover energy after skiing

As we have said, after spending a day in the snow our body burns a lot of calories. In addition, a continued exposure to cold makes our body very hungry. So, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Prepare the body for skiing

When you are skiing you are doing an aerobic exercise. This means that your body is using carbohydrates and fats in order to convert them into energy. One way to keep them from running out is to eat at least one hour before going to the slopes, food that has high fat and carbs. We can achieve this in a healthy way by drinking a glass of milk or vegetable drink and adding oatmeal or muesli flakes. Another healthy food option when we go skiing is a good bowl of yogurt with cereals, a classic.

healthy food

  • Recover after skiing

It is time to leave the slopes, even if just momentarily. Your body, as we have mentioned, has performed an aerobic exercise and will be depleted and with few nutrient reserves. Thus, the time has come to recover those nutrients and muscle fibres to return to a state of equilibrium.

It is very likely that when you decide to rest, it is already time for lunch or dinner. The perfect dish to recover should have predominately vegetables. Likewise, it is important to have a quarter of carbohydrates and another quarter of proteins to achieve a complete dish. A good example of dinner or healthy food when skiing would be potato and chicken salad with nuts or rice with vegetables and tuna.

If, however, you take a brake at snack time, recovering nutrients is as simple and healthy as eating a piece of fruit, quince or some dairy.

  • Get warm again with healthy food when you go skiing

As you well know, while skiing your body is constantly exposed to cold. Therefore, we are going to give you a series of healthy tips so that the body naturally raises its temperature and is well nourished.

By adding green leafy vegetables to your dishes, you will be able to hydrate and maintain the body temperature of your body. Have some soup with vegetables and put some eggs, meat or fish in it and you will have the healthiest meal perfect for day of skiing.

If you like spicy foods, this tip is ideal for you. Cloves, cinnamon, turmeric or garlic, among others, will add flavour to your food, and it will also increase your body temperature.

While on the slopes, there is not always time to sit down and eat a hot plate that will give you temperature, but snacks are useful to get your body warm. Take a handful of nuts with you and you will get your body to produce extra heat thanks to its high caloric content. With just a few almonds, nuts or cashews, you’ll have a healthy, high-calorie snack.

healthy snack

  • Don’t worry about the height

Perhaps one of your concerns when you think about your diet when you are skiing is the fact of being at a higher height and not knowing if your body needs extra help to be in its state of well-being.

Although it seems that the ski resorts are in very high areas, most of them do not get over the 2000 meters of altitude, so they are at a low altitude. Therefore, finding yourself about 1000 meters high should not be any problem, keeping a healthy and balanced diet will be enough.

  • Do not forget the hydration

Hydration when we do an aerobic exercise, such as skiing, is really important. If you do not have a habit of drinking water regularly throughout the day, we recommend that you schedule a hydration pattern before, while and after, in order to eliminate the risks of dehydration.

This is essential because when you exercise, you not only run out of carbohydrates and fats, but you also lose your reserve of water and salts through sweat.

One trick to staying hydrated and hot is to mix water with infusions and teas. This way you will be drinking liquid while you are warming up your body. In addition, both, infusions and teas are healthy and have health benefits since they contain antioxidants, which helps to purify the body.

  • Don’t forget your favourite healthy food

Finally, keep in mind that not all ski resorts are near your house. Therefore, if you decide to enjoy the snow outside of your country, do not forget the food that is really important for you at home and that you cannot find in another country. So, do not forget to put in your suitcase  the food that will make you feel at home even being miles away.