When we spend the day skiing, it is inevitable to expose ourselves to the sun. For this reason, it is very important to use a good sunscreen to protect our skin. In this post we want to show you our favorite kid sunscreens.

Children and sun are a dangerous mix. Their skin is very sensitive and their protective barrier against external agents is weaker than the adult’s one. Therefore, we must take greater precautions for children spend long hours under the sun.

Doctors and sunscreen experts state that children can enjoy the sun safely by taking certain precautions. The first one is for them to use kid sunscreen. In order to do this correctly, we must generously apply sunscreen with a high protection factor (preferably SPF 50), in addition to taking other precautions that minimize the risks associated to sun exposure, such as wearing glasses or a helmet.

Choosing the best kid sunscreen:

We have selected for you a series of products that meet the necessary requirements and that are ideal to protect children’s skin:

Mustela 50 + kid sunscreen

This solar milk is indicated to use on the face and body and is ideal for all skin types regardless to atopic or intolerant to the sun conditions.

crema solar niño
Image: Mustela 50 + sunscreen

As it is a sunscreen with milk texture, it will be almost invisible when applied.

The product has Avocado Perseose, which is a natural ingredient that allows skin cells to strengthen, preserves the skin’s natural defenses and prevents cell damage.

The price of this product is around 11 euros.



Protextrem Sunbaby by La Ferrer

Image: Protextrem Sunbaby de La Ferrer kid sunscreen

On one hand, this kid sunscreen has a 50+ protection factor so the kids will get a good protection against the sun’s UV rays. On the other hand, it is a great cream since it is hypoallergenic, water resistant and has mineral filters.

As you can see, this sunscreen meets all the necessary characteristics to be an ideal cream for children.

The price of this product is around 12 euros.



ISDIN Pediatrics fusión water SPF50+

We can be sure that our children will be protected with this sunscreen. ISDIN have created this product specially designed for them.

crema solar infantil
Imagen: crema solar ISDIN Pediatrics fusión water SPF50+

Thanks to its 50+ protection factor, we will achive a high-quality protection against UV rays. It is also suitable for those who have atopic skin.

This product assures you the end of the fights with your children when you apply cream on their faces since it is specially formulated so that it does not sting in the eyes. That is why it is among one of the best children’s sunscreens.

The price of this product is around 17 euros.


Anthelios dermopédiatrique lait SPF 50+ by La Roche-Posay

Another option would be this one from La Roche-Posay. This product has a milk texture and is recommended even for skins that are intolerant to the sun.

Crema solar
Image: Anthelios dermopediatric milk SPF 50+ from La Roche-Posay

In addition to that this kid sunscreen is waterproof and its level of protection is even higher than the European recommendation. Besides, this product is the one that will achieve a better skin protection in children.

La Roche-Posay laboratories have enriched the cream with its hot springs, so the cream has soothing and softening properties for the skin.

The price of this product is around 15 euros.



Bioderma Photoderm kids spray SPF50+

Image: Bioderma Photoderm kids spray SPF50 +, kid sunscreen

Another of the children’s sunscreens that stands out is Bioderma.

Bioderma has managed to create a kid sunscreen that will protect them both internally and externally. Not only it will prevent UVA rays from causing burn, but also it will protect your cells and your DNA since this cream has cell bio protection.

The price of this product is around 30 euros.




Dhyvana kid sunscreen

crema solar
Image: Dhyvana natural kid sunscreen

This product is perfect for sensitive and atopic skin. This sunscreen has physical filters that are 100% mineral so we will have a great protection against the sun’s rays.

Its composition is completely natural. It is also composed of extracts of marigold flower and sweet almond oil in order to hydrate the skin and balance the pH of our children.

The price of this product is around 24 euros.


Ladival kid sunscreen

Image: Ladival kid sunscreen

Ladival has created a milk format sunscreen that contains both vitamin A and nutritious oils.

The product is designed for atopic and sensitive skin, making it ideal for children.

In addition to sunscreen, we can also find an after sun that is also applicable for the most sensitive and atopic skins.

The price of this product is around 15 euros.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of kid sunscreens brands to choose the best option for your children. It is important to remember what characteristics the creams must have since the skin of our kids is different. If you are not sure which one is perfect for them, we assure you that by choosing one of our list, you will not fail.