To begin the spring, from Métabief station, snow treks are proposed to discover the incredible landscapes of the Jura region

Métabief station is in a beautiful natural environment, and it is well worth knowing it from various points of view. Not only while skiing you can marvel at the snowy landscapes, different routes have been developed to contemplate the area.

An itinerary marked for greater security

For lovers of cross-country skiing, Métabief station is an ideal place. Even though cross-country skiing or skimo can be done on unmarked routes, from the station they have considered it much safer for everyone to create a marked route.

In a natural environment of great beauty, the vertical slope of 530 meters allows you to practice skiing off the slopes with total comfort. It should be noted that, as tempting as it may be, this practice is prohibited by municipal decree on the alpine ski slopes during the opening hours of the complex.

This signposted route starts at the side of the Prés midi ski lift and continues to the Cernois circus, ending at the top of Le Morond. The road does not have a noticeable difficulty, being of short distance can satisfy people of all sports levels.

Treks in Métabief
Treks in Métabief

After each snowfall, the route is always monitored to ensure that it is in the best possible condition.

How about a night cruise?

For those who think that snow sports can only be done in the sun, Métabief shows them that they are very wrong. To satisfy the most nocturnal, the station has authorized cross-country skiing on the Berche track from 6 in the afternoon to 9 at night. This itinerary starts from the Métabief snow front and the average climb time is one hour. The length is 2,300 meters and the slope of the route amounts to 400 meters.

To carry out this trek it is mandatory to use a frontal type lighting system both to see and to be seen.

Access to this night trek is included in valid Alpine ski passes, and it is also possible to access the session or 45€ per season for 5€. Tickets are on sale at the box office during opening hours or at the point of purchase, express purchase next to the Tourist Office office until 8:30 in the afternoon, but for now not online.

A walking journey to know where the snow comes from

If what you want is to know the privileged environment of Jura, in Métabief a hiking trip is organized. This route begins by climbing on the ski lift to reach a point walking to Lake Morond, which feeds the snow cannons.

Snow cannons in Métabief
Snow cannons in Métabief

After knowing the lake, you will access the space of Mont d’Or and finally you will know the snow cannons of the station. This excursion is very curious since you can observe the water cycle of the mountains, from the snow of the summits to the colorful lake Morond.

The duration of the crossing is 2 hours and a half, and the price is 8€ per person, including the climb on the ski lift. It is necessary to book in advance at the Métabief ticket offices.

All these options are ideal to perform under good weather, to get more out of the stay at altitude.